Never Be Mine

I was recovering from a broken past

My mind was still unstable

And emotions tremble and were fragile

That's the faithful day of meeting you

I thought I wouldn't feel anything

Friendship, only friendship but no

There's something

Started growing inside this heart

I felt that you've been mending it

Caressing and making it beat again

All along as we talked and chatted.


I knew trusting someone over the net is unlikely

But I did

Because safety and contentment was what I felt

For as if I knew you for so long.

I never doubted you

Not even once

And told you my secrets

My likes, hates, and problems

Almost everything about me, you knew it

And I wasn't hesitant.


Physical attraction was out of the question

Admiration was totally in

You were my ideal guy

a man of God and of the church

Caring, passionate and an optimist

And when you love,

You said that you fully make her feel it.

I wished that I'll be that lucky girl.

I just wished the impossible.


And as time passed

I realized that I've been thinking about you

Almost everyday

Every hour

Every minute

I couldn't get you out of my head.

My anticipations for your messages were obvious

And the goofy smile on my face couldn't be hidden

I knew too well what these mean

I knew…


That I was falling for you

So fast that I could feel my heart beat on my ears

The way you flattered me

Created butterflies on my stomach

The inspiring quotes you sent

Were kept and saved on my laptop

I was anxious on what words would leave your lips

And wondered what'll be like

To see you face to face

Scrutinizing your every move

And staring at your eyes


But I also knew too well

That I should stop myself

I learned from experience

That someone like you

A guy who is near to perfection in my eyes

A one in a million

And even if this sounds cliché,

'The boy who makes my day complete'

He's out of my league

And even if I'll wait for forever

He'll not and will never be mine.

By: EsiuoL

A/N: Waaaaaa! The poem explains it all. I just don't know what to do anymore. T_T Sigh.. Anyway, your views and comments are accepted. Have a nice day!