AN: This is the intro to Sincerely, The Drama Llama. This is officially the start of Francine Langley's diary, in which we get a good look at who she is and what she likes and dislikes. Although this is set in journal form it will follow a story line and it DOES have a plot (I promise!).

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Dear Diary,

Today you were a gift from Marlena, the only person in my life that I trust enough to tell anything to. Does the fact that she gave you to me mean that she doesn't want to hear my whining anymore? Eh, oh well… now you both get to hear my whining. Not that I whine too much or anything. No, I think my whining is well within the limit of a normal sixteen year old girl. Which I am, sixteen, I mean. I should probably tell you some things about me.

My name is Francine Lenora Langley, and I live in the ever-so-dreadful Gilbert, Arizona. I'm five feet and four inches and proud of it. I don't like tall girls anyway! I have brown hair (that hideous, dull, flat brown that has absolutely no natural highlights) and green eyes. When it comes to my personal style, I like to think of myself as an individual because I don't really fit into any label. Sometimes I feel this could be a bad thing, because as an easily influenced young adult, I feel that I need to have a niche in society, but my parents refuse to drop the kind of money it takes to generate a wardrobe that allows me to subscribe to any group.

I have a laundry list of likes and dislikes but we'll keep it to a minimum for space reasons. I like reading, stargazing, my basset hound Maxi, and Jake Evans (the most popular guy in school). I dislike Rachel Becker (the most popular girl in school), Science class, my brother Mark, and Fajitas.

I know it isn't polite to dislike people but trust me, Rachel Becker and Mark are worth it! Rachel Becker has made my life a complete and total hell since she moved to Gilbert at the beginning of Sophomore year. I mean, really, how do girls who just move someplace become popular? It's a crime if you ask me. She is head of the cheerleading squad (not that I would even try out for the cheerleading squad) and has this sort of "posse" that hangs on her every horrible word. Ashley Stanley and Debbie Briscoe are her two head henchmen. Ashley doesn't do anything other than agree with whatever Rachel says and Debbie, well Debbie doesn't even really do anything. She just stands there. But I don't like it! And Mark is my little brother… I feel this needs no further explanation.

But let's not dwell on the negative! Reading is quite possibly my favorite pass-time. It's a great escape, you know? It's amazing to escape into another world if only for a few measly hours (especially if you are me). I know movies and television are much more hip but nothing beats a good book like Sense and Sensibility when you've had the worst day imaginable. That Jane Austen knows a thing or two about love.

And Jake Evans. Where to even begin with Jake? He is captain of the football team, and student council president. He is gorgeous (of course) with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair, he has those classic good looks that seem to embody Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, and Jensen Ackles all at the same time. Every time I even think of Jake I get this flip-floppy feeling in my stomach and I get all smiley. Not cool! Because not only is Jake Evans the most glorious being ever to walk the halls of "Mistake" High, but he is so nice! I mean not that I know from personal experience but this one time Marlena said she dropped a stack of books in the school library and he totally picked them up for her! He is a gentleman as well as the most popular guy in school! I have shared classes with him since the second grade but I really don't think he knows that I exist. Not that I want him to with what that witch Rachel did to me the last week of school (which I do not even want to think about)!

God, even thinking about that last week of school makes my soul die a little. I was so determined to end the school year with a bang, not a full on nuclear explosion. I will have my revenge on Rachel Becker and her Barbie-esque cronies, mark my words. Junior year will be one to remember. Oh who am I kidding? I know I'll walk through the doors of that school and hang my head in shame, pretend I don't know what anyone is talking about when they bring up the last week of school, and leave feeling like a total failure at life.

At least I'll be able to drive away. Yes I, Franny Langley, have a car. Not the kind of car that I'm sure Rachel "I'm hot stuff" Becker has, but a good car. A '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue. I know what you are thinking but I love my car for the simple fact that it is all mine! I have to take Mark to school as well though, because he is now a freshman. I can't believe I have to share a school with that zit! I don't know what's worse. Him being a complete dill-hole all the time or the fact that he is more popular than I am! He tried out for the football team and made it! How did that happen? I didn't even know our family had any sporty genes. Lord knows I wasn't blessed with them. I can barely make it around the house without bumping into a wall, let alone running up and down a football field being chased by a thousand giant angry football players.

Oh! Time to take Maxi for a walk! It was nice meeting you, Diary, and welcome to my life!