You want what I want and I don't want what you got.
You said I have everything and you have nothing.
I said everything I have you never cared about.
It's freezing in the house so you open the window again.
I told you its over and you reminded me I'm stuck.
I smiled in mocking sarcasm and antagonized frustration
You turned around and walked outside for a cigarette.
I know this is going to be my moment of truest regret.
Grabbing all the toothpaste I could find in the house.
I lined all the pockets of your pants with minty mush.
And laughed sadistically as I went back to the kitchen.
To do the dishes you refused to do again…and again.
But that's ok this time 'cause we are even…yes we are.
And I will go and play my computer game and hide away.
Waiting for the maddening screams from down the hall.
Until you finally realize what I have known for so long.
That despite we share the same air we don't get along.