Hello my lil buddies!
my teachers are on strike!
or else i wouldn't be here
emailing you at midnight!
i think i might be tired,
for as i type this evening,
i'm all zoned out and sleepy
but mostly day dreaming!
i'm thinking about death again
and the point of life
i'll experiment with suicide
hold up! i'll get a knife!
hmm...pills would work much better
but as i dont nearly have enough
i'll have to try and slit my throat
although it might be tough!
what about hanging?
strangling myself to death?
jumping down off of a chair!
Wait.. pills are still the best.
Just get myself some ecstacy
and a few sleeping pills
Yes, that would be the best way
if my life i were to kill!
Oh dont worry about me
i'm really truley fine.
You have to know i'm joking
i would never cross that line!
For if i really would pass on,
as this world i'm leaving
i would not tell a single soul
to save you all the grieving.
I would not tell you my intentions
as i fade away
i would rather have some fun
in your mind i'll play!
Please do not worry about me.
i'm not really all that far gone
because my mommy told me that
they wont burry me in our lawn.
*grumbles* Damned legal system!
we should be burried where we want!
and we shouldn't have to pay for it!
our graves should not be bought!
Ahh, the worlds a crude, cruel place.
but i'm not leaving yet.
because of all the happiness
from you ppl that i've met.
You make me smile
and make me laugh
you make me cry
and make me sad
But because the good times outnumber the bad
i'll waste my time in this strange universe
And who knows whats really after death?
Quite possibly something way way worse...
So thanks to Yall i'm living on
in hope of better days
where i can find myself again
and not be lost in this big maze
Without you in my life
affecting me everyday
i know my walk would not be steady
i would trip, stumble and sway.
Most of this was quite pointless
i know you know its true!
And all i'm really saying
is that i really love all you.
I had tons of fun writing this
it took me a whole ten minutes!
but i know it was all worth while
My appreciation has no limits.
I'm glad i've got to meet you
and gladder that you've cared
You're really special ppl
and i'm grateful that you're there.
So Thank You all for helping.
and Thank you for your time.
thank you for letting me be a friend
and thank you for being mine.
Uh oh here comes a yawn...
i think i better go
this is getting way too sappy
i'm never EVER opening up!
i'm never spilling out my guts!
i'm never telling what i feel!
i think i must be nuts...
Anywho i must go.
its getting far too long.
just remember how i love yall,
and how i sung this... song (?)
or is it more a poem?
i really cannot tell...
ok, OK! i will shut up!
you don't have to yell!
Yes, i am insane.
Yes, i am nuts.
Yes, i'm gonna end this.
Peace, Love, n Donuts.