~ Whats In A Gift ~

The girl span in circles watching as the ends of her dress flapped around her. This dress was different than her other one the other one was faded blue and stains littered the front and the hem was torn in places. This dress, this red dress was bright with color and held its firm shape around her small body. The pink flowers decorated the sash that tied neatly around her waist. The youthful smile on her face was enchanting. Her parents watched with pride, they weren't able to give her much but when they were able to bestow a gift upon her she was always grateful. Her father smiled at her mother and pulled out a box from behind him and handed it to her. Her eyes widened at the box, and she shook her head. Her father held out the box further, she slowly took the small white box in her hands. A quirk little smile started to form on her face she lifted the lid and the small smile grew into a cheeky grin she pulled out two small shoes and a headband for her hair she gently rubbed the surface of the shoes stroking it lovingly. She slipped the shoes on her tiny feet and glided the headband onto her head pushing her thin hair back behind it. Her mother had a tear running down her cheek. She practically skipped into her parents arms, all three of them melting into the warm embrace.

This family has near to none but they still find happiness within each other. We all could learn from people like this, learn that while we separate from our families physically we are separating ourselves emotionally as well.