Chapter 2: The Guest

Eventually Nina took him to an abandoned warehouse in the northern part of the desert where she lived with several other survivors for the past three and a half years. The warehouse was very large, the size of a mall. Upstairs were apartments and each girl lived in her own. She also kept in touch with other women around the world. Nina would sometimes go and help them out for the right type of money. Nina had always thought of herself as a mercenary, an anti-hero. The lower level of the warehouse was dilapidated and looked as if it might fall apart at any minute. There was a workout area where exercise machines were stationed in rows. She tried to keep fit despite some parts of the body she couldn't firm up like her breasts and butt. The warehouse was hot, dusty and dark but it was home. Her friends were going to be very surprised with what she brought back.

As Nina approached the gate to the warehouse, there was a woman standing by it wearing an apprehensive look on her face. She stopped the vehicle immediately and walked towards her. The woman seemed to be Nina's age and because the day was hot, she had her brown hair in a ponytail and her skin glowed with sweat. She wore a tight pink crop top. She was of the curvaceous type and it showed on her fit midriff. The woman looked ahead and saw the young round man in Nina's vehicle and sighed. "Is that him?" She asked marvelous. Nina had called her on her cell phone about him.

"Yeah. I take it you told all of the girls?'

"Well what do you expect? It's not everyday that a man comes to our doorstep." The woman said.

"Take it easy Jen. I think he may be the one that alien bitch told us a couple of years ago." Nina said eagerly to her friend.

"That's a pretty big leap." Jen said but seemed to consider it. "I mean look at him! He's a bit on the chunky side."

"And believe me…he needs to be chunkier." Nina added.

"What?" Jen asked bewildered.

Nina showed Jen the silver screen where the words rolled along. THIS MAN MUST GAIN 100 POUNDS! FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE REVEALED TO YOU SOON. She explained to Jen that the female humanoids want them to make him obese.

"He's supposed to be fatter? That doesn't make any sense!" she told her.

"What is anymore?" Nina asked looking around. After a pause, Nina said. "I think we need to help him."

Jen shook her head. She looked down perplexed. She finally looked back at Nina impatiently. "Fine. So can we go inside now? It's really fucking hot."

Nina nodded and quickly said "Help me with him. We'll put him in my room in the apartment complex." Nina grabbed the man's arm and put it around her while Jen did the same. They walked gritting their teeth at the amount of weight bearing down at them dragging the man. "Holy crap, he's heavy!" Jen complained.

As they got to the door and opened it, they were greeted by a large crowd of scantily clad women looking desperate. As Nina predicted, the women looked at the newcomer in shock. They seemed eager to see the man for some reason. They stared in awe as Nina and Jen brought him in wearing exhaustive looks. "Back away please!" Nina said to them. They backed off and gave them some room so they could pass through. Jen rolled her eyes as the women gasped and whispered among themselves. She did understood that none of them have ever seen a man in a long time. "He's huge!" someone said. Also, Jen thought, Why does he need to be fat? Are those female humanoids up to something?

Nina was thinking similar to Jen. 'This man is supposed to be our fat savior?' she thought skeptically. Dragging him to her room, Jen and Nina put him on the bed. Sighing and breathing heavily, they were satisfied not to carry him anymore. "So what do we do when he wakes up?" Nina looked at her as if she had a point. "Because he will..." Jen continued. "How are we going to explain everything to him?" she asked her a bit concerned.

"I'll take care of it. In the meantime..." Nina cleared her throat as she continued. She looked at Jen. "Get a couple of women and tell them to hit every store in the state to get large quantities of food. Go to GNC to get some weight gain products as well." she said desperately.

"I am amazed you are thinking fast." Jen frowned.

"Well I'm assuming they want us to do this fast. Maybe once he's done gaining this weigh, questions will be answered." Nina said.

Suddenly there was a large beeping as soon as Nina finished what she was saying. "What is that?" Jen asked. Nina looked down at her holster. It was the small silver screen. Each beeping was accompanied by a repetitious flash coming from the screen. Nina grabbed it from her hip and looked at it. There was a new warning. "YOU HAVE ONE YEAR TO MAKE HIM GET TO THE 300 MARK OR YOUR PLANET WILL BE DESTROYED!" The screen shut off automatically.

Nina looked at Jen in shock. Jen matched her expression and said with a brave face. "I'll gather the girls."

Nodding, Nina said. "Thanks."

Jen then left leaving Nina with the young man. Nina sat next to him and inspected him, looked at him up and down. To her, he looked innocent but handsome regardless. He was also beginning to sweat because of the intense heat. Nina felt some sort of excitement from him and could not figure out why. She went to grab a bucket of cold water and with a chamois cloth and applied it to his forehead and to his cheek. Suddenly the young man began to stir. He was about to wake up. Nina saw as he rubbed his eyes from the glow of the sun coming from the window. He then opened his eyes and looked at Nina with great surprise.