Air and Fire

They are walking, they are are happy, there is life and there is joy

Hand in hand with strides unfolding, love and laughter are their toys.

He can fly and fuel her fire, she can warm and mold his rain;

He is light with her desire, she is one with his domain.

I can see their lives unfolding, day by day and year by year,

I can draw their maze of feelings, sigh by sigh and tear by tear;

I can sing of their beginnings, I can wish they'll meet no end -

I can see the thread unfolding and wait for the two to blend.

Far too soon they've met their swan songs, tragedy captures the stage -

She is still a brimstone daemon, he is yet an airy sage

And the lakes and lands conspire - cast her in unyielding ice -

Far too long she's roamed in Maya - the three Fates have cast the dice.

He is falling, she is frozen in the Earth's cold, molten core

Tongues of ice spiral around her, crackling with a glassy roar

He is silent, she is screaming, I can only hear the song

Of the clouds' severed members, of the ice growing oblong.

I can see him making gestures, stumbling in the endless skies

Beckon'ing rain and hail and thunder with his mind's lunatic cries

I can feel her former fire douse and simmer into ashes

She is ice and she is mortal, [a] girl adorned with ritual gashes.

Nevermore shall air and fire come together in this age.

Nevermore shall flight and fancy join their hands and take the stage.

For her fire was unbridled, raging primitive desire

And his air was rich in shadows, shades of onyx and sapphire.