First of all, thank you loads, SerialXLain for your help with this beast! I don't know what I would've done without you O.o ...this is basically Hansel and Gretel gone horribly wrong. I took some major liberties with the original fairytale, but oh well. Who cares about that damn duck, anyway? I needed sexual kinks this time, so I used: twincest, minor voyeurism, a need for dominance (I think sex in a cage can fall under that!), and implications of a future threesome. :D Warnings: twincest, smut (like, a lot), swearing, drugs... It was fun to write, didn't quite turn out how I expected, and took for-freaking-ever! Hope you like it!

Hansel and Gavril

The twins weren't normal. They had never been normal. They sat too close, touched too often, shared too many lingering glances. Too intimate to be mistaken as mere brotherly affection.

Their parents didn't like them. They hated the way Hansel and Gavril acted around each other. Never going far enough to provide solid proof of something sinful, but always moving too close to the edge. Too close for comfort.

So they decided to get rid of them.

Late at night, the man and woman sat together, voices low, ears strained for the slightest sound of the twins' waking. The flicker of the fireplace cast them into ominous shadows, matching their dark plans.

"Perhaps we should take them out into the woods," suggested the mother, biting her lip as one hand cradled a glass of red wine.

The father shook his head, slumped down in his chair, mouth thin.

"And if their bodies were found? What then? The police would trace them back to us. No one else lives around here for miles."

"The bears would eat them, surely—"

"We can't risk it."

The woman sighed, downing a mouthful of blood-red liquid.

"Fine. What other options do we have?"

Her husband straightened in his seat suddenly.

"The city. They're old enough to make it on their own. If something happens to them it won't be our responsibility."

The mother brightened, a smile stretching her thin, painted lips.

"You're right. Nineteen's more than old enough to move away. If they happened to be murdered while in the city, well, who could blame us?"

The man nodded vigorously, joy lighting up his dark eyes.

"It's perfect. We'll put them on a bus tomorrow."

And so it was decided: the twins would be on their own.


Gavril moved away from the vent, wide grey eyes fixing on a face identical to his.

"They're getting rid of us," he whispered, voice trembling. "What are we going to do?"

Hansel's mouth was set in a frown, eyebrows drawn. Anger coursed through him, but he wasn't nearly as upset as his brother. He hated his parents just as much as they hated him. And he hated what they were doing to his brother.

"Don't worry," he murmured, curling a comforting hand around Gavril's. "We'll be okay."

Sad stormy eyes met their copies, shining with unshed tears.

"But we've never been to the city before…"

Hansel wrapped his arms around his twin, pulling him against his chest,

"We'll be okay," he repeated, resting his cheek in the soft brown hair. "I'll take care of you."

Gavril gave a shuddering sigh, but didn't say anything else. Hansel had never lied to him before.


The bus station was small and old, the rusty brown paint peeling from the wood panelling around the ticket booth. A wizened old man peered at the brothers, mouth twisted into a cynical frown.

"Headin' to the city, eh, boys?" he croaked, watery eyes squinting through thick glasses. One crooked finger pressed a button on the machine beside him, which abruptly coughed out two tickets.

Hansel nodded, pushing the money under the plastic barrier. He didn't say anything as change was given, followed by the thick slips of paper providing them passage on the rickety bus arriving in fifteen minutes. He stuck the handful in his pocket, heading for the door where Gavril waited on a bench outside. His steely eyes fell on a stack of maps as he walked, and his step faltered, bringing him to a stop next to the scarred table. After a moment, he scooped up one of the maps, then finally made his way through the door.

Gavril looked up at his brother's arrival, dark smudges under his eyes indicating his lack of sleep the previous night.

"Got the tickets?" he asked, voice brittle and soft.

Hansel nodded, holding up the bits of paper. Gavril nodded and turned his eyes back to the forest across the driveway. His twin dropped down next to him, pressing their sides together, arm winding around his waist. Gavril leaned into him, relaxing. They waited silently as the minutes slipped by, until finally their serenity was broken by the loud hum of the arriving bus.

The twins stood up, hefting their meagre luggage before making their way to the rusty beast. The door creaked open, revealing dirt-encrusted steps. Nobody got off. No surprise there. The bus driver coughed, blinking down at them.

"You gettin' on or what?" he asked gruffly, scratching his ample stomach.

The brothers exchanged glances before Hansel climbed on, flashing his ticket at the bear-like driver. Gavril was right behind him, movements more jerky and nervous. He hastily followed Hansel as he found a seat in the back, away from the few prying eyes in the tattered bus. Their bags went into the overhead compartment, giving them a bit more room in their seats. Then the bus started moving, prying the siblings away from the only lives they'd ever known.

As soon as they were sitting, Gavril's eyes fell on the map in his twin's hands.

"What's that?" he asked, curiously.

Hansel held it up for him to see, a small smile quirking his pale mouth.

"I thought you could trace the bus route. So you could always find your way home. Y'know?"

A bright smile lightened the other teen's face as eager fingers took the map.

"Thank you," he whispered, lips pressing quickly against his mouth. Hansel smiled in return, twining his fingers with his twin's.

A stubby pencil was fished from worn jeans, and soon calloused fingers were happily tracing the snaking lines, marking the progress of their trip. Hansel stared out the window at the passing trees, wishing for some variety of scenery. The danger of living in the middle of nowhere. Neither felt the need to talk. There'd be time for that later. Right now, they wanted to pretend they didn't have parents who had done their best to get rid of them. When they'd woken, the flimsy excuse of 'We want you to get the most out of the world!' was given before they were told to pack and driven to the bus station. Even without knowing the truth, it would have been easy to see through the lie. They were unwanted. Dirty. Unloved. Things to be tossed aside.

At least they had each other.


The trip was a long one, but only Gavril managed to drift off to sleep. Hansel couldn't relax. He kept his arms wrapped around his brother, protecting him. The city was getting closer. He didn't know what to expect.

Maybe the woods would've been better.

He eyes slid back to the window, and widened. Lights, everywhere. Buildings. People. Even in the night, the street was alive.

The bus turned into a large, bright station, coming to a shuddering stop.

"Last station," announced the grizzled bus driver, voice even more like gravel after the long drive. "Everybody off."

Gavril's eyes fluttered open, peering blearily around.

"What's going on?" he asked, sleepily, voice like cotton.

"We're here," replied Hansel, heart pounding.

Together, they stood, Gavril stumbling a little as the blood rushed to his head. Hansel dragged down their bags, before leading him down the narrow aisle.

Outside was surreal. Strange people milled around the station, the fluorescent lights bringing them into stark relief. The twins kept their hands tightly locked, their matching eyes sweeping the crowd.

"So, what do we do?" whispered Gavril, pressing closer to his brother.

"I guess we find a hotel," replied Hansel, fingers tight around his bag. "We can figure things out in the morning."

Gavril nodded his agreement, and together they wove their way to the exit.

The city was a bizarre, alien world. Nothing even vaguely resembled the twins' old home. They walked along the sidewalk, desperately searching for a hotel so they could get inside where it was safe. Suddenly, Gavril let out a horrified cry.

"What? What's wrong?" demanded Hansel, whipping around to face his twin.

"The map!" he cried, eyes wide and panicked. "It's gone! The map's gone! How will we ever get back home?!"

Hansel ran soothing hands through his brother's hair, murmuring softly.

"It's okay, Gav, it's okay. We'll be fine. Don't panic. Look at me." He gripped the other teen's face, forcing their eyes to meet. Gavril was on the verge of crying. Hansel stared at him steadily. "Don't worry. I'm here. I'll take care of you."

Sniffling, Gavril nodded, blinking back tears.


Hansel gave an encouraging smile. "Good. Now, c'mon. We still gotta find a place."

He led his discouraged brother along a maze of streets, vainly searching for a place to stay. Their surroundings got increasingly sketchier, the people less savoury. Even Hansel was becoming nervous. But just when they'd about lost hope, they noticed bright lights up ahead.

"What's that?" asked Gavril suddenly, wide eyes peering down the street.

"I don't know," replied Hansel, frowning.

They increased their speed, taking barely any time to reach the source of the bright lights: a double-storey, black-painted building. A bizarre, well-lit sign stood starkly against the darkness:

The Gingerbread House.

Coloured lights shone like beacons for lost souls, and loud music tried to escape through the heavy door. A burly man stood next to it, glancing disinterestedly at the twins. He merely grunted and yanked open the door, letting the pounding music spill out onto the dark street. Taking this as a hint, the brothers slipped inside, jumping as the door slammed behind them. Inside was much different than they could ever have imagined. People everywhere, swarming together, gyrating, writhing, sweating, dancing. The lights were just as dazzling in here, highlighting the pseudo-orgy on the dance floor, and the dancers in the cages, raised on platforms. A well-stocked bar stood to the side, also surrounded by people.

Gavril clung tighter to his brother, nails biting into flesh.

"What is this place?" he whimpered, terrified and mesmerised all at the same time.

Hansel shook his head, eyes wide.

"I don't know."

Hesitantly, they shuffled forward, away from the safety of the front door and into the heart of the beast. Spotting the stools beside the bar, Hansel dragged his twin over, not wanting to get lost in the crowd. Gavril's grip on his arm hadn't loosened, and Hansel could feel the trickles of blood trailing down his skin.

"C'mon, sit down," he ordered, pushing his brother toward a stool.

Gavril clambered up after reluctantly releasing Hansel's arm, nails stained crimson. Hansel ignored the pain, pulling himself up onto the stool next to him, and leaned against the bar, glaring around suspiciously. A minute later, the bartender approached, her silver mohawk unspiked and flopping to one side.

"Whaddaya want?" she drawled, leaning one hip against the bar.

Hansel blinked at her, confused. "What do you mean?"

Brown eyes rolled. Country bumpkins.

"To drink."

With matching frowns, the twins scanned the contents of the shelves behind her, not recognising anything.

"Do…do you have any water?" ventured Gavril tentatively.

The woman snorted, eyebrow quirked.

"You fuckin' serious? Y'know where y'are, right?"

"Uh…actually…no…" replied Gavril, shrinking in his seat.

"This is a fuckin' club," she snapped, hands planted on her thin hips. "You're s'posed to booze it up and dance, y'know?"

Gavril frowned, confused. "Booze…?"

The woman let out an exasperated growl, throwing her hands up in the air.

"I don't have time to deal with this."

Sending one last disbelieving glare at the twins, she stalked off back down the bar, leaving them just as lost as ever.

Hansel noticed the crushed look on his brother's face, and slid closer, wrapping his arms around him. Before he could say anything, however, another voice piped up.

"Hey, don't worry about her."

Hansel looked up, staring at the petite woman behind the bar. Tufts of fuchsia hair stick up in every direction, kohl-lined black eyes crinkled in a smile. Piercings dotted her round face, standing out against smooth caramel skin, while bizarre, brightly coloured clothing clung to her plump body. She grinned, looking them over.

"Twins, eh? Haven't seen you around here before."

"We just got here," replied Hansel, warily watching the second bartender.

She nodded, hands in the pockets of her neon green pants. "Thought so. Noticed the bags. Hey, you wanna leave those back here? Probably hard to dance lugging those around."

Gavril glanced at his brother, biting his lip. Noticing this, the bartender's smile widened.

"Don't worry, I promise I won't let nothin' happen to 'em."

Shrugging, Hansel hefted the two bags onto the bar, offering a small smile.


The woman easily lifted them and stowed them behind the bar, winking.

"No problem. Go off and have fun."

Hansel turned a considering look to the writhing crowd, the beat of the music, strumming through his body. Suddenly, he grinned, sliding off the stool and dragging Gavril along with him.


Gavril stumbled along behind him, eyes wide and nervous.

"But I don't know how to dance!"

Hansel slid them easily into the crowd, weaving through the slick bodies until they were at the heart of the dance floor. Pulling his brother closer, he pressed himself flush against the copy of his body.

"Just follow me, yeah?" he purred in Gavril's ear, warms hands sliding to his waist.

Blushing brightly, the younger twin nodded jerkily, letting his arms wrap around Hansel's neck.

The music got louder, thrumming through the twins as they swayed to the beat. The air was electric with sex and delirium, overwhelming to a pair of country boys. It wasn't long before they were swept up with the other bodies, grinding strangers, stealing searing kisses, hands sliding into dark places. It didn't matter that they'd been abandoned in the city; they had the comfort of each other and a mass of other pseudo-lovers. Everyone here belonged to everyone else.

However, despite all of this, Hansel and Gavril were most drawn to each other, over and over again as they blended with the other dancers, their hands sliding along familiar limbs, lips catching each other in deep, comfortable kisses. No one paid mind to the twin lovers, allowing them to practically fuck right there on the dance floor…although it never got that far. Still, Hansel went as far as his brother would allow, sliding his hands along the other's skin beneath his clothes, making him moan and whimper against him.

Taking in his twin's flushed face, parted lips, and hooded eyes, Hansel grinned, slowly pulling away. He laughed as Gavril whined, reaching for him, but shook his head, pushing him toward one of the other clubbers. It was more fun to stretch the teasing and touching over the night, pushing it as far as he could. He'd never felt so free to enjoy his twin before, always being forced to catch quick kisses and sex in the dark, praying their parents wouldn't catch them. But now, they were free to do what they wanted, and Hansel was going to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Amused by the dark look his other face was sending him, Hansel allowed himself to be caught by another boy around his age, scantily dressed in leather with platinum hair sticking to his freckled skin. His skinny arms snaked around the brunet's waist, yanking him against the thin body and grinding their hips together. Hansel bit his lip, eyes sliding closed. God, this felt good…

A light touch on his face caused his eyes to slide open, and he noticed his partner holding out his hand.

"What is it?" asked Hansel, eyes hooded as he peered at the bright green capsule in the boy's hand, vaguely noticing the fingers slipping down the back of his pants.

Pierced lips grinned, brushing the brunet's ear in a snickering whisper.


Plump lips opened to probing fingers, the pill sliding past Hansel's tongue and down his throat. Another was pressed into his hand, and then just as quickly as he was there, the boy was gone, slithering back into the crowd. Hansel's vision danced, colours swirling like dripping paint as he slowly twirled to find his twin. There he was, swaying by himself in the crowd, arms raised above his head, drawing up his shirt to reveal a smooth, tanned stomach. As Hansel's arm wrapped around his waist, Gavril opened wide grey eyes, face flushed, hair plastered to his neck, and grinned. The other green pill found its way into Hansel's mouth before lips pressed against their twins, tongue delivering the dangerous gift to its copy. One swallow and it was received.

The night blurred, a mess of lust, drugs, and pounding music that seemed to seep into every orifice. Hansel and Gavril slid from partner to partner, all tongues, teeth, and slick, delicious heat. Colours blended, songs obscured, and still they raved on.

No one noticed the pale, pale man leaning against the wall, ice cold eyes watching the twins' every move. No one noticed the wide, hungry smile that curved his lips.

Of course, no one noticed much of anything.


Hours later he found them, curled together on a bench in the corner, two halves of a whole twined together in sleep. Everyone was gone by now, memories of music leaving a deafening echo, the swirling colours faded to a soft haze. Cyress glided across the floor, long fingers tapping out a beat against the air, violet eyes fixed on his prey.

"Nibbling, nibbling like a mouse, who's nibbling at my little house?" he murmured, stopping in front of the unconscious twins and bending over them with hands folded behind his back. Humming softly, he tapped cold fingers along Hansel's angular face, wondering what his mouth tasted like.

Hansel's brow furrowed, then grey eyes slowly opened, hazy and confused. They peered up at Cyress, not really seeing anything. The albino smiled, running the pad of his finger against the groggy boy's chapped lips.

"Wake up, sweetheart," he sang, tapping his nose.

Hansel groaned, rubbing his face.

"Who are you?" he whispered, voice cracking over the syllables.

Cyress ran a hand through the messy brown strands falling around Hansel's face, purring, "Come with me; I'll keep you safe."

Limbs unfolded, feet planted on the floor, and then Hansel was swaying upright, hand still twined with his brother's. The movement jerked Gavril awake, and he groaned unhappily, squinting up at the two males above him.

"Hans…?" he mumbled, pushing himself upright. "What's going on…?"

Cyress grasped their free hands, pulling them toward him with stumbling steps. No words were spoken as they were led through the abandoned club and up a hidden staircase in the back. The albino pressed the twins to his sides, glowing with his find, as the brothers struggled to stay upright. The stairs ended on a little landing with a sliding black metal door, already slightly open. One booted foot pushed it the rest of the way, then the three young men were inside the loft, enveloped by the soft darkness. Cyress dragged the twins forward, dumping them on the old couch before swaying back to the door and sliding it shut with a clang. The twins were barely conscious by the time he returned to the couch. Snickering to himself, Cyress yanked them both up again and pulled them into the almost invisible bedroom. Hansel and Gavril were too confused and exhausted to protest, blindly following the strange white-haired man, barely even noticing when they were toppled over onto a large, soft bed.

Humming happily, Cyress arranged them under the covers before crawling in next to them, limbs twining around the warm bodies.

"I'll take good care of you, my darlings," he murmured, nuzzling Gavril's hair. "Good, good care of you…"

The twins slept on, unaware of what they'd gotten themselves into.


Pounding pain in his skull pulled Hansel from his sleep, his eyes crusty and sore.

"Fuck," he croaked, clutching his head as he forced his eyes to open. They stared blankly at his surroundings, taking in the big white bed he was currently bundled in, the dresser, the closet, the piles of clothes here and there.

Where the hell was he?

Glancing to the side, he saw Gavril peacefully unconscious, lips parted and comforter pulled up to his chin. That was a relief at least.

He slowly sat up, struggling to remember what the fuck he did last night to end up in a strange bed with a splitting headache.

The night came back to him in pieces, the club, the bar, the dancing…but it faded quickly, leaving him still confused. On the bright side, it looked like he and Gavril were still in one piece, meaning that whoever had brought them here wasn't up to anything.


Feeling slightly nervous, the oldest twin crawled out of the bed, wavering as his body fought to reorient itself and his head gave a particularly sharp stab. He couldn't hear any movement from outside of the bedroom, but he couldn't help feeling nervous as he carefully opened the door and slid out into the hallway. He didn't know whether he was in any danger or not, and he didn't want to wait around to find out.

Silently, he padded down the hallway, eyes squinted and one hand on the wall to keep himself upright. He could hear something coming from the end. Breath held, he pressed his back against the wall and peered around it, grey eyes flicking around wildly, searching for anything suspicious.

"Good evening, princess."

Hansel jumped and spun around, vision blurring for a moment as he stumbled back to regain his balance. Staring down at him was a young man not much taller than himself, violet eyes wide and slightly crazed, and messy silky white hair falling into his face. He grinned widely at Hansel, hands in the pockets of his skin-tight black jeans (the only piece of clothing he was wearing), and leaned closer.

"Does your head hurt?"

Hansel stared at him, body stiff and heart pounding.

"Who are you?"

The albino bit his lip, peering coyly through crazy strands of white hair.

"Do you want something to eat? I bet you're hungry. I didn't see you eat anything last night."

"Who are you?!" Hansel demanded again, stepping back.

"Me?" He smirked, reaching out to wrap a hand in the brunet's hair, tugging him forward. Hansel stumbled forward, crashing into the man's bony chest. The albino's head dipped down, nuzzling his neck. "I'm Cyress. I'm going to take care of you now."

Hansel pushed him back, eyes narrowed and lips pulled back.

"What the hell are you talking about? How did we get here?"

Cyress sighed, folding his arms behind his head.

"So many, many questions. You and your sweet pretty brother came into my club and got a little caught up in it, didn't you? Eating drugs like candy, skanking it up for the boys…and passing out like vulnerable babes in the woods. Prey to any monster who wanted you bad enough." He grinned, spinning on his heel to saunter across the room to the kitchen. He glanced over his shoulder, winking. "Like me."

Hansel stayed frozen in the centre of the messy room with the painted black walls, wide eyes staring after the man. He couldn't figure out what was going on. Cyress hadn't hurt him or Gavril…and other than being really fucking weird, he didn't seem to be a danger…

Hesitantly, Hansel shuffled across the room, headache ebbing as he stepped into the decent-sized, white kitchen. A loud grumble exploded from his stomach as the smell of food hit him, making him realise he hadn't eaten since the day before yesterday. He hovered in the doorway, grey eyes flicking over the faded countertops and well-used appliances, debating whether to enter or not.

"Come over here," said Cyress, reaching up to pull out plates from a cupboard. "I want to feed you."

"How do you know I want to be fed?" Hansel retorted, wrapping his arms around his stomach.

The albino glanced back at him, violet eyes raking over his body.

"Our bodies don't lie," he purred with a smirk.

Raw lust shone in Cyress' gaze, affecting Hansel more than it should have. The brunet felt his cheeks flare at the look, pulse speeding up painfully as he slid over to the scarred table sitting next to the wall. Cyress soon joined the younger man, setting a plate of food in front of him.

"Made from the flesh of young children," he joked, a piece of bacon dangling from his spiderlike fingers.

Hansel's eyes flicked from his sharp face to the hot, delicious food on the plate, carefully tearing up a piece of bread. It was moist and tasty on his tongue, instantly setting off a trigger to make him devour the rest of the food, filling up the empty void in his stomach before Cyress had even managed to get halfway through his. As he was licking his fingers, Hansel's grey eyes flicked up to meet the albino's violet.

"Is there anymore?" he asked, voice soft.

Cyress smirked. "Still hungry?"

The brunet shook his head, looking away.

"Gavril will be hungry when he wakes up."

Cyress leaned forward, trailing a finger down Hansel's cheek with a thoughtful smile.

"Is that his name? And what's yours, sweetheart?"

Skin tingled where the nail scratched, the young man's answer falling in a murmur.


"Hansel and Gavril," the strange man murmured thoughtfully, finger playing along the other's lips. "Pretty little twins lost in the big bad city."

"We're not lost," argued Hansel pulling back, knowing it was a lie.

"Not anymore," his host agreed. "You're staying with me now."

Hansel narrowed his eyes at that, chewing his lip.

"You want us to live here?"

Cyress grinned, standing up and clearing the dishes. "You wandered into The Gingerbread House. That means you're mine to keep."

Hansel didn't really know what to think about this. On the one hand, Cyress was treating him better than he'd ever been before, giving Gavril and him a place to stay, and even food. On the other…something seemed…off about him…

"I'm going to go see if Gav's awake," he muttered, standing up and quickly leaving the room.

The headache had disappeared by now, but he barely noticed. As he walked, he glanced around, taking in the dust-covered surfaces and random piles of clutter. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years, although the mess appeared to have some sort of bizarre organisation. Looking at its owner, it seemed to match in a strange way.

When he got to the bedroom, Gavril was still bundled in the pure snow blankets, breath disturbing the strands of hair over his face. Hansel crawled onto the bed, hand sliding over his cheek. His brother moaned softly, leaning into the touch. Smiling, Hansel leaned forward, pressing his lips against the slightly parted ones, his tongue sliding in playfully. Another moan escaped Gavril's throat, this time more aroused than sleepy. The kiss didn't last long, and Hansel pulled back with a snicker, happy to see his twin's eyes peering into his.

"You awake now?" he asked needlessly, brushing Gavril's hair away from his face.

The younger twin nodded, yawning widely.

"Where are we?" he asked, sleepily, glancing around the big room.

Hansel sat back, shrugging. "Still at the club. The guy who owns it, Cyress, took us in, it looks like."

His twin's eyes widened as he sat up, surprised.


Nodding, his brother slid off the bed, dragging Gavril along with him. The younger twin's hands curled in his brother's rumpled shirt as he was caught off balance and pulled out of the room.

"C'mon, he made food."

"Hansel, wait!"

The other brunet stopped, looked at his brother. His eyes searched the other boy's worried face, confused.

"What's wrong?"

Gavril gaped at him, slumping with disbelief. "What's wr—Hansel, we don't even know who this guy is! He could be some complete psycho for all we know!"

Hansel bit his lip, glancing away. It wasn't like he hadn't thought of that, but he preferred to believe something good had finally happened to them.

"He hasn't done anything…" he pointed out, voice low. "And where else are we going to go? We don't know anyone in the city."

Gavril shook his head, fingers twitching.

"I don't like it."

"I won't let anything happen to you," insisted Hansel, offering him a reassuring smile. "You know I won't."

Gavril stared into his twin's bright eyes, stomach twisting slightly. Finally, he sighed, resigning himself. He could trust Hansel. His brother wouldn't lead him into danger. He never would.

They walked the rest of the way to the kitchen in silence, the sound of singing meeting them as they got closer. Cyress was sitting at the table still, another plate of food sitting in front of an empty chair. He peered up at them through dishevelled white strands of hair, eyes glowing in the dim light.

"One more twin to feed."

Gavril clung to his brother's hand as they stepped into the bright kitchen, sitting at the scarred table. Hansel pushed the plate of food toward his brother, smiling reassuringly. Silently, Gavril accepted it, horribly aware of Cyress' eyes on his every move as he quickly ate, unable to resist after a day of not eating. After he finished, he met Cyress' gaze, trying not to flinch. His fingers twisted in his shirt, picking at a loose thread as he cleared his throat.

"Are you offering us a place to live?" he asked Cyress, voice quiet.

The albino nodded, resting his chin on folded hands.

"If I let you leave, the city would swallow you whole."

Both twins knew this was true, having thought the same thing when they had arrived.

Gavril wanted to protest, afraid to live with a strange man at a club, but he couldn't ignore the miraculous nature of this situation. Cyress was willing to let them, two unwanted twins, live in his loft, with a bed and food, and didn't appear to be asking for anything in return. Gavril couldn't ruin their chances for survival just because he was a little paranoid.

Finally, he looked away, taking a deep, steadying breath.

"Okay," he whispered, staring at a spot on the dull white wall. "Thank you."

Cyress gave a catlike grin, eyes narrowing.

"I'll keep you safe, love. You'll never want to leave."

Gavril's stomach clenched, a sick feeling climbing up his throat, even as he forced a smile. He wasn't going to ruin things.


Things became a bit smoother after the initial meeting of Cyress. The twins, although still somewhat wary, became more trusting of the man as a few days slid by in relative peace. They were well-fed, warm, and allowed to sleep in a comfortable bed…although this was shared with their albino host. Their sleeping patterns altering to match his nocturnal schedule, and while he was down in the club, they were given free reign of their new home. The twins only left the loft once, running downstairs before the club opened to retrieve their bags from behind the bar.

All in all, it was paradise.

Of course, nothing lasts forever.


Hansel felt the bed shift, pulling him from a light sleep. He moaned unhappily, trying to recover the warmth that left as the covers were thrown back and feet hit the floor. A grasping hand reached for the blankets, but before it could find them, cold fingers wrapped around his wrist, yanking him from the bed. A sharp yelp left him as bleary grey eyes flew open to find his assailant. Cyress didn't wait for the brunet to recover before dragging him into the hallway and out into the pseudo-living room, feet stumbling against the floor. Hansel's breath left him as he was suddenly forced onto the couch, Cyress' hands digging into his biceps while one knee rested next to his legs. The younger man stared up at him in confusion, grey eyes slowly focussing.

"Cyress?" he asked, voice hoarse from sleep. "What's going on?"

The albino's head tilted to the side, eyes narrowed.

"I think it's about time you and your brother started paying me back for my hospitality."

Hansel's blood ran cold at those soft words.


Cyress hummed softly, shifting slightly closer.

"Letting you live here for nothing in return…well, that hardly seems fair, does it?"

The brunet's heart pounded. Fuck, he should've known this was too good to be true!

Cyress' violet eyes glowed as he peered at him through tangled white strands, dark and lustful. Hansel's fingers clenched against the couch, pressing back into the cushions. He had a feeling he knew what the man was after.

Steeling himself, he raised his chin, and demanded, "What do you want?"

Cyress grinned, releasing one arm to dance long fingers against Hansel's freckled cheek, causing shivers to crawl down his spine.

"Just a small favour, really. You see, I seem to be…short a dancer downstairs. And it seems rather unprofessional to have an empty cage just sitting there, don't you think?"

Hansel stared in shock, swallowing before venturing a disbelieving question.

"You…you want me to work as a cage dancer?"

The grin widened as Cyress patted his cheek.

"My, you are a smart boy. Yes, that is exactly what I want."

Hansel shook his head, leaning back, stunned.

"No. Fuck that."

Cyress smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"Would you rather it be your dear, sweet brother? Or would you prefer to live on the street, instead? I can guarantee you you'd be forced to do something far more…intimate than dancing."

Hansel drew in a harsh breath, teeth clenched.

"Don't you dare touch my brother," he hissed, nails digging into the couch.

The albino's knee slid forward on the couch until he was practically in the brunet's lap, lips brushing against his ear.

"I won't have to if you just do as I say."

Hansel's lips curled back, resisting the urge to punch Cyress in his perfect face. He couldn't do anything to provoke the albino into going after Gavril instead. A flinch shot through him as a tongue flicked out to swipe across his ear, Cyress' face darkly amused as he pulled back to stare into Hansel's flushed face.

"So?" he asked, voice soft and seductive, hands trailing down to squeeze the brunet's hips. "What's your decision?"

Hansel's mouth thinned, eyes squeezing shut. Fuck.

"Fine. I'll do it."

Cyress' body was gone in a second, causing the younger man's eyes to fly open. He watched the albino grin at him wickedly before sauntering past the couch.

"Come on."

Reluctantly, Hansel rose and shuffled after the taller man, hands shoved deep in his pockets. He felt like he'd just sold his soul to the Devil. But he had to protect Gavril. He'd promised.

Slowly, he followed Cyress down the dark stairs into the even darker club.


Gavril's eyes slowly opened, a yawn wracking his body as he stretched, dragging himself into a sitting position. He blinked at the bed beside him, frowning. Where was Hansel?

Confused, the younger twin crawled across the mattress, feet hitting the floor to lead him out of the room.

"Hansel?" he called, wandering out into the main area of the loft.

No answer.

Biting his lip, he paused, listening for any sounds of movement.


Had…Hansel just…left him?

And where was Cyress?

Shivering, Gavril wrapped his arms tightly around his torso, trailing into the kitchen. He felt sick.

The sound of the front door opening made him jump, and he raced out to see who it was. He slid to a stop, disappointment stabbing through his stomach. It wasn't Hansel who was waiting for him.

Cyress' head tilted to the side, eyebrows raised as he leaned back against the closed door.

"Something wrong?"

Gavril quickly shook his head, taking a step back.

"I…I just thought you might be Hansel."

The albino smirked at that, moving across the room with swaying steps.

"I'm afraid your brother's a little busy at the moment."

Gavril's eyebrows drew down at that, warily watching Cyress' movements.

"Doing what?"

Cyress ignored the question, heading past Gavril toward the kitchen. He returned a moment later with a broom, thrusting it at the shorter brunet with a thin smile.

"Keep yourself occupied, won't you, Gavril dear?"

The teen caught the broom in trembling hands, staring up at the albino with worried eyes. What had happened to Hansel?

However, before he could demand answers about his brother, Cyress was heading back to the door, shooting him one last cold smirk.

"I want this place spotless by the time I get back."

The slam of the door echoed around the dim loft, hollow company for Gavril, who was left shaking and ashen.

Where was Hansel?


Hours slipped by as Gavril worked on cleaning the loft, years of dust trapped on the rags he'd managed to find hidden away in the closet, broom sweeping up just as much dirt. He was sneezing and coughing, but the work was taking his mind off Hansel. His brother was safe; he had to be. Gavril was just being paranoid.

He painfully rose to his feet, stumbling over to the garbage to dump out another pile from his dustpan. Music from the club downstairs thrummed in the floorboards, dragging Gavril's mind back to the night he and Hansel had arrived. He grimaced, worry twisting in his gut like a blade. Hansel wasn't back down there…was he?

Gavril shook his head, walking to another art of the room. No. He wouldn't be. He was probably just…running errands or something. That was all.

"Still not done?"

The brunet jumped at the voice, spinning around and dropping his broom. Cyress was once again at the door, cheeks flushed and eyes bright. The shirt from earlier had disappeared, leaving him clad in only a pair of low-slung, tight black jeans.

Nervously, Gavril shook his head.


Cyress' lips quirked into an all-too-familiar smirk.

"Well, that's too bad."

Gavril barely had a chance to react before the pale man was on him, slamming him back into the wall. The brunet let out a yelp which was quickly muffled by hard lips and sharp teeth, rough hands pinning his above his head. The kiss didn't last long before Cyress pulled away, penetrating violet eyes boring into Gavril's.

"I told you I wanted it spotless before I got back, didn't I? Clean and shiny, like new."

"I-I'm sorry," the brunet stammered, heart fluttering like a butterfly trapped in a bell-glass. "I tried! I really did!"

Cyress sighed with a wide, humourless smile.

"Trying isn't good enough, princess," he taunted, pressing his hips against the other male's and slowly grinding. "I guess you'll have to pay me back in some way, won't you?"

Gavril whimpered, sagging slightly in Cyress' hold as bolts shot through his body from his groin.

"N-no," he weakly protested, gasping when the albino's knee forced his thighs apart, rubbing against his increasingly sensitive and hardening member.

Teeth nipped at his neck, teasing the skin mercilessly while a hand trailed down to slide into Gavril's tightening pants. The brunet hissed, bucking at the touch while trying to keep his moans down his throat. This was so fucking wrong!

Cyress suddenly stepped away, and Gavril promptly slid to the floor, legs too shaky to hold him up. The white-haired man towered above him, grin wide and razor-sharp.

"You look so fucking beautiful right now. Like a crushed paper doll."

Gavril struggled to get his body back under control, avoiding Cyress' probing eyes. But it wasn't long before his chin was caught in a vice grip, tilted up to face his assailant's.

"Take off your pants," he whispered.

Grey eyes widened in horror.

"No!" Gavril exclaimed, voice choked.

The hold tightened, Cyress leaning closer.

"Would you rather your brother take your place?" he murmured, dangerously.

The thought of Hansel doing this instead sent a sick feeling through Gavril's body, and he shook his head as much as he could with the hold on his chin.

"No," he whispered, miserably.

"I didn't think so. Now, take off your pants."

Shaking hands reached for the zipper, dragging it down slowly, the sound painfully loud in the silent room. Reluctantly, the pants were carefully slid off of narrow hips, arched off the ground to make it easier. Soon, they were on the ground beside him, leaving Gavril bare from the waist down.

"Good," Cyress purred, voice hypnotic. "Now, touch yourself."

Gavril sucked in a harsh breath, the sick feeling growing. Still, he didn't dare argue, concern for his twin still taking over his mind. So, trembling and humiliated, Gavril's hand slowly wrapped itself around his aching cock. He hissed, pressing back against the wall, heart beating faster. He hated himself for doing this, but it felt so fucking good.

As he began stroking, his breathing became less even, panting through his parted lips. Everything was focussed on his filthy touch, nothing else mattering but the slow build-up to release. He was close, so close…but then his hand was grabbed and slammed into the wall beside his head.

"Fuck!" he yelped, the pain and pleasure colliding in his body to send tremors through his limbs.


He heard a zipper and the rustle of fabric, then something slick was probing at him, invading his trembling body. A sharp hiss escaped his clenched teeth as the finger went deeper, twisting and crooking before being joined by a second. Gavril whimpered, mind a whirlwind of emotions. God, he wanted this, but it was wrong. So fucking wrong!

An uncomfortable moan escaped him as the fingers worked to stretch him, his toes curling while his legs spread wider. Cyress snickered, leaning closer before sliding his fingers out. Then he was in him, not slowing down to let Gavril adjust. The brunet gasped, cringing in pain as his body arched away from the albino, stopped by the wall. He barely noticed as his other hand was pinned to the cold brick, each movement jerking him painfully. But then the pain was forgotten as the complete opposite washed over his body. A loud moan poured out of his mouth, legs wrapping around Cyress' waist.

"God…right there…"

The albino didn't reply, but the angle remained the same so Gavril was soon a writhing mess. It didn't take long before the brunet was shuddering his release, a muffled name tumbling from his lips. He barely noticed as Cyress followed him, slumping against his spent body. They stayed like that a moment before the albino pulled back, shining violet eyes peering into hooded grey ones.

"Fucking your brother, are you?"

Gavril's gaze lost its haziness as he stared in shock at Cyress.


The albino slid out of him, eliciting a sharp hiss, grin growing wider.

"No point lying; it was his name you moaned."

The brunet's body felt cold, unable to respond to Cyress' statement. What was the point in denying it? He knew the truth.

Obviously not caring what Gavril had to say, the club owner released the brunet's wrists before rising to his feet and fixing his clothes. His eyes never left the younger man, who sat like a rag doll on the hard floor. One eyebrow rose languidly.

"Better clean yourself up before your brother returns, princess."

Gavril could only watch in mute horror as the albino spun on his heel and glided to the door, looking just as calm as ever. The brunet pushed himself up a little, desperation pounding through him.


Cyress paused, glancing over his shoulder, brows raised. "What?"

"You…you're not going to tell him…are you?" Gavril asked, voice wavering. He couldn't let Hansel find out about this…he couldn't let his brother know he was nothing more than a dirty whore.

Cyress didn't reply, only shooting him an unreadable smirk before disappearing.

Gavril stared after him, dread curling in his stomach.

Things had gone horribly wrong.


Hansel was a natural. Or so the other dancers kept saying when they'd been released from their erotic prisons. He wasn't so sure about this, not knowing what the hell he was doing except for making sure to keep his hips moving, legs spread, and torso twisting with the beat. 'Vertical sex' was how one dancer put it when the club finally closed, and Hansel couldn't agree more. He wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly found himself getting fucked in his cage one night.

Shivering slightly, Hansel headed back up to the loft, feeling very uncomfortable in the tiny leather shorts and knee-high boots. He hated the outfit, but he really had no choice. As long as Gavril was safe, he would do whatever he had to…even if that meant whoring himself out to a strung-out crowd.

The door slid open easily with a strong thrust, and Hansel stepped into the loft, sharp grey eyes seeking his twin.

"Gavril?" he called, vaguely noticing the suddenly clean state of his surroundings as he walked deeper into the loft.

He heard footsteps, light and strangely unsteady, coming from the hall. He looked to the side, a smile breaking out when he spotted his mirror image. Gavril's expression, however, was shocked.

"What are you wearing?" he asked, voice hitched.

Hansel grimaced, shifting uncomfortably. He wasn't about to tell his brother about the deal he'd made with Cyress. That was one confession he planned never to make.

"Oh, uh, I just went clubbing," he muttered, pushing a hand through his sweat-soaked hair. "Cyress leant me these."

The younger twin stepped closer, looking suspicious, but mouth not opening to protest. He looked preoccupied.

Hansel frowned, reaching out a hand to touch Gavril's cheek.

"Hey, you alright?" he asked, softly.

The other brunet forced a smile, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing to worry about."

Grey eyes narrowed, hand curling around the back of the other boy's neck.

"I don't believe you."

Gavril stepped away, shaking his head. "Really, it's nothing. Don't worry."

He knew he was lying, but there was no point in pressing the matter; Gavril would tell him when he was ready.

Hansel sighed, letting his hand slip away, a stab of hurt shooting through his heart.

"Fine," he muttered, turning toward the kitchen.

He could sense Gavril following him, but didn't pay him any mind. He was thirsty and exhausted, and just wanted to go to bed.

"Um…where's Cyress?"

Hansel glanced over his shoulder at the question, eyes darkening.


Gavril bit his lip, shrugging.

"I…just thought he'd be with you."

Hansel turned back to the fridge, yanking out a bottle of water.

"Well, he's not."

He walked past the younger twin into the living room, dropping down on the sagging couch. Opening the bottle, he stared blankly at the wall as he drained half the water in one gulp. The rest of the water disappeared in the next, and Hansel tossed the empty bottle onto the scratched coffee table. Dancing was bloody tiring.

Sighing, he bent down, fingers reaching for the laces of one of his boots, wanting to get the damn things off. But before he could touch the first of the knots, another set of fingers was already working on them. Surprised, he raised his eyes to find Gavril kneeling in front of him, lip bit in concentration.

"You don't have to do that," said Hansel, reaching for the laces again.

His hands were batted away, Gavril muttering, "I want to."

Giving in, the older twin watched as the knots loosened under his brother's deft touch, both boots undone faster than Hansel would have been able to do. Finished with the laces, Gavril's slender hands slid down his calf, lifting his leg at the ankle, and sliding off the long black boot. Hansel watched him do this with a strange fascination, his heart speeding up at the intimacy of the situation. Gavril seemed to sense this, peering up at him through messy brown hair as he slowly slid off the other boot, lip still caught between his teeth. Hansel held his breath, wondering what he'd do next. He didn't have to wait long, watching as his brother rose up on his knees, reaching up to curl a hand around the back of Hansel's neck and pull him down. Their mouths came together in a soft kiss, sweet and calm. However, this quickly became deeper, lips parting and tongues sliding against each other. Hansel moaned softly, raising his hands to wrap in his twin's hair. But before he could get a hold, Gavril had backed away, grinning up at him impishly. His brother frowned, disappointed.

"What are y—?"

The question ended in a soft gasp as Gavril's teeth nipped at his collarbone, tongue soothing the bite before his lips trailed down his chest and stomach. The other brunet's hands slid down his back to his hips, pushing up. Obediently, Hansel arched his back, pulse racing as he felt his skin-tight shorts peeling away from his skin. His body jerked slightly when Gavril's lightly bit his hips, mind losing all thoughts except for those focussing on what his twin was doing to him. When the younger brunet's lips finally wrapped around him, Hansel couldn't keep himself from dropping back against the couch, a moan leaving his mouth. Another moan escaped as his brother swallowed him deeper, teeth scraping and tongue swirling. Gavril was surprisingly good at this, despite usually being on the receiving end. Hansel wasn't sure what had brought about this turn of events, but he didn't much care; his brother's mouth just felt too damn good.

He wasn't sure how much time passed, but it didn't feel long enough before he was hissing Gavril's name and tightening his fingers in his twin's hair, starbursts behind his eyes. The other brunet worked to swallow everything down before slowly pulling back with a soft sucking noise and peering up at his brother with shining eyes and parted lips. Grinning sleepily, Hansel leaned forward and caught his twin's mouth in a kiss, stroking his smooth cheeks with his thumbs. After they parted, he rested his forehead on the kneeling boy's, sighing in satisfaction. Gavril was absolutely perfect.

The moment was broken, however, when the loft door slid open loudly. The brothers sprung apart, turning to face their newly-discovered nemesis with wide eyes. Cyress regarded them with a curious smile, closing the door behind him. As he crossed the room, Gavril jumped to his feet and Hansel hastily yanked up his shorts, the pair wearing matching guilty and slightly loathing expressions. Both felt spiteful, but for very different reasons.

Cyress didn't say anything, just turned to calmly walk down the hall. But the look he sent them told them everything they needed to know: he knew what they had just done, knew what they had been doing whenever he left them alone.

They just didn't know what he was going to do about it.


Hansel's sweaty hands gripped the bars of the cage, barely clad hips jerking in time to the throbbing music. Below him pulsed the sex-hungry crowd, dancing and grinding and trying to forget about the depression of reality, a never-ending search for paradise.

Hansel felt powerful, fuelling their desires and passion, a sinful puppet-master for his eager marionettes. After a few nights, he'd lost his initial disgust over his new job, instead secretly enjoying the way the clubbers' eyes glazed with lust whenever they fell upon his lithe, twisting body. He was untouchable, which just made them want him more.

The song changed, altering Hansel's sharp movements; they became smoother, more sensual, his head falling back to expose his smooth throat. He became lost in the music, hands sliding over his barely covered body, nails scratching lightly against his glistening skin. He didn't notice another presence in his cage until he felt hands slide over his flat stomach. Too caught up in the atmosphere of the club, Hansel pressed back against the new body, letting his arms lay limp at his sides as the invading hands scratched down his sides and into his quickly tightening shorts. He was dragged back even closer, ass ground into something hard and almost painful. Hansel whimpered, vaguely feeling like he should be objecting, but his mind was too clouded with lust to do so. He didn't even fight back as he was suddenly shoved forward into the bars of his cage, arms twisted behind his back in a vice grip. He didn't care that he was in full view of a roomful of strangers. He just wanted whatever the man behind him was willing to give.

His shorts were shoved roughly off his hips, dragged down until he was fully exposed, his legs kicked apart to spread him wider. He was bent forward and vulnerable, riding the high of the writhing clubbers as a slick finger drove into him. Hansel yelped, biting his lip until blood sprang forth, the touch burning and painful. But he didn't try to pull away. He gasped, eyes sliding closed while the digit—two digits—worked in him, skilfully preparing him for a more desired invasion. He didn't have to wait long, a sharp cry tearing his throat as he was slammed into, the abrupt movement jerking him forward and wrenching his arms. Pure ecstasy overtook his mind, making the rough pain seem insignificant and wonderful. The throbbing music pounded into him, the same pace as the man behind him…'vertical sex' had taken on a whole new meaning.

A hand slid around his hip, grabbing hold of his aching cock, which pulled a surprised whimper from the brunet's throat. The jerks were harsh, demanding, driving Hansel insane. He groaned and sobbed, twitching in his controlled position, longing to break free. His skin felt too tight, too confining; he wanted to rip it off, bare his nerves, feel those nails and teeth tear him to pieces. He wanted it so badly, he thought he would lose his mind.

His muscles suddenly tightened, release shaking through him as his thrumming body was pressed between the metal bars and the hard body behind him. He gasped and whimpered until he was empty, legs losing their strength as he sagged, panting. He could feel warm liquid dripping from between his legs, showing the man had finally reached his end along with Hansel, although he hadn't been nearly as loud. With one sharp nip on the brunet's throat, the unknown man abruptly stepped back, letting the teen sink to his knees. The high was gone, leaving Hansel shaking and spent. What the hell had he just done?

"You are an eager little slut, aren't you?"

Hansel's head jerked up sharply. He knew that voice.

Looking over his shoulder, his dilated grey eyes fell on the pale, hauntingly beautiful Cyress. He grinned down at the brunet, crouching in front of him.

"I don't love you," he whispered matter-of-factly, long fingers grasping Hansel's chin and yanking him closer. "It's just that your mouth is very pretty."

Hansel's arms remained at his sides as the albino's mouth pressed into his, demanding and hot. His tongue lapped up the blood still leaking from the younger man's bitten lip before pulling away, violet eyes dark and narrowed. He brushed his fingers through the brunet's damp hair, almost loving, completely possessive. Pale lips brushed his ear as the albino leaned in, voice soft.

"Just as pretty as your brother's…and it tastes just as good."

He left, cage door clanging shut behind him, before his words had fully processed in Hansel's mind.

But when they did, he couldn't stop the angered scream that escaped him.


Gavril was once again alone when Hansel returned to the loft, his hate for Cyress still burning through him. As soon as he reached his twin, he grabbed his shoulders, forcing him to turn around.

"Did Cyress fuck you?"

Gavril froze, hands tight around the broom in his hands. He stared at his brother in shock, grey eyes wide and afraid.


"Did that bastard touch you?" snarled Hansel, unconsciously shaking the younger brunet.

Gavril trembled, biting his lip as tears sprung to his eyes. He knew he'd never be able to keep his brother in the dark for long.

"I'm sorry, Hansel, I'm s-sorry," he stammered, voice choking and thick. "I-I…he told me he'd go after you instead. I…I didn't want to…but, but…oh, God, Hansel, I liked it."

The other teen stepped back, growling.

"That son of a bitch!"

"P-please don't be mad," begged Gavril, reaching for his brother's bare arm.

"He lied to me!" Hansel hissed, grey eyes blazing. "I told him to stay the fuck away from you!"

Matching grey eyes were wide and confused.

"W-what do you mean?"

Agitated hands tore into his hair as Hansel paced.

"That bastard threatened to do something tos you if I didn't do as he said," he ranted, boots clunking against the ground. "I became a fucking cage dancer to keep him away from you!"

Gavril's heart skipped, mind buzzing.

"Wh…what did you say?"

Hansel spun to face him, hands sweeping down to gesture to his skimpy outfit, a harsh, unamused laugh escaping him.

"I haven't been clubbing…" he hissed, wanting to rip the absent albino apart. "I've been dancing in one of those cages to keep you safe."

Gavril felt sick, stepping back. He shook his head, heart clenching painfully.

"No…no…you…" He raised hurt eyes to meet his brother's. "Why would you do that?!"

"I was trying to protect you!" exclaimed Hansel, stepping forward. "I told you I'd take care of you, and look what happened!"

"You didn't have to do that," whimpered Gavril, a tear sliding down his cheek. "Why did you do that?"

Hansel stepped forward, wrapping his arms around his twin.

"We have to leave," he muttered into his hair. "This place is tearing us apart."

"You're not leaving."

Hansel spun around, shoving his brother behind him as he faced the suddenly present Cyress.

"You fucking bastard," he hissed, lips curled back in a snarl.

The albino's eyebrows shot up, hands resting on his hips.

"Well, now, what's brought about this change in attitude? It wasn't too long ago when I had you writhing beneath me."

Hansel's cheeks flared up at that, but he refused to give in.

"You raped my brother," he hissed, blood pounding in his ears.

Cyress' head tilted the side, mouth quirking up at one side.

"Did he tell you that?"

Gavril grabbed his brother's arm, pulling him around. He looked humiliated and ill, face pale.

"He didn't rape me," he whispered, shame in his eyes, pleading for his twin to understand and forgive him. "I…wanted him to do what he did."

Hansel stared at him, shocked.


Gavril looked away, eyes squeezed shut.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry."

"Oh, don't act so surprised, Hansel," chided Cyress, teasingly. He was suddenly at his side, fingers dancing along the skin of his back. "You wanted me just as badly as he did."

Hansel shivered, wishing he could deny it. His mouth set in a grimace, eyes squeezed shut.

"What are you trying to do to us?" he demanded, voice nearly lost behind grit teeth.

The pale man nuzzled against Hansel's neck, one hand reaching out to stroke against Gavril's cheek.

"I'm just trying to make you both mine."

"Why?" It was Gavril this time, fingers twining with his brother's.

Cyress leaned back, grinning at the pair of them, hands drifting down to grasp theirs.

"You're beautiful and sinful and everything I've ever wanted." His voice lowered knowingly, persuasive and seductive. "You don't want to leave me…I've accepted you for what you are. And you love feeling wanted."

They couldn't argue with this. They needed what he offered them. They needed to feel like they belonged, that what they were doing was acceptable. They'd escaped their parents and come to the city, hoping for a new life. Cyress was offering them exactly what they desired.

"You've done nothing but hurt us," argued Hansel, voice weaker than before.

"All I've done is fuck you," replied Cyress, tone like honey. "And you can't deny you didn't want it."

The brunet looked away, biting his lip. "You don't care what we do with each other?"

The albino snickered, leaning closer. "You don't even know how much it turns me on. I'd love to watch you two fuck."

Both twins jolted at that, staring at Cyress in shock. He just grinned back, cheeks flushed and eyes shining.

Neither could deny that they were just as aroused by the thought as he was.

Tentatively, Gavril leaned forward, pressing his lips against Cyress' for an unexpected kiss. It was chaste and quick, but it made Hansel's breath hitched. The jealousy he expected didn't come…he no longer felt the urge to murder the albino. It was just the opposite.

Heart pounding, he copied his brother, a shiver trickling down his spine at the feel of Cyress' lips against his. He knew this should feel wrong…but he also knew he'd been lying to himself from the start. He wanted Cyress just as much as he wanted Gavril. The albino had somehow slipped his way into their sinful relationship, seducing them both and bringing them closer together. It didn't matter that he'd lied to them; it didn't matter that he'd used them both. This was exactly what they'd always wanted.

Words weren't required as Cyress led them to the bedroom, walking backwards with their hands still together. His glowing violet eyes told them everything they needed to know; he was a manipulative liar, an unscrupulous seducer…but in his own twisted, selfish way, he cared for them just as much as they cared for each other. And in their screwed up, confused existence…that was enough.