"I hate you." Just like 3 other words, they had the power to either make your day and your life, or destroy it. Unfortunately, it was the latter. Lisa didn't know where she had gone wrong. One day, everything was great between her and Jason. The next, it was absolute chaos. The secret about Jason's parents had come out, and the only person who knew was Lisa. But she didn't tell. She wouldn't. But he didn't believe her. He had trusted her with this secret. His deepest and darkest secret, and only because he loved her did he tell her. And now he thought that she had betrayed him and told the entire school but she didn't. She loved him too much to ever break a promise to him or hurt him in any way. She thought he felt the same way. But he was hurting her now by not believing her. Hurting her by saying those 3 little words. It was terrible. Everytime she walked in the halls, people would yell at her, punish her for telling everyone. She'd open her locker, and dozens of little papers would shoot out, all saying how horrible she was and how much they hated her. But none of them hurt as much as Jason's. She was walking out of class when she saw him standing by the gym door, looking at her. This is my chance, she thought. She walked up to him, about to open her mouth to talk when he cut her off.

"Save it, Lisa. Don't even waste your breath, because nothing you say to me will ever change anything." He looked at her with hard eyes, filled with hatred, and absolutely nothing else.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me. I trusted you with this, Lisa!" He punched his fist against the wall.

"Jase, please," Lisa tried to plead.

"Don't," He growled. "I-I hate you." Lisa wasn't expecting that. She would have understood everything he'd say to her but she was not expecting that. Her head shot up to look at his face, thinking maybe it had slipped out by accident. But it held no trace of remorse. It was obvious it hurt him to say it, but he didn't regret it one bit. He hated her. He hated her for something that she didn't even do. A rumour that was somehow spread, that led back to her.

"Jason, if you just gave me a chan-" He didn't even let her finish her sentence. People were starting to exit their classes and Lisa could tell he was getting frantic.

"I don't want you to explain. There's nothing you can say, Lisa. Your the only one I told. I didn't tell any other soul and now every single person in this school knows about it, and it's all your fault!"

"You don't understand!" Lisa retorted. She was tired of being blamed on for everything. She wanted him to believe her. She needed him to believe her.

"WHAT IS THERE TO UNDERSTAND?!" He yelled. Students turned to see what was going on. Tom, Jason's best friend walked out of the locker room.

"Hey, what's going on?" He asked, coming to stand behind Jason, legs locked, looking straight at Lisa with a determined glint in his eye, as if he was going to battle. And in a way he was. All of the school was. They were all in a battle against Lisa. A battle she knew she couldn't win, had no chance of winning.

"Nothing's going on. Just getting rid of old mistakes." He looked right at her as he said this, waiting to see what her reaction would be. Tears glistened in her eyes but she wouldn't let them fall. She wouldn't let him see her cry yet again. He stared at her for a few more seconds, and then turned and walked away, Tom following him. She was left standing in the middle of the hall, not able to move. She was afraid if she did anything, took one step, she would start weeping, and she definitely didn't want to do that in front of everyone. She stood there until the bell rang, and even then she didn't move. All she could feel was a numbing pain that was spreading through her entire body. It really was the end. She thought maybe Jason would find it in his heart to forgive her. Or maybe he would realize that it wasn't her who told everyone his secret, but no. It was over, it was all over. He had walked out of her life right then, taking her heart with him.