Emily walked into her office, greeting her friends and co-workers as she closed the door behind her. She rested her forehead on to the door, and breathed deeply. She hadn't had her coffee that morning, considering she had ran away from the guy with the brown eyes and was too scared to go back to the coffee shop. She went and sat down behind her desk and called Steve, her assistant, with her phone.

"Hey, Steve. Do you think you could get me some coffee? I had a slight... accident this morning." As soon as she heard him agree, she ended the call. The incident happened five years ago, but it still haunted her every second of every day. She was scared of every man and every boy there was. Only a few had passed her good graces and managed to earn her trust. Like Steve. Not only was he trustworthy and loyal, but he was an amazing friend. He was the one person she could go to when awful things happened. Other than him, Maria, and Helen, Emily had no friends. She didn't trust anyone and never went out anymore. The one time she had agreed to have some fun, it ended up in hell. As for Sasha, Emily didn't talk with her anymore. Emily knew it wasn't Sasha's fault, but deep down, she just needed someone to blame. If she hadn't started dancing with him, if she hadn't met him in the first place, none of this would have happened. Emily would have been normal. She wouldn't jump at every sound, she wouldn't run away from every man, and she would have fallen in love with someone, anyone. But now, she would never fall in love with a man again. They were all low-life scoundrels, except for the fair few that had good hearts and were kind and gentle.

There was a soft knock at her door. Everyone at work knew how paranoid and jumpy she was, so they were all quiet and gentle around her. The doorknob twisted and Steve walked in. With him came the wonderful aroma of her coffee.

"Good morning," Steve smiled at her as he handed her her coffee.

"Oh, thank you! Your an angel," Emily said as she hungrily drank the scalding coffee.

"Want to tell me what happened?" Steve asked, concerned, as he rested a hip on her desk.

"The usual. He came too close to me and I got scared, so I ran. Too bad it was right in front of the coffee shop."

"You know you got to deal with it all sometime." Steve looked at her.

"Sometime for me will be never. How am I supposed to deal with something like this?"

"You talk to a counselor, you learn to trust, you find a man who can take care of you." He grinned at her.

"We've had this conversation hundreds of times, Steve. When are you ever going to understand that I just can't do that? It's too hard for me!"

She was beginning to regret asking him for her coffee. He always started this argument and he always lost in the end. She would never be able to deal with this. Not even if she sent the man to jail.

"Can't you try?"

"No! I can't! Now get out of here before I fire your ass," She snapped. He grinned at her again because he knew she would never fire him. He was the only guy in her life and if he was gone, she'd be doomed. He skipped out of her room and she sat back in her chair, drinking. She knew he was right. She should deal with it and just let it all go. As much as she wanted to, she just couldn't.

That night, Emily decided to take a detour through the park. For the past week she had been walking to work, and going through the park every night while walking home. It was especially cold that night. She could see the air blowing out of her mouth. She was walking along the lake, when a golden retriever, it's fur the colour of honey, ran up to her. She smiled and bent down to pet him. She had always had a soft spot for dogs.
"Why, hello. Your a pretty friendly dog aren't you?" He started licking her face and she laughed.

"He likes you," A deep, silky voice said. Emily's alarmed eyes shot up. From where she was crouching, he looked like a giant. She stood up, more to get ready for running, then to see what he looked like. But she was in for a shock. He was tall. Much taller than any other guy she had ever seen. He had beautiful, silky brown hair that hung past his ears, and almost reached his shoulders. He had a chiseled face, with a straight, sharp nose and lips that were to die for. But his eyes, his eyes were what drew her to him. His eyes were a gorgeous blue, that reminded her of the ocean at night. His lips were cocked in a crooked smile, as he gazed down on her. She realized she was staring at him.

"I've never seen Harley take to someone like that before." She couldn't form any words. She was scared out of her mind but something wanted her to stay right here. He was just so big. The width of his shoulders were almost twice the size of hers! He had big, muscular arms that were visible through his shirt. He was holding his jacket in the crook of his arm.

"I, I, uh.." She couldn't form any proper words. Harley jumped on her, wagging his tail and his tongue at her.

"Whoa, calm down, boy." The man warned.

"No, no. I-it's okay." She bent down again and petted Harley. This was familiar ground. He had warm, black eyes and she couldn't resist petting him a few more times. He barked and she nearly fell back.

"Don't worry, he wouldn't hurt a soul," The man said. "I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Tristan." Tristan. It was such an old fashioned name but somehow it suited him perfectly. She straightened herself up again and wiped her sweaty hands on her skirt.
"I.. um. M-my name is.." She was making such a fool of herself and she didn't know why she cared. For all she knew, he could be just like the guy who raped her. "I'm Emily." She finally managed to say.

"Nice to meet you, Emily," Tristan said, grinning at her. Harley barked again. "I think he's happy we met you, too."

"Yeah. I, um. I have to go!" And with all the grace she could muster up, she ran past him in her 3 inch heels, only managing to trip once.

Tristan and Harley stared after Emily. She was a strange lady, but she was a pretty one. She had short, curly blonde hair that rested just below her ears with bangs that swept to the side. Her eyes were a deep green that for some strange reason, reminded him of his parent's flower garden. She barely reached his shoulder but it didn't matter. Not many girls did. She was small and had plump lips that were just waiting to be kissed.

He had decided to take this path tonight to give Harley a little diversity but now he was so glad he did. He was already planning to walk this path again tomorrow.