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Little Lily of the Valley

Homeless Lair

By Kalista Jia


Echo stared at Marguerite in disbelief. "You mean Halcyon as in that bastard Halcyon?"

The Asian girl twisted her brows in confusion. "Whichever Halcyon you are referring, yeah it is probably the guy. Halcyon is pretty much a weird name. No one really has it. Bastard definitely goes well with that name. After what happened to Natasha, of course I become biased to that name. You can't blame me, really." She settled down at the front roll and unpacked her study materials.

The blond frowned deeply, staring straight ahead at the emptiness. "Marguerite, you know a lot about Alice, right." The girl nodded nonchalantly. "Do you happen to know about Halcyon's connection to her?"

Marguerite glared at the blond in suspicion. "How come you are so interested in this topic out of the sudden?"

"Nothing, just something ticks me off." Echo closed his green eyes for a quick rest. He wasn't going to tell her about her deadliest rival's boyfriend was wooing his best friends. He couldn't afford the girl's big mouth to send that news around all her friends and perhaps reaching Alice's ears.

Playing with her mechanical pencil with her fingers, the Chinese girl stared at the boring ceiling. "Well, sadly there isn't much I know about them. I know the fox's bulldog has been with her for a year already. I think it was the guy who initiated the relationship. I am not sure though. A year ago, that Halcyon guy fell in love at the first sight for her Barbie face and had been courting her ever since. But, I am sure that is not the entire story." Marguerite chewed on her pencil. "After all, he did the same move to Natasha and still he somehow loves that Alice in Bitchland more. That itself is a mystery. Clearly that whore doesn't care about their relationship. She just uses him. However that bulldog is taking things really seriously. Maybe he is a masochist? Ha, I don't know. I doubt though." She swirled the pencil skillfully between her fingers. "She must had some spelled on him. Well, why should we care about their crappy romance?"

Echo sighed. "Can you tell me what you know about Halcyon in detail?"

"Honestly, Echo?" The girl put her palm on her thigh and leaned forward. "What has gotten into you? Tell me."

"He gives me a bad vibes." The blond muttered, his jade eyes blaring furiously.

Looking around at their empty classroom, Marguerite chuckled merrily in hope to cheer her friend from whatever that upset him. "Oh dear, Echo, since when did you get this female intuition?" She tapped the blond's back. "I may not know too much about Halcyon, but I will help you find more information about him, alright?"

At her offer, Echo nodded with a forced smile. "You do that, Marguerite. Thanks."

"Aw," she made a cute sound. The girl rummaged through her Hello Kitty strap bag and pulled out a tiny, dollar store notebook with a messy cartoon drawing on. "Here, you might want to have a glance at this meanwhile." She dumped it on Echo's head.

"What is this?" The man asked curiously, flipping through the small pages.

Marguerite smiled brightly and doodled a drawing of a stick lady with ugly face on the front page. "That is Alice in Bitchland." She explained her poorly drawn picture and grinned. "Ugly isn't she? That is the ugliness that lives inside that Barbie face."

"And what is that to do with this notebook?"

"This, my friend, is all the information I know about that bitch. I wrote it all in there, in case I forget the details. I thought you might want to have a look at it because you seem to be awfully curious about her and her boyfriend."

Echo's lips twitched into a smile. "I owe you one again, Marguerite."

"Damn right. I want my payment back soon. You still have to treat me a meal at McDonald's, two meals at the Vietnamese Tokinese doodle shops in Chinatown, five glasses of Bubble Tea and a trip to my favorite Hagen Daz ice cream store." She beamed as she list on all the things the blond had to buy for her in exchange of favors.

"Right, what do you want this time?"

She eyed Echo carefully and beamed. "I want to go on a date with you." She blushed deeply, averting the blond's eyes.


Marguerite played nervously with the tip of her black hair. "Eh, I mean, I… you are a pretty cool person. Really fun to talk to, unlike the other guys I know, not to mention you are just my type of a guy. Gentle, caring, honest, good looking, smart and," she chuckled anxiously under her breath. "Rich too. It is like every girl's dream type guy. I… I really like you." She blurted out loudly, stareing at the blond under her hair.

Shocked by his friend's feeling towards him, Echo made a sour face. "Look Marguerite, it is nice that you see me that way. You are a sweet girl and all, but I-"

"Don't!" She shouted loudly, cutting his sentence. "I don't want to hear what is about your "but"." The Chinese girl's petite frame trembled. "Especially what is after your "but." She choked out a soft cry. "I knew it." She fisted her lap painfully. "I knew I was going to be rejected, but I thought it was worth a try." She furiously wiped her eyes under her hair bang and glanced up to meet Echo confidently in the eyes. "We are still good friends, right? I don't want to loose you as a friend after this lame confession." Marguerite asked firmly despite her reddened eyes.

Echo pressed the girl's forehead against his shoulder, allowing her to cry on it. "Yeah, our friendship never changes." He answered sincerely. Gradually overcoming the shock that was delivered to him a few seconds ago, he patted the Asian girl on her hair. "You feeling better?"

The girl nodded feverishly, rubbing her face on the blond's brand new Polo shirt. Echo sighed and let the girl sobbed as their classmates began to pour in the classroom, each sending curious glance at the two friends. Some had mouthed him a few silent questions but the blond simply dismissed them with a wave of annoyance.

"Come on, cheer up," Echo patted the girl on her back gently. "The teacher will be waling in any minute now. You don't want to miss taking notes, do you?"

Marguerite nodded tiredly and detached her face from the blond's chest, forcing a smiling face. "Yeah," she sighed deeply. "Alright," the Chinese girl slapped her own cheeks. "Marguerite Lee is back! Echo, why isn't your text book out yet? You can't waste even a second to unpack your bag once the teacher starts talking! Get your stuff out now! Nerd time!" She giggled, earning a soft chuckle from Echo.

Eternity took a steady breath as Halcyon entered the dorm's code. He wasn't totally thrilled to see the dorm residents again after all the humiliation he had gone through last time. Remember vaguely a few names and faces from his previous visit. Halcyon's right hand man was Theodore, a quiet yet cool Hawaiian man. He wore three rectangular, golden earrings and a white bandana. Another trait he remembered of the man was that his arm was a wall for tattoos. Then there was Theodore's gorgeous girlfriend, another silence type, Shahana with a nice afro hair and slender figure. Eternity recalled Halcyon's warning about the girl's violent tendency to those who touched her. Apparently, Shahana was extremely strong despite her thin limbs.

"Voila," Halcyon finishes entering the passwords and cracked his knuckles. "Time to meet the gang again, kitty."

The brunet pinched his sensitive nose slightly at the odor that hit his nostrils. It wasn't a nasty smell, but the effeminate man was simply not used to the smell of human and animal mixture. He stood closely behind Halcyon. He would very much prefer to sniff the lion man's somewhat heavenly scent than inhaling the unsanitary smell.

"Hey, Halcyon got the lady!" One of the residents shouted, smiling widely at the two. Immediately the rest of the heads were turned and stared at Eternity as if he was the new idol of the day.

Eternity poked his head slightly behind Halcyon's shoulder and gave the crowd a shy wave.

"Kitty," the dark haired man grinned. "You don't have to be shy. I promise your old fart of a dad that I will keep an eye on you. Don't worry."

"Nevertheless, I am not reassured." The small brunet eyed the dark haired man with a dark glare.

Halcyon's grin grew and he shrugged his shoulder in a tired manner. "Oh peps," he said to the gathering mass. "Kitty wants to be left alone for now. Let's not make her feel uncomfortable with all your attention. Really appreciated by the way. But kitty here is mine." The gang leader smirked at the loud gasp behind him. "Now go on, continue doing whatever you guys were doing before we came in." He turned over to the blushing Eternity and made a thumb up. "Better? Go roam around the place then. No one will really dare to upset you. I am, pretty much, the boss here. Lion is the jungle king." Halcyon gave the brunet a push forward, pushing him closer to a familiar old man. "Hey Etienne, mind entertain kitty for awhile?"

The nice mole man smiled kindly and nodded. Eternity beamed happily. He had taken a liking to this old man because he was the first and only gentle person he knew here. Etienne had closed eyes poorly hidden behind a pair of half destroyed sunglasses. His clothes were covered in dirty and holes.

"Hey, mister," Eternity hopped down the stairs and greeted the half blinded man. "How are you been doing?"

"Nothing much, I have been digging for day now. Oh just call me 'uncle'." Etienne smiled kindly, causing his old wrinkles to be visible. "You come just on time for my teatime. Come child, would you like a cup of hot tea?"

Eternity nodded and followed the old man to his small room located on the right side of the dorm. The room was just small enough for a person to live in. A single bed occupied nearly all the space with a small night table on the side. The rest of the bedroom was empty. Eternity supposed that the bedroom served only for sleep since as far as he could observe, most of the residents spent their time in the common room. He took a quick peek at the common room. Halcyon was there laughing happily with his gangster friends. They were seated on the corner of the dorm, playing poker. Shahana occasionally gave Theodore a massage on his shoulder and went off playing Pool by herself. What a quiet couple they made. Eternity smiled. The people in the dorm somehow reminded Eternity of a big family he had never had.

"Come, here is your tea. Careful, it is hot. Oh and please, take a seat." Etienne pulled out a simple foldable chair under his bed and offered it to Eternity. The brunet thanked the mole man. The old man smiled again and sat on his bed. "How is it?"

Embarrassed, Eternity quickly took a sip and gasped. "Wow, it tastes really good." He blinked as he watched the ripple on the liquid. He was never a fan of tea but he had to say Etienne had just made him a tea lover.

"What so fun about drinking a cup of tea with an old fool?" A menacing voice grabbed Eternity from behind.

The brunet quickly spun around to meet face to face with a punk-looking, Mohawk haired man. He felt his stomach sank at the memory of this man. The man named was Rexter. The man had made him extremely uncomfortable ever since his last visit. Needless to say, Rexter's lusty behavior was tenfold worse than the intolerable Halcyon.

Etienne got up slowly. His old age seemed to finally catch up with him. "What are you doing here, boy?" He asked uneasily. "This is not the common room. You can't just barge into my room."

"Oh shut it, will you?" Rexter snarled, slamming the door behind him shut. Eternity's eyes widened at all the possibilities that could happen in a closed room with an old man and an intimidating asshole.

Rexter walked up to Eternity and grabbed the surprised brunet by his chin and tilted it backward, exposing the soft, pale nape. Catching Eternity's intended punch, the red Mohawk man leaned closer and inhaled the sweet scent.

"How I long to have a female." His voice shifted from a human chuckle to a high-pitch animal laughter. Rexter rapidly yanked Eternity by the hair and threw him on Etienne's small bed.

Eternity tried to connect the familiar laughter to an animal he knew well. Though under the given circumstances, his brain was better off scheming a way to get the man off him.

"What are you going?" Etienne tried to pry them apart with his weak strength. His effort was in vain for he was painfully tossed aside by a powerful paw.

"Uncle!" Eternity watched in horror as the man that was pinned him on the bed slowly shed off his human appearance.

The lustful leer transformed into a mouth full of sharp canine fangs. Its breath was to say unbearable, especially at their close range. Eternity groaned, pushing the heavy hyena off his shoulder. The animal simply refused to budge. After a few hopeless attempts, fear sank in. The brunet shouted and trashed wildly under the beast's grip.

Just when Eternity had finally taken the decision to change into his cougar form, the door was burst open by a kick. All three swiped their head to stare at the slender leg that still hung motionlessly in midair. Eternity wanted to thank whoever that was who distracted his attacker. Without wasting a split second, the brunet quickly delivered his assaulter a nice elbow blow in his chin. Quickly sitting up from his laying position, Eternity kicked Rexter in the stomach, and instinctively he helped Etienne to stand up.

The hyena quickly shifted back into its human form as Rexter quickly crutched forward to protect his throbbing gut. "What the fuck"

Eternity's heart fluttered. "Halcyon?" He reminded himself of his rescuer.

"Sorry, your prince is still unaware of what is going on." A cool, female voice knocked Eternity from his reverie. He turned his head to face Shahana standing mightily in the room with Rexter pressed securely under her painful high heel.

The effeminate man blushed deeply. He had been rescued by a girl and was treated like a damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming.

"Thank you for the distraction. If you had not come, things would have ended badly." He admitted shamefully.

"I didn't do that much. I just sprained my ankle when I kicked the door." Shahana raised a dark brow. In a swift motion, she picked Rexter by his collar and flung the fifty something kilogram man out the room single handed.

Both Eternity and Etienne gasped at her inhumane strength.

Hearing all the commotion, Theodore and Halcyon dashed into the room. The Hawaiian man quickly went over to his girlfriend in concern. He took note of Shahana's leisurely swollen ankle. Without saying a word to each other, Theodore marched out the room, grabbed Rexter by his Mohawk hair and dragged him into their common bathroom. Loud, agonizing scream followed quickly after, leaving the witnesses very little to imagine about the situation.

Halcyon's eyes never left Eternity as he hurriedly shut the door behind them, blocking other curious bystanders from poking their business any further.

"Hey, what happened here?" The dark haired man frowned.

Shahana shrugged. "Ask them. I saw Rexter walked in Etienne's room and thought it was weird." She squatted down to tend her ankle. "He didn't come out after awhile so I knew something had happened."

Etienne smiled at the beautiful heroine. "Thank you, Miss Shahana."

The girl nodded and continued to rub her feet. Halcyon eyed the two and glanced at Eternity.

"You alright there?" He asked with his voice showing a hint of concern.

Eternity brushed the dirt off his pants and buttoned back his clothe. "Yeah, pretty much intact physically and scarred mentally."

Halcyon groaned and shook his head in a regretful manner. "Sorry, I didn't know that ass will do something to this extreme. How am I going to tell your creepy father that I didn't keep an eye on you?" He eyed the brunet with a small cheery smile. "Don't worry. Rex is going to get a nice beating from me after Theodore is done with him."

"Can you thank Theodore for me?" Eternity asked shyly.

The gang leader raised his brow amusingly. "Silly cat, Theo is not beating Rex for you." He tilted his head towards Shahana. "More for her." He winced playfully at Eternity. "Like I say, don't feel left out. I will do it for you."

Eternity rolled his eyes. "You are impossible."

Within a few minutes, Theodore returned to the room. His clothes were crumpled with spots of blood droplets staining the hem and sleeves. Again, without exchanging a single word, the Hawaiian couple sat themselves quietly on the ground, hands knotted lovingly.

"It must feel good to be young." The old mole man patted his own weak laps. "Let's make this meeting memorial." He smiled gracefully, holding a tray of filled tea cups. "Anyone up for a cup of tea?"


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"Oh come on, don't be silly. They checked the safety of the rides everyday. You won't fly away in midair and die." Eternity pulled Echo towards the fearsome ride step by step.

"You never know. We can be, like, the first victims if the screws go loose while we are at the summit of the ride. Then we can all scream Halleluiah to the camera, smile to the descending angels that come for us, and then the free fall sensation, the last view of our life, then the ugly ground, squash! We died." Echo frantically described his horror in poor phrasing.

Eternity eyed the man with the look.

Echo scratched his head. "Ok, I sound pathetic." He said awkwardly.

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