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A woman with long black hair ran through a thick forest, wearing a white kimono and held a small package like object in her arms. She looked back and saw a large castle behind her. She saw lights turn on and saw the silhouette of a woman. The woman turned her head and then heard a loud scream.

"She's gone! The baby's gone! Get m'Lady! Tell her that her baby is missing!"

The woman then began to run faster, holding the object tighter in her arms.

The border line is just up ahead: she thought: Just a little further.

A man with black, spiked hair that fell passed his ears began running by the woman. The moon's light showed his dark orange eyes.

"Rikku, are you insane?!" the man said, "You're going to force two kingdoms into a war because of this! What were you thinking?!"

The woman, Rikku, looked at the man.

"Kagai, I love and respect you, but trust me. I covered up my tracks so not even Daikou-sama can pick up my scent," she said. "She won't be able to track us down to Shinku's kingdom."

Kagai looked at the object in Rikku's arms. His eyes widened.

"Kami, Rikku!" he yelled, "You stole her first born daughter?! Are you mental?! If Daikou finds out, she will stop at nothing to kill you, Rikku!"

Rikku looked at Kagai; the moon's light showed her dark green eyes.

"Well technically, Ky-" Rikku started.

"Whatever! Don't go into technicalities, Rikku!" Kagai yelled, "The points is, Daikou lost her husband and only has two children! Her first born son, Nagu, and then this little one! Are you- Kami I can't say it enough."

Rikku looked down.

"We're at the border," she said.

She jumped in the air, across a river. She landed on the bank of the river. She looked down at the object in her arms. It was wrapped in cloth and poking out was a small, baby's face.

The baby's eyes were closed as she slept peacefully, unaware of what was happening. Rikku moved the cloth from the baby's head. The baby had dark blonde hair, with a little strip of dark red on the right side.

Kagai looked over Rikku's shoulder.

"Huh, must've gotten it from her real father," Kagai said.

Rikku nodded her head.

Kagai looked at Rikku seriously.

"What do you plan to do with her, Rikku?" he asked.

Rikku sighed softly.

"Well for five years I suppose I could take care of her," she stated, "But repress her memories so she'll think I only meet her now and then. Give her to someone and let her live as a servant for a few years."

Kagai stared at her. His eyes then widened.

"You're going to take her to that man?! You took her from a wonderful life and are bringing her into a life of abuse?! What exactly are you planning, Rikku?!"

Rikku looked at Kagai.

"Brother…I had a dream. An 'every now and then' dream if you catch my drift," she stated.

Kagai relaxed slightly.


Rikku looked at the baby girl who continued sleeping peacefully.

"The dream clearly stated that this has to be done. For everyone's sake. She has to meet Shinku so; therefore, she'll have to work for Obochi. I'll keep my eyes on her and try to help, but I won't be able to too much or he might punish her."

Kagai sighed.

"Sometimes I don't understand you, Rikku-chan."

Rikku looked at him and smiled softly, two fangs reflecting the moon's light.

"That's the plan."

18 years later

"KYUNA!" an angry voice yelled.

A woman with long blonde hair was washing a floor, her clothes brown and torn. She shot her head up, her light blue eyes showing fear.

"C-Coming, Master!" the woman said, fear trembling in her voice.

She threw the sponge she was using in a bucket beside her and ran to where her master's voice was heard.

Kyuna stumbled slightly, but caught herself quickly. She slid a door open and saw a bald headed man sitting on the floor. Beside him was a very large basket, filled to the top with items.

He was glaring at Kyuna, anger in his eyes.

Kyuna stepped in the room, her hands shaking slightly.

"Y-You called, Master Obochi?" she asked, trying to hide her fear.

Obochi looked at her.

Kyuna fidgeted slightly, his gaze making her worried.

"Yes," he said, "I did."

Kyuna waited nervously to tell her why.

"Today we are going to Lord Shinku's castle," he began, "I made an appointment months ago to sell him some goods and the time has finally come. You will accompany me to his castle to help sell."

His eyes then narrowed.

"If you fail this, you will be severely punished."

Kyuna shook lightly and bowed her head.

"Y-Yes, Master," she said.


Kyuna carried the large basket on her back and followed behind her master. She then looked to the right and saw a small hut and a woman hitting dust out of a blanket.

Kyuna smiled brightly.

Lady Rikku!: she practically screamed in her head.

As if she heard her screaming thoughts, Lady Rikku turned and smiled at Kyuna. Rikku waved to her and blew her a kiss. Kyuna smiled softly.

Okaa-Rikku…: Kyuna thought.

Kyuna was then smacked in the back of the head. She winced and saw Obochi glaring at her.

"Do not gaze upon Lady Rikku like a commoner!" he yelled, "She is higher up then you! Now come! We are near the gates."

"Y-Yes, Master…," Kyuna said, looking ahead. She then snuck a quick glance at Lady Rikku and smiled.

Obochi then began talking to a guard, Kyuna not hearing.

Large gates then opened and Obochi walked in. Kyuna's eyes widened and she smiled brightly. She followed Obochi, gazing at the large, marble white castle before her.

She looked around and noticed they were in a garden.

"Master, look! They grow black and blue roses!" Kyuna said.

Obochi looked and formed a smile. Kyuna knew that her master loved roses. Every year at the end of winter they'd grow a whole yard filled with them. Anytime Obochi was mad at Kyuna, she'd just mention how well his roses are and he'd calm down.

Kyuna looked around, gazing at all the different types of flowers she had never seen before. She then looked over and saw a man, wearing a long black kimono, three red swirls on the back. He was watering a black and red rose, Kyuna wondering how he managed to grow one like that.

Obochi walked with Kyuna before the man and bowed his head.

"Lord Shinku," he said.

Kyuna blinked then looked at the man.

This is Lord Shinku?: she thought: They said he was young, but he looks 20. Master said he has been ruling these lands longer than he has been alive. I wonder how old Lord Shinku is…

Lord Shinku turned and smiled at Kyuna.

"I'm over a millennium, my dear," he said calmly.

Kyuna blushed slightly. Lord Shinku had spiked black hair that flowed down the back of his neck and he had emerald green eyes. He smiled softly at Kyuna.

Obochi looked at Kyuna and she saw anger in his eyes.

Kyuna asked, "H-How-?"

"Forgive my servant, M'Lord," Obochi said, "She has never really been to the castle and doesn't know of you. I have failed to push knowledge into her."

Lord Shinku laughed softly.

"Do not apologize, Obochi," he said, "Even the maids and guards ask."

Shinku smiled more. He winked at Kyuna.

"It's a secret," he said.

Kyuna's face darkened and she hid behind her master. Obochi shook his head.

"Lord Shinku, we have the gardening tools you requested," Obochi said, "Kyuna, show Lord Shinku."

Kyuna shakily pulled the basket off her back. Obochi then took the items and began to talk.

Kyuna did not care to really pay attention so as not to embarrass her master. She glanced around and saw that roses covered more than half the extremely large garden. Her eyes then sparkled. She saw a light blue and white rose.

Without thinking, she ran over to it. She saw others surrounding it. She smiled more.

"Pretty…," she whispered.

She lifted her hand but put it back down.

"You like them?" a woman's voice asked.

She turned and saw a woman, a little shorter than Kyuna. She had spikey, short black hair and light blue and green eyes. She wore a kimono that was similar to Shinku's robes. It was lack with three red swirls on the back.

Kyuna smiled and nodded her head quickly.

"Yes! They're really pretty!" Kyuna said.

The woman laughed and knelt down. She pulled off a rose and then stood back up. She stood on her tip toes and put tucked the small rose on Kyuna's left ear.

The woman smiled and said, "There you go. Now that rose looks prettier."

Kyuna blushed again.

"W-Won't Lord Shinku get mad that you plucked his rose?" Kyuna asked.

The woman laughed softly and shook her head.

"Nah," she said, "He won't get mad at me. Besides. I grew these."

Kyuna blinked.

"Oh you did?" Kyuna asked, "Then are you Lord Shinku's wife?"

The woman laughed loudly. Kyuna blinked, looking at her.

The woman shook her head.

"Heaven's no!" the woman said, muffling her laughter. "I'm his aunt, Rina."

Kyuna stared at her.

"Aunt?" Kyuna asked, "Wait. If Lord Shinku is a millennium then that means…"

Rina winked at her.

"It's a secret, miss," she said, "Let's keep it that way."

Kyuna smiled and nodded her head.


Kyuna looked up and saw Obochi looking at her. She blinked when she saw another man and woman by his side.

Kyuna ran over to him quickly.

"Yes, Master?" she asked.

Obochi looked and her and shook his head.

"I…am no longer your master," he stated.

Kyuna blinked.

"Wh-What do you mean, Master?" she asked, confused.

Shinku smiled at her.

"I've grown to like you," he said, "I took you in exchange for two servants."

Kyuna looked at Obochi.


Obochi shook his head.

"It was an offer I could not refuse," he said.

Obochi took Kyuna's face in his hands. He kissed both her cheeks. He then walked out the garden, the man and woman quickly following behind.

Kyuna stood there, shocked.

Rina walked to Shinku's side. She jumped slightly, smacking him in the back of the head.

Shinku placed a hand on the spot she hit.

"Ow! What was that for?" he asked.

Rina looked at Kyuna. Shinku did too. Kyuna was by the closed gates, scratching at them slightly.

Her master may have had anger problems, but she still loved him. He was like her father. The closest thing at least.

She pushed on the gates, trying to open them, but of course, she could not.

Rina looked at Shinku and tapped her foot on the ground.

"You see what you do when you get selfish? You two should've asked her how she felt," Rina said. "She may be a servant, but she's still a woman."

Rina then turned, and headed towards the castle. Shinku sighed and looked at Kyuna who was still trying to push the gates open.

She fell to her knees, weakly trying to push them still. Shinku walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Without looking back, Kyuna asked, "Was I too weak for him as well, M'Lord?"

Shinku blinked.

"What do you mean, Kyuna-chan?" he asked.

Kyuna put her hands on her knees.

"I don't know who my mother or father is…Master….Obochi-san said that someone left a note on me saying I was too weak for them."

Shinku smiled at her slightly. He knelt down and embraced her. She blinked and stared at him, her face reddening softly.

"Kyuna…," he whispered, "You're more special than you know…You'll see very soon…I promise, sweetie."

He moved and kissed her head. Kyuna's face darkened more. He stood up, helping her up.

"Come on, Kyuna," he said, taking her hand. "Let's show you to our room."

"M-My room?" Kyuna asked as Shinku gently pulled her towards the castle.

"Yes of course," he said, "You've lived as a servant all your life. I let my servants go free after a specific period of time."

"B-But all those servants act as though they've been with you for-"

"Many years?" Shinku asked. "Yes they have. They choose to stay. I offer to pay them but they reject my money."

Shinku chuckled.

"Rina said it's my personality that keeps them here. Maybe that is it. I just think its devotion."

Kyuna stared at him, wondering.

"L-Lord Shinku…," she asked quietly, "I-If you do not mind me asking…well there's no way a human can live for a thousand years…so…what exactly are you?"

Shinku stopped and Kyuna half expected him to slap her. Instead, he turned to her and smiled. Kyuna's eyes widened slightly as she saw his canine teeth were so much longer than normal.

Shinku smiled more, revealing his canines more.

"I'm special…," he said, "Just like you."

Ok I think this is a better beginning then the last one. Anyway, this will be rated M for lemony future chapters. I think the next one will be based on either one or a couple months later. I'm thinking of putting lemon in the next chapter. It might be quick, but this story is sorta a prologue. I will be continuing it in the future. :D I hope anyone who reads this will continue!