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Little Lily of the Valley

A Modern Frankenstein

by Kalista Jia


George Adelson was a man of great science who had made many fascinating inventions throughout his life. However, nothing he had previously invented was even close to being as tremendously incredible and exciting as the project that he had been working on for the past seven years.

Sure, twenty years ago, he had accomplished a high level task by adopting and modifying his own son. He had spent many months debating upon the gender of the infant. Adelson had always treasured beautiful things; he had thought about having the most beautiful little girl the world had ever seen yet had feared that later on, her beauty would be so hard to resist that some stalker would kidnap his daughter. So Adelson thought he would be better off creating a son; however, in his eyes, men were ugly creatures.

After days and nights of headaches, he came to a splendid conclusion: he would create a son who would have the prettiest and most girlish build. That way, he wouldn't have a daughter who would go berserk every month due to her menstruation nor a son who would be a pain in the ass to look at.

After all the troubles of encouraging a decent couple to undergo In Vitro Fertilization so that he could obtain the sperm and egg, Adelson finally succeeded in modifying the appearance of the infant to his liking though it was really by luck that he got a male embryo. So, in the end, he was satisfied with having a pretty son whom he immediately named Eternity. As a man of science, he wanted his creation to last for eternity, which, of course, was not possible.

Eternity was currently twenty years old, a charming young lad with light chocolate-coloured hair and thick-lashed eyes. Adelson had given Eternity the rarest eye colour a human could possibly have: a gorgeous mixture of blue, green, and gold. Slender and elegant, he walked as soundlessly as a cat although, despite his angelic looks, Eternity could be quite feisty when angered. In short, the young man had a certain feline quality to him which Adelson had modeled after the ideal beauty he had always pictured.

Adelson's newest project was a genetic modification experiment. His goal was to implant animal DNA into humans for the sole purpose of satisfying his own curiosity. He had constantly been fascinated by those American cartoons that involved Wolverine, Beast, and Spiderman. Ever since he was a child, he had always wondered how those heroes had gained their superpowers. Therefore, he had spent his youth thinking of all the scientific and mathematical equations that would perhaps one day lead him to this crucial discovery. Ambitious and motivated as he was, it was his dream to bring life to those characters with the current advanced technology and his superior intellectual capacity.

After several years of hard work and research, Adelson was at last close to achieving his dream. What he was missing was specimen to run his tests on. He could have easily gained many test subjects by announcing his amazing discoveries to the public, but he refused. He preferred to keep a low profile. The idea of having amateur scientists trying to compete with him disgusted him greatly. Moreover, Adelson loathed the media and publicities with passion. He couldn't have brainless paparazzi disturbing his flawless work. Fame didn't matter. All he desire was to reach his dream by any meant necessary.

In the end, Adelson gathered his courage and ventured into the remote areas of the city, in hope of luring homeless and useless humans to be his guinea pigs. He selected the best among the rotten and mutated them by fusing them with animal DNA. The whole process was not difficult. All Adelson had to do was to place the subjects in a typical test capsule and let the computers pick the best match.

His first test subject was a blind, dwarf-like man who loved to dig holes. After the test, the said man turned out to be a mole-man. Needless to say, Adelson was rather surprised by the outcome.

Adelson was jerked up from his thought by a soft knock against his wooden door.

"You called, Father? Can I come in?" Eternity asked politely.

Putting down his thick glasses, Adelson got up from his comfortable chair and gestured to let his son in. The study room was enormous and extravagantly decorated. Rich, dark red carpets covered the old wooden floor. The lighting provided by the little candles and antique lamps was dim, brightening only certain parts of the room. Also, with three long, vertical windows standing firmly behind Adelson's desk, the study had the feel of a gothic vampire chamber.

"My dear boy, how is university? Have you made lots of friends?" Adelson motioned the brunet to a black leather sofa placed next to a tall, crowded bookshelf.

Once he was comfortably seated, Eternity gave his father his infamous cold glare. "Father, do you honestly think I consider those stalker-girls and hormonal, lust-crazed boys my friends?" The brunet asked in an annoyed tone as he tucked a strand of brown hair behind his ear.

Adelson sighed. "Don't look at me like that. Okay, I apologize for modifying your appearance. I just couldn't help it. I didn't know you would still attract that type of attention as a guy."

"Father, do you remember my English teacher, the man with the large jaw?" The young man asked with a hint of disgust in his sweet voice. Adelson nodded hesitantly. A grumpy Eternity was never a good sign. The old scientist pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. The moment they embarked onto this conversation, things tended to end badly. "Well, he's been trying to hit on me for God knows how long just because I look like a freaking girl."

"I told you I was sorry, son." Adelson faked a cough and excused himself for a quick cup of tea.

"Well, last time he tried to hit on me, I kicked him in between the legs for sexual harassment, and he's been flunking me on most of my essays ever since. I'm failing English, father." Eternity frowned unhappily, marring his beauty. His gorgeous eyes trailed his father across the room.

"Do you want me to write him a letter?" Adelson offered nervously, trying his best to control his trembling hand as he poured his tea. He hated communication with strangers.

"No!" Eternity shouted. He stared at his father with disbelief in his eyes. He couldn't believe his father would be such a coward. "Never mind that! I want you to do something about my looks. I need to look more like a man, a normal man," Eternity groaned.

Adelson narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Why this sudden desire to change your looks?"

"Because I'm fed up of getting wolf whistles and cat calls every time I walk past normal guys! I mean, look at these hips, these are girls' hips, and these fingers are also girls' fingers!" Eternity stressed. "Men don't have these weird effeminate parts."

"Well, son, you're different, then. You're a special child."

"I look more like a freak than anything else." Eternity crossed his arms and pouted. "Look, except for Echo, all my friends are girls. Honestly, people would call me a pimp if I looked more macho. But sadly, I'm not masculine-looking enough… not at all, so I get called a woman instead. A woman. W-O-M-A-N," the lad spelled out slowly to emphasize his point. "Do you know how embarrassing it is for a man to be called a woman? Jesus."

"Aw, don't be gloomy. So, how has your track and field team been doing? I heard you won the 60 meter sprint last week." Adelson smiled proudly, averting the touchy topic into something else much pleasant. Although Adelson was never a man of sport, for the sake of his son, he discarded his dislike for sports and even learned a few things about them.

"It's fine. I guess… if I ignore the guys staring at my legs." Eternity complained, rolling his eyes. "Father, can't you do something about my appearance? I'm sick and tired of feeling like a pervert every time I look at myself in the mirror."

"Well..." Adelson knitted his brows as he thought over the numerous possibilities. "Would you like to do something risky like... having animal abilities?"

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