Something Small a Summer's Day

Irina Samuels

Something small a summer's day

Enough to take my breath away

He told me he was here to stay

Something small a summer's day

A normal day, a happy day

Summer's here, it's time to play

Things to do, things to say

On that normal summer's day

He came, perfect in every way

Asked me things, such as my name

I asked what he was trying to say

He asked, "Can I take you out someday?"

People said, "Every day,"

"So inseparable are they!"

I thought our love was there to stay

On a simple summer's day

The day came, he had to go away

I said I loved him anyway

Letters, postcards every day

Bring back memories of summer's days

His final letter came one day

Along about the end of May

He said "We're done, my debt's repaid"

I cried hard on that summer's day

I've been broken, my heart's been flayed

Now I know love will not stay

I know now that I can say…

I'll never give my heart away.