Chapter 1: Nina finds John

This is my own story. These are my own characters. Enjoy!

At some point, a young man named John Thomson was abducted by strange aliens in the form of exotic women. These female humanoids took a particular interest in him and decided to make him fat. These aliens are a dominant race called the 'Domintradox.' Their species are strictly all female. They hold men in low regard and only use them when the time is right for breeding. Apparently there was an issue that led to whether men in general, are simply able to satisfy them longer. Eventually they were disappointment from the result of the men's failure to satisfy them and instead led them to their hatred of all men all over the galaxy. They began hunting them down and experimented on them for reasons being to figure out what made men so impotent.

When they realized what they were doing labeled them as conquerers and destroyers of worlds, the Domintradox wondered what or who may take them down. The answer arrived soon after, a prophecy. The prophecy suggested that an overweight male will save Earth. Capturing him, they have gained access to Earth because of his DNA which they have attained easily. They believe that an overweight male would not have the energy to do what needs to be done to save the earth especially one such as John Thomson: too innocent and too shy. They believe a fat male will never be a threat to them.


"Are we at Earth yet?" A female humanoid said to her comrade.

"We will arrive in three hours." After a long pause she turned to her. "Why are we doing this prophecy? You understand that doing this will cause him…" Her comrade said with contempt. "to destroy us?"

"Do you truly believe in prophecies? Because I do not." The woman said. "I am simply allowing this because it will be amusing after we destroy much of Earth. A young man who can turn out to be big and sluggish will be no threat. Not one who is so innocent. I am doing this so that once we prove the prophecy wrong…no one can stop us."

Several of the alien women went to earth capturing all the men so that they can experiment on them for their own purposes. Afterwards they try to exterminate the human women for they saw them as a threat. For years, the alien women have attacked Earth's cities with spaceships firing lasers at Earth's cities. Few women have fought back but sooner or later they realize they may be outnumbered. The leader of the alien clan has stated humorously to the remaining women.

"Do not worry a young obese man will help you in defeating us!" she said mockingly and laughed. The women on Earth did not understand what she meant by that and merely worried on surviving. It has been three years and the Earth is now a salvage wasteland. Today a young woman on Earth named Nina Evans struggles to survive and makes her way in a dune buggy. She will soon stumble upon fat 21 year old John Arthur who has been sent back to Earth, not knowing what has happened to it.


Earth had a red sky. The sun's heat somehow made it that way. The light showed very clearly how buildings all over the world were decaying and deteriorated. Blast points were everywhere. Cars with charcoal prints were constant. Fire billowed everywhere in the streets. Cities were overcome with laser blasts coming from the sky throughout the day, everyday. Women had no choice but to seek places of isolation. Deserts were on of them.

Nina was a 25 year old brunette. She was driving along a desert and came back from working out in her apartment. Two years ago she was part of a resistance group which was annihilated easily. She survived fortunately and today she lives alone. She is classified as a warrior as it so aptly reveals on the left side of her dune buggy she was driving. Nina was an interesting person as she thought about it. She grew up during the war and tried to survive as best she could. Besides the Domintradox which had them shooting laser beams randomly everywhere from space, space pirates, other aliens from different races came to wreak havoc on Earth.


Nina woke up in what appeared to be an escape pod. She looked confused and tried to shake off the disorientation. Eventually she looked up into the sky and realized she was back on Earth. Nina had escaped the Domintradox…somehow.

She began to walk in a random direction. Contacting someone was a good idea if not for the phone lines being down. Wi-Fi was dead basically. Technology no longer existed.

Nina began to tired and soon came across a large building. She took refuge immediately and went to get supplies. She was walking through a kitchen she found, when she felt being tossed around.

Nina looked around and saw a bald green alien women looking at her.

"Who are you?"

"Just a friendly visitor." The alien began to hit her and surprisingly Nina fought back. She had somehow become fast and blocked the creature's moves effortlessly. She paid it no mind at the time and eventually the creature was overpowered. The creature laid on the ground with Nina holding her down.

"Why are you here?"

"Because we can. We came to steal…and as long as you have no males on this planet. You cannot save this planet!" she then laughed maniacally. Nina twisted her neck and killed her. She still had no idea what the alien meant.

As she drove, her hair blew by the wind which irritated her. It was sunny and hot and already she was beginning to be edgy. "Another day in paradise." she murmured at the sights around her. She was disappointed at the destroyed cities and debris everywhere she drove.

The outfit she was wearing was a very intimidating, yet very skimpy outfit which included two thick straps: one below her big breasts (above her firm abdomen) tied around to her back and one below her navel with a belt and chains supporting it from her hips. Basically her midriff was extremely noticeable. Two other black straps wrapped around each thigh and had holsters in each one for carrying a small gun. Two thin straps came down from her weird looking neckband she wore, covering only her nipples and were attached to the thick strap below her breasts, apparently showing her impressive cleavage. She wore heavy shoulder pads with ridges down to her elbows and black leather gloves that went up near her elbows. She did manage to wear a black thong underneath. This woman was heavily tanned, a bit on the athletic side but extremely erotic nonetheless. Her costume made her look like a beautiful heroine.

Nina made her way in a desert where she stopped at a destroyed store where she came to pick up supplies. She came back out with two boxes of food and put them in the back of her vehicle. She then put her AK-47 rifle she had on behind her and put it beside the supplies. She then had to fix her problem that was irritating her. She kept fidgeting with her straps that covered her nipples. Apparently her breasts had gotten a little bit bigger and they had made her uncomfortable. Every time Nina ran or jogged, her breasts would come out. She shook her head in frustration and tightened the strap on her back tighter.

She was about to get back in her dune buggy when a burst of bright light emerged behind her. Nina turned around on alert and saw wind coming from the store's doorway. The light then went away. She instinctively grabbed her rifle. "What the fuck?" With both hands, she went to the store where the light and sound originated and slowly went near the door and paused for a moment by the wall. Taking a deep breath, she then quickly made her way in to start firing when she suddenly reconsidered that option. She didn't fire because she was looking at a young out of shaped man lying down on the ground! The guy looked young, a bit obese, with short black hair. He wore a soft white cotton shirt and black pants. "He's a guy?!" She said out loud and looked at him closer. He looked as if he was sleeping. There was a small rectangular shaped object on top of his belly. Nina slowly made her way over to the object rather reluctantly. Suddenly the object revealed a glowing screen as soon as she picked it up. It had a message.


The screen then turned dark. Nina frowned and looked uneasy. She sighed and began to drag the seemingly heavy, unconscious man outside.