Love Unending

Weak in the knees, I can hardly stand
Gave you my heart, fragile in your hands
Miles away, crying out to me now
Scared of love, I didn't know how

The pain I've felt through all these years
Streaming down my face, my tender tears
Then I hear your voice calling out my name
Wishing it was real, oh, it feels the same

There in my dreams I see your face
Smiling for me, my scars erase
Then I hold my arms out to you
I wake in my bed, shaking from the truth

My nightmares haunted me
I was young, afraid to see
That all I had to do
Was reach out and love you

Is this a dream? Or is it real?
Stay because I know now what I feel
Please don't go, a chance is all I ask
To show you that love was made to last

I want to tell you now, my love, it has no end
You still hold my heart on which I depend
While it calls to me, from you it won't leave
Trusting your touch. Never deceived

So here I sit without my heart
Lying on my bed in the dark
Wondering if you feel the same way
And my heart is beating, not thrown away

My answer.