The Changelings of Syre

In the country of Syre, a race of fantastic beings secretly exists than can shift from man to beast. Tales have been told of their fantasy, and warnings have been whispered of their danger. No one person is safe from should a changeling see you as their prey. But there are some who desire to cage such creatures; to use them for purposes beyond evil. These are the stories of such beasts, the women they have chosen as their mates, and their fight for survival.

Chapter One: The Dragon Prince
Miranda Haines began working at the palace simply to save her family's home, never expecting to earn more than her keep. So when the young shepherdess encounters a great beast on her way home one evening, she has no idea he is the prince of a race of mythical creatures only spoken of in warning. He haunts her dreams, and her skin tingles from his touch. It is that encounter that will ultimately lead her to the paramount of ecstasy…and bring about the change of a country.

Chapter Two: The Idle Beast
After the disappearance of her friend Miranda, Sophie storms into the castle in search of her, only to be charmed, tricked, and trapped by the Captain of the Guard. At first, she is furious with him. But after time, she begins to see that there is something more beneath the haughty, mischievous exterior he wears. So what exactly is he? Why is he so different from the others? And who is the woman that turned him into who he is now?

Chapter Three: The Hunter's Game -
Reule has been a royal huntsman under the command of the Crown Prince since he struck his first bullseye. After the escape of poachers who have been trespassing on palace grounds, he finds a young foreign woman whose scent is undeniably exotic. Under his gentle hand, he nurses her back to health, and in addition earns her trust. Can she help him solve the mysterious occurrences happening to Changelings, or will her vicious nightmares be the end of them both?

Chapter Four: The Colonel's Battle –
Colonel Phavian Merasa Brighilde is known among his men for his cunning, his ruthlessness, and his wisdom in battle, as well as being one of the youngest men to ever be granted the title of colonel. Since he discovered the young changeling boy Saphiri, his ability to overcome the toughest of enemies has grown beyond that which anyone can imagine. So what is a well respected, well trained warrior to do when he begins to find himself attracted to the very boy who is the reason for his invincibility—give up, or give in? Things could only get more confusing from there! On second thought…Does Saphiri know something Phavian doesn't? He is rather pretty for a boy…

Chapter Five: The Forbidden Song -
As a royal huntsman in the King's Forest, Layl is known for his keen eye and sharp shooting archery skills. Outside of the forest, however, he's known far and wide for his skill with a lute and his voice as a bard, with plenty a rumor spread about his "magic fingers." When the crown prince sends him on a secret mission in disguise, he's well aware of the repercussions should he get caught. After all, where would the fun be with a little risk involved? What he's not prepared for is to fall prey to the dangerous and beautiful King of Thieves, herself, Vasya Iyaroak. But as he learns things about her even she didn't know about herself, he begins to realize something... even a master thief can get caught.
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Originally, I'd first published TDP and TIB as separate stories, but after further thought (translation: I couldn't sleep), I decided that it would be better for the readers and myself if I just combined it into one format. Updating would be easier, as well as following the storyline. Readers wouldn't have to search around for which chapter came for or anything ridiculous like that. You've all been so wonderful to me that I wanted to do something to make enjoying my stories a little bit easier.

This page will be a synopses page for each of the following stories; similar to a table of contents. I will update as each story gets published.