Life is Full of Shit

School had ended for the day so I walked out of the room and towards Ellie's locker. I was meeting her there so I could drive her home. I walked slowly, dreading the fact that I would have to tell her that yet again I had a new girlfriend. All because I got drunk at a party. Again. Deep breaths, I told myself, she wouldn't be too mad as long as I didn't get the girl pregnant. And I am taking responsibility for having a one-night stand at a party by turning it into a relationship. It'll be all right.

I quietly continued down the hall. Jenna, the slut queen, and her friends, lead slut wanna-bees, all smiled at me. I smiled back. I looked around to see who was with who. There were no new couples, surprising after there being a party last night. I finally made it to Ellie's locker. She wasn't there. And so I waited. One minute, two minutes, three minutes gone. Ten minutes later, Ellie finally arrived at her locker. Tears were silently slipping down her cheeks, ruining the small amount of make-up she applied and creating a mask that was less angelic than she usually looked like. Plastered on her face was a fake grin, a bigger grin than she would ever wear.

"Don't ask me what's wrong. Nothing's wrong. Nothing at all. Only an idiot would cry over that ass and since I'm not an idiot, I'm not crying," she boldly declared, although I could detect a quiver in her voice.

"Ok, Ellie. Whatever you want. Just get your stuff and we'll go, ok?"

"Fine, James. And stop treating me like I'm made of glass! I'm not going to break down crying any time soon."

She opened her locker door and slowly pulled at her back-pack and that night's homework. She stopped when her hand picked up The Picture. The Picture of her, Michael, Emmie, Lindsey, and I at the beach, Emmie was building a sand castle with a huge smile plastered across her face, Michael had been talking on that phone with someone, making plans for that night, Lindsey, a previous girlfriend of mine who had been obsessed with photography, had taken the picture of us. And I had been chasing after Ellie across the sand, playfully threatening to throw her into the ocean if I caught her. Which I did, eventually, and I pretended to drop her in the water, and she clung to me tightly in a way that a scared girl clung to her boyfriend, the way I wanted her to because I had realized I loved her.

She turned to me, and I realized that her eyes were bloodshot, and I hadn't noticed earlier. The fake grin that she had plastered on her face previously was gone, now replaced by a quivering smile. She collapsed into my arms, her head buried into my shoulder, and I could feel her body shake with every sob that escaped.

"Hey, it's okay," I said, trying to comfort her, "It's all right Ellie. I'm here for you and I'm never going to leave or let you go. In fact, you'll probably get sick of me. Alright?"

I stroked her hair in soothing strokes with my hand that wasn't holding her up against me. Her hair was soft as rose petals, and smelled faintly like the morning sun, a mix of happiness and love. Her sobs became quieter and came less often, and eventually she was just laying her head on my chest, her breathing in time with mine.

"Michael broke up with me, James. I'm sorry you had to see me like this. I mean, I swear, I'm usually so strong. But he broke up with me because he... he said he liked this girl that he had been cheating on me with better. And the girl was Lindsey, of all people. I'm so sorry that I couldn't be strong enough to not let you see me this way I-"

"It's ok, Ellie. It's not your fault. Michael's an ass and you deserve somebody better," I said, silently adding the words like me in my head.

She tilted her head up to look at me, and stared into my eyes, trying to decide whether or not I was lying. She knew that Michael was one of my friends, and probably didn't believe me. But that was ok. For the time being, she was here in my arms, even if it wasn't for the reasons that I would have wanted her there for.

I pulled her into another hug, and held her close, the way I would hold her if she was mine. I finally let her go, and put my hands on her shoulders so I could look her in the eyes.

"So are you going to be ok now?" I asked, with sincerity that I usually didn't have in my voice.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," she said, "I'm so glad that I have you to look out for me. Of course, it would be better if you weren't such an ass at times."

"Thanks, I love you too," I said with sarcasm dripping from my voice, the sarcasm being the only thing that made it so she wouldn't notice that I really did love her.

"The feeling is mutual, loser. Now let's go get your car, Mr. I'm-so-hilarious. I'm just dying to get away from that bastard and that slut."

I picked up her book bag and grabbed her hand, for reasons that she didn't know, leading her towards the school's front door. It was raining outside, but that was ok. I set down her bag and picked up her small body, spinning her through the air. We danced in the rain, becoming soaked, and having the time of our lives.

I woke up with a pounding headache, and the dream was forgotten. I softly groaned, realizing that I had thrown an end-of-the-year party last night, and got wasted. I slowly sat up, and surveyed my surroundings. I was in my room, a good and bad thing. Strung around my room were various pieces of clothing. I looked down at the bed, only to see that I was naked.

"Fuck," I said, groaning inside because I knew what must have happened the night before. Oh, I know. You're probably wondering where that nice, sweet guy in the dream went. He's still there. But I only became him when Ellie's sad. I had a reputation to protect.

I looked over to the other side of the bed and saw a hot girl, silently sleeping; her chest moving up and down with each breath of air she would take. The girl, Zabrina, was a quiet and timid nobody. She had drunk a lot at the party last night, and had been a totally different person with alcohol flowing through her veins. It was like another person had taken over her body, making her do things that you would never think that a girl like her would ever do. Another pounding headache rocked my head as soon as I tried to stand up. I finally stood up and walked over into the bathroom. In the mirror, my eyes were bloodshot and my body looked like it was yearning for real sleep. I jumped into the shower and turned the water on.

I cringed when the water hit my body. It was ice cold, as if I wasn't cold enough all ready. The water gradually heated up and washed away all memories of the night before. I slowly washed my body, cleaning away the spots left behind by Zabrina's greedy kisses. The shower was over before I knew it and I had to get out. I turned off the water and grabbed my towel. I slowly dried my body, legs first and then running up my thigh to my…masculine part and above. I wrapped the towel loosely around my hips and re-entered my room in search of my boxers.

I found them on the floor near my door. I let the towel fall to the floor and quickly slipped on the boxers. I quietly crept over to my bed to look at Zabrina. Her long and tangled brown hair framed her heart-shaped face beautifully. She looked almost perfect in her sleep, her head tilted to one side with a small smile on her face. I knew that if she was to open her eyes that her auburn eyes would be shining. I sat down on the bed and leaned in to kiss her, to wake her up. I hesitantly kissed her lips, not sure whether or not I wanted to wake her up. I straightened back up and watched her stir, slowly waking up. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw her look over my body, taking in the view while she could.

"Morning, babe. Did you enjoy last night, or were you too drunk to remember it?" I said with a smirk playing on my lips. She sat straight up, not bothering to cover her uncovered body, and frowned at me.

"I wasn't that drunk," she said while inspecting her nails and pretending to be uninterested, "and since I can remember last night particularly well, I can say that I have had better ones."

The smirk fell of my face, slowly turning itself upside-down. This girl was trying to cross me, to pretend like I was some second-rate nerd instead of a major player. Big mistake on her part.

"Sure baby," I said, trying to convince myself that she was just another nobody, "and school starts in about an hour so I'd be getting dressed now if I was you."

"I'm not anyone's baby so don't call me that. And I'm perfectly well aware of that fact."

She stood up and the sheets fell away from her body. All of her was exposed now and I greedily stared at her while she stood stretching out her muscles. She slowly put on her bra and underwear, knowing that it was tearing me apart the whole time.

"Did you like the view?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"Damn straight," I said, knowing what she was trying to do, "Maybe I should prove to you that I am the best sex you've ever had, right now. What do you say to that?"

I hurried off the bed and raced to her body. I pushed her against the wall and started to kiss her passionately. First, brushing my lips slowly across hers, teasing her just as she had teased me. Tired of my own teasing, I slipped my tongue between her lips and nibbled on her lower lip until she moaned. Satisfied that I had gotten a response so gratifying, I moved my own lips up her jaw and down to her temple, sucking a little on the pressured bump. She groaned, causing me to break off the kiss and stare into her eyes.

They previously amber eyes were now a dark and stormy brown. She suddenly flipped me around and pushed me against the wall. I ran my fingers through her soft hair. She pushed me into the bathroom, onto the cold tile floor and then stood up. I sat up surprised and looked at her. She waved a little and then closed the door on me. She then proceeded to lock me out.

"What the hell," I screamed, "Let me out of here! If you don't let me out, I'm not going to be able to get ready!"

"Tsk. Tsk," she said, mocking my very presence, "I guess Mr. Addison is going to be late again. Too bad. But didn't you know that I only fuck a guy once? Silly boy, you can't change that. I'll let you out when I'm done."

"Fuck you," I screamed with rage over taking my body.

"Give it a break, James. I'll be done before you know it. And I suggest that you don't try to cross me next time - you really do need to work on resisting temptation."

"Annoying bitch," I said in a barely audible tone.

"I know," she said cheerfully, her voice muffled by something, probably her shirt.

I sat against the door frame, my back leaning on the door. I knew that since she was a girl, it could take a while. First, I counted the ceiling tiles. There were 225 almost perfectly square ceiling tiles. Then I counted the floor tiles. There were 196 floor tiles. The floor tiles were slightly smaller in length so there were less of them. I must have been so involved with counting the stupid tiles that I didn't hear her open the door. In fact, I didn't even notice the door was open until my head hit the floor of the room. At that point, I was sprawled across the floor, half-way in the bathroom and half-way out.

"I told you I'd be done soon," she said, a huge smile adorning her face. She was dressed in her clothes from the night before: skin-tight denim jeans, a very revealing scoop-neck baby-blue tank top, silver chained necklace with a charm that says sexy in dark blue hanging from it, a small silver charm bracelet with a variety of charms hanging from it, a dark blue B-cup bra, dark blue thong...sorry. You probably didn't want to know all that. But, I'll just say that she looked exceedingly hot for a girl that pretended to be a naïve little child.

"Yeah. I got to use math in the morning, I was so bored. And with my luck, there's probably an Trigonometry test or something today," I said, pulling myself up and resting against the wall.

"Oh. My. God. You mean, you forgot? Today is The Day. You know, The Day, the day that every junior finds out who they are going to be for the first two months of the summer..."

"Shit," I said with realization ,"And I let myself get wasted and have sex and...well the sex wasn't bad for once. But now I have a headache. And...shit. I was supposed to pick up Ellie this morning to take her to school so she wouldn't be late and...damn it."

"You poor baby. You broke your commitment with your little girl friend. Isn't that so cute," she squealed, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Shut up," I said, "Ellie isn't my girlfriend. And if you're done here, get the fuck out."

"Okay," she said, and skipped over to me.

"That isn't leaving," I growled.

She leaned over close to me; I could feel her breath against my neck. She grinned, liking my discomfort. She slowly came closer, her eyes locked in mine. She softly kissed my lips, the way that someone would kiss somebody for the first time. It was a sweet gesture, trying to create a peace between us, even if she was only doing that to save her reputation. She broke off the kiss and smiled.

"That's what last night should have been like. But I'm not stupid. I know you're in love with whats-her-face, Ellie. You certainly said her name enough. And, you were right, last night was the best," she said with a wink.

She stood up and walked over to the window. She waved a little and then stood up on the ledge. She climbed out the window and I couldn't see her any more. Slightly concerned, I ran over to the window to see her climbing down the drain pipe with expertise. When she got to the ground she started to walk down the street to her car, but quickly turned around like she knew I was watching and waved before continuing on.

I groaned, the stress of everything getting to me. I quickly found a pair of jeans and a shirt and slipped them on. I ran downstairs and entered the kitchen, trying to find something to eat, but my mom found me first.

"You're late for breakfast again. And you had a party last night. You know that I don't care that you have them, as long as you clean up. But you didn't clean up and I was going to have to ground you. But, then again, I decided that since you were going to be working almost all summer long, it didn't matter. There is some toast on the counter. Your backpack is by the front door and is ready to go. The keys are in your car. You'd better hurry up and go," said my mother, in one breath while reading the newspaper. She was already stating her opinion and commanding me of what to do today.

I walked over to the counter and grabbed the piece of toast. I walked back out of the kitchen toward the front door. I picked up my backpack, slung it over the shoulder, and was almost outside the door when my mom screamed something at me.

"What was that?" I yelled.

"Your socks don't match," she yelled back.

I looked down. They looked the same. It was probably just a stupid joke of my mother's that nobody got. I closed the front door and put my stuff in my convertible. I jogged over to the other side of my car and jumped in. I started the car and drove my way to school. I checked my watch.

Three minutes until the bell. I parked my car, grabbed my stuff, climbed out, and ran to the school entrance.

Two minutes until the bell. I ran down the hall to Mr. Denway's classroom, not bothering to put my stuff in my locker. I entered the room and slipped into my seat just as the bell rang. I tried to pay attention, but I slipped into a daydream of what Zabrina had meant.

How did she know that I was in love with Ellie? Was I moaning Ellie's name instead of Zabrina's? Or was I obvious and Ellie simply oblivious. Or did Ellie know and she was just toying with my emotions and making me into a fool in front of everyone...Yes, the school player falls for his quiet and shy best friend who decides to make a spectacle out of him in front of everyone.

"Thank you all for being on time today. Although some of you cut it quite close. I hope that does not happen in the future. It will not look good in front of your senior year teachers. We shall now draw who will be who for your summer jobs at Walt Disney World. You are all very lucky, extremely lucky, to be given these jobs. If you do not like your job, you can quit, but if you do then you will fail your first senior year project and start senior year failing. I would not recommend that to anyone. So don't mess up. On a higher note, you will be choosing your characters today. The characters range from Prince Charming to Captain Hook to Peter Pan and even to the chipmunks Chip and Dale. Any questions? I didn't think so. Good. You will come up, choose your name, state it, and then sit down. We will start with James Addison," commanded Mr. Denway.

She couldn't really be that oblivious to me. I mean, she's the only person that I care about at the school. Oh, sure, I fuck a ton of other girls but I do it to keep my mind off her. I really don't mean to do it. Just like the fact that I compare every girl I ever look at to her lovely figure, her gorgeous hair, her radiant smile, her soft lips (not that I would know), her modesty, her everything. I can't help it.

"James. James. Mr. Addison get up here now."

My day dream collapsed as my attention turned forward again. Right. It was my turn to choose. I stood up and walked to the front of the room. Mr. Denway nodded his head at me and I stuck my hand in the hat that had the character names scrawled on pieces of paper. I pulled out a small, folded slip. I unfolded it slowly, for some reason being scared that I would get something awful. I read the small computer-generated print. Prince Charming.

"It says Prince Charming. Can I sit down now?" I asked.

"Yes. Go ahead. Thank you for finally listening. Now could I have Alex Butte..."

I slipped back into my seat and starred at the paper. Prince Charming. Of all the conceited people that I had to get…but what if Ellie got Cinderella. Oh, I know. It's just a stupid idea. But if she was…I'd get to kiss her everyday. And she wouldn't have to know just yet. Mr. Denway continued down the list, different people getting different characters. My little fantasy continued on in my head; Ellie eventually finding out, Ellie falling in love with me, Ellie not caring that I'd been a player and loving me anyway...all stupid fantasies.

Damn, I've got to stop those. They aren't going to happen. No how, No way, Never. Anyway, I was sure that some fantastic girl would be Cinderella. In fact, any girl other than Jenna, the Slut Queen who thinks that I want to be her play toy - I mean her boyfriend, would be great at the role. So I guess it wouldn't be too bad.

"Everyone is dismissed to go receive their packets and look over their important information. I suggest that you read over all of the information tonight. Since tomorrow is your last day of school, you will meet with your partner and talk about your roles. The girls do not know about this so I suggest that you tell them. That is all. You are dismissed," Mr. Denway's voice boomed, cutting into my thoughts.

I collected my thoughts and slowly stood up. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder, while walking towards the front of the room. I walked out of the classroom and walked to the table of teachers stationed near the entrance to the school so I could pick up my packet of information. I slipped into the already forming crowd of juniors that were streaming towards the tables.

Here's the good thing about going to a small high school that nobody knows that it exists : there's only about 100 kids in your grade, 50 boys and 50 girls, so if you have a party, its a LOT easier to clean the house afterwards. And you don't have to pay the maids afterwards if you're rich enough for maids, which most of us are.

Anyways, I made my way over to the table. The senior English and literature teacher, Ms. Fairy (like the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio. But her first name is Sky...close enough) , was handing out the packets for guys whose names started with Prince, such as Prince Eric, Prince Phillip, the Prince from Snow White who we just called Prince, and, of course, me, Prince Charming. I made my way over to her section.

"Hello James. What Prince are you?" Ms. Fairy asked. You're probably wondering how she knew my name. Well, being one of the school's well-known players, most of the teachers knew my name and face, even if they hadn't had me on detention duty yet...

"Prince Charming. Can you tell me the lucky girl that I get to woo, or do I have to look myself?" I responded in question form, already knowing what the answer to my question would be.

"Hmmm...let me I remember...I can't tell you. Sorry. And excellent use of verbs, Mr. Addison. Although..." she answered.

"Yes, Ms. Fairy?"

"I'm pretty sure that if, and there is a big if, you decide to try to woo the girl that is your partner, there may be big trouble in the romance and the friendship department. But never mind that now. Here's your packet. Enjoy the summer and please, don't break El-I mean every girl's heart when you meet them by saying that your gay...that will NOT be good. Good luck this summer," she said, handing me my packet with a gleam in her eyes.

"Will do, Ms. Fairy. Au revoir. I promise I won't break too many hearts," I responded, taking the packet.

I waved good bye and continued down the hall, opening the packet as I went. I saw Ellie get her packet and then go to her locker to get something - probably a jacket or a hoodie knowing how cold she gets even when it is over 100 degrees outside. I lifted out the computer-generated information packet and skimmed over the first page, searching for the name of my partner. Cinderella is Ellie. Okay. Nothing bi - wait. Ellie is my Cinderella? Maybe she hasn't opened her packet yet.

I sneaked over to a dark spot behind some lockers, to watch Ellie get her stuff. She was walking towards the entrance of the school and reaching into her packet at the same she's reading over the first page, probably memorizing everything by heart. And then she stopped walking. She was just standing there, staring at the packet with her mouth hanging open. She must have read my name, the name of her partner, and started staring in shock.

She probably doesn't want to be my partner. God, what did I ever do to not deserve her liking me that way. I never did anything! Did I? Damn it, I probably did. And she doesn't like me. This is definitely going to be a fun summer. Note my sarcasm. Shit.

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