Dear Readers,

Words cannot express the frustration and anger at myself for leaving so many of you hanging on an edge.

When I began this story, I was in a different place in my life. Almost five years have gone by and so much has happened. I've gotten married, suffered some great losses, finished one degree to begin another, and moved overseas. Throughout all of that, I have always kept this story dear to me, and while you implore me to finish what I have already published, I have selfishly hid in the shadows, rewriting and revising this story so many times that now the characters you know are archaic scribbling's of an extinct plot.

So I cannot, with honesty, finished what is written. To do so would be to cheat you of what the characters you love (and have yet to meet) have grown to become. That's why, as of a week from the posting of this author's note, I will have removed all chapters other than the first chapter of The Dragon Prince.

The story of Dantes and Miranda is the beginning of saga of history, war, and survival. To know that you have come to love Meirion and Sophie, Reule and Adara, Phavian and Sapphiri as much as I have brings tears to my eyes. To think you have yet to met Layl and Vasya, Delane and Adara, Lynea and Elhric gives me chills and makes me giddy (and Kaphka… Oh, lord, you haven't met Kapka.).

I ask that you bear with me in the remaining months. Changelings has grown into something more than a few short stories connected by lascivious details. And this a journey I hope you will continue with me on.

Please look forward to a new adventure with the Changelings of Syre in 2013.

With All My Love,
V. A. Riley