N/A:This is a little old. I wrote this a while back and posted it up as a blog on my MySpace. It was originally sopposed to be kind of a song but it seems more like a poem. But I'm not sure. My friends liked it. I hope you can give me feedback. Tell me what you think. Flames are welcome.

Carbon Copy

Carbon Copies bottling perfection for deception shouting: "Scream me something beautiful" to the boy who could care less. You ask for a lullaby; he gives you despair. Leaving you nightmares in your sleep of someone discovering that you fake it like you're real. Like they love you. The real you. But honey, there is no such thing.

You're wearing your lies like a new skin exposed to their sneers and catcalls. You take it with an artificial smile because you just crave the attention, the spotlight that will never be truly yours.

Come on darling, show them who you really are. Does she even exist? I thought not.

You wear your betrayal like a crown for everyone to see and mock. Asking your sham friends to "Color me Pretty" as if that'll help. Hiding behind your make-up like a mask, a concealer that desperately needs to be wiped off just like that smirk on your face because we all know you have no idea what you are saying.

You look ridiculous in this world you think is perfect. Nothing is what it seems.