The End Part III

From the tallest building somewhere on Earth, Zeeta-Org looked around at the destruction all around her. Crafts of all kind were constantly firing laser blasts to whatever was at ground level. There were hundreds of thousands of them. Zeeta-Org felt that her desire was soon to be fulfilled. Of course, she savored the satisfaction every time a world fell, this time, without her authority's permission. For that she gave a wicked smile. "Where is John Thomson now?" she asked mockingly. She looked up at what seemed to be a red sky and fleets of her ships controlled by her mind where organizing themselves to find the last stand of survivors. Whatever she will obtain from this will be hers.

In an hour, Zeeta-Org will make certain whether or not, Galbina will dispose of John Thomson. To Zeeta, he has become an annoyance to even think about. The only reason that Zeeta agreed to this plan was because it would make John go off his guard and to make him believe she liked him. But lately, she has her doubts that not all her intentions with him are based solely on deception. Galbina was desperate for interaction with another male. Zeeta-Org had scoffed at the idea that a male like John Thomson was fully able to satisfy Galbina. Now more than ever, if that was the case, she was going to get rid of both, Galbina and John.

"Are you ready?" Galbina asked. She was geared up with a sword and what seemed to be cuff bracelets that could shoot energy-based projectiles.

"Uh…Yeah sure. Ready as I'll ever be!" John claimed a bit nervously. He was wearing a large muumuu that Galbina gave him to cover his entire fat.

"We should be able to settle ourselves in a secluded part of your world." Galbina held onto John's shoulders and closed her eyes in concentration and soon a familiar wind circled around them.

John saw a huge spectacle as he felt himself on familiar ground again. Spaceships of all kind almost covered the Earth's sky. "What the hell?"

"So this is your planet?" Galbina asked frowning as she surveyed the landscape.

"Whoa look!" John motioned to the sky where several drones detached themselves from the group and flew down.

"Come on! We need to hide before they see us!" Galbina whispered and took his hand. They both ran with John huffing and puffing as Galbina took lead. He tried to keep up. John was clearly not as fast as he used to be.

They stood in a large canyon. From both sides, they could see giant rock-based walls. Galbina and John eventually ended up in a cavern. The pathway was narrow and only Galbina went through. John struggled to get in but couldn't.

"Come on push!"

"Why did are these pathways so small?" John asked.

"Unfortunately entrances don't do as you ask, in this case, they don't care about your girth." Galbina sighed and continued on pulling him in.

John finally got in. They sat around a fire and stayed silent for a moment. Galbina spoke. "I have a confession to make." Galbina began.

"What's up?" John groaned as he continued to make himself comfortable.

"Let me first state the Domintradox...these vile invaders of galaxies. They live in a fantasy world, in a mental sense. Everything they think of, they can literally do. In this case, they know how to create destruction well."

"Why was it so difficult to defeat them?"

"Because they are legion. They have unbelievable technology. Together they were unstoppable. But one of them, disregarded that particular notion of an inseparable force and considered herself rogue."

"You're talking about the last one? The one that made me fat?"

"Yes. This all started when men of all kinds of lifeforms in general, could not satisfy women and especially her...sexually." Galbina said reluctantly. "The Domintradox knew this and experimented with an unusual serum at the time...the now lone Domintradox at some point became infected by the serum and it was the very reason she rebelled. The serum was supposed to suppress high sexual appetites that they had. But it worked to an advantage, she rose high in the ranks. The serum gave her unlimited strength which won her many battles but yet she still couldn't convince her elders to do what she really wanted. They did agree however, to kidnap all men in the galaxy to learn their weaknesses for shorter battles. They knew the serum was faulty and it was then they kidnapped two young women a while ago, and injected both with the serum just for their delight. The serum gave the women great beauty and great power. They've also gained different powers of course. The downside was that the serum contained traces of the very same sexual appetites the Domintradox had, hence, great sexual stamina."

"Nina and that other girl who took the bomb out of me!" John realized out loud which startled Galbina.

"You're sure?"

John did not want to hurt Galbina's feelings by saying out loud that he had intercourse with Nina so instead he became creative. "Nina was a great fighter and she did show signs of strength. She was like a super-woman!"

"Then came that prophecy say no more." John added. "But here's the question that's scaring me, how do you know all this?"

"It leads to my confession. I used to be one of them, John. I created the serum."

"What's that on top?" Elise asked. She pointed to a strange, large hole in the ceiling where an energy based light was shining. It was directly below the countless pods on the ground.

"It's a teleportation fan. It's going to send all the men once they're ready to Earth."

"They're heading for Earth? How do you know?" asked Elise.

"I can read metal and technology." the alien answered. "And according to this computer, that's where they're heading. But other than that, it's the only thing I can read."

"We tried everything but we can't open the pod doors. It's almost time. What are we going to do now? We can't free the men." Elise said.

"If we can't access the computers to get them out, we're going with them."

"Are you serious?"

The light above shined as if it answered Elise's call.

"If we're going to do this, we better do it now, it's starting!" Kardina motioned above.

"Each one pick a pod, let's see what happens." Elise yelled at the group.

As each female picked a frozen male, lights and wind began to emerge all around them until they were practically absorbed by the energy. They disappeared leaving only a large 80 acre hanger behind.

A car exploded as an energy blast made contact with it. It was only among many car explosions occuring in the wrecked city they were in. Several women scrambled out of the way from the blast and hid behind other debris. They took cautious looks at the sky where flying drones with minds of their own attacking the city and the women. As another drone dove in to shoot a few rounds of fire, several of the women including one with a rocket launcher fired. The other women fired a few rounds with machine guns.

Hits were made especially the one with the rocket launcher which caused it stop and slowly turned at the direction where the shots were made. A hole in the center of the drone ship began to shine energy light that was powering up. It was about to fire.

"Shoot that!" the young woman cried.

Another shot with the rocket launcher was made and this time it hit the drone's hole causing it to explode tremendously. The remains of the ship dropped. The young woman carefully got up and several other women did the same and looked at the dead ship.

"This is why I love rocket launchers." Suzie said.

"About time you ditched the geek look." one of them had said.

Suzie smiled but her moment was interrupted by a shot of light that came from the sky and several figures materialized. Then hundreds more and then thousands.

"You're one of them?" John asked.

"John, please try and understand...the reason I did this is because I really liked you."

"You just wanted a boy-toy." John shook his head and continued. "I guess I should be used to girls taking advantage of me. Nina as well. But look...if you're really on the right side. Prove it."

"What do you want?" Galbina frowned with worry.

"Fight with me. There's war happening right now. I'm sure you loved a man once and you shared something with him. Avenge his death. That's what some humans would do. I don't care if I'm fat and you're a girl, we're going to turn the tide of it. We're saving this planet and the women."

Eventually they got out of the cave once the drones were away. John told Galbina his plan. It took an hour to convince Galbina but she was sure of it now. John knew that the men would be used in this war. For that, John had to find Zeeta-Org. He had to defeat her. She used the drones as hosts. If they destroy her, the universe would be saved. John had to beat Zeeta. It needed to happen. Galbina had told him that because of her heightened intuition, she knew where the great battle took place. As they made their way on top of a hill, John saw what she meant. Several explosions were hit by drones. The city was far away but John could still see the destruction. John sighed and continued on walking along with Galbina.

As they continued on their way, John and Galbina stopped at the entrance of the city. He looked at a burnt highway sign on the ground but he could still make it out. WELCOME TO NEW YORK. He dropped it and continued moving. He didn't care how much he was breathing heavily. He had to stop this. "I just thought of something, if I was going to start a big Earth battle especially if it was in New York City, there's only one place."

"Where?" Galbina asked.

"Times Square."

Nina rallied the others in Times Square where over thirty drones already met their fates on the ground. With some serious ingenuity, Nina had the idea to use steel wires and run them across from building to building where the drones would hit them without seeing them. She was on one of the hotels in the area. One called the Marriott Hotel was used as a shooting range. Nina used an energy based rifle that she acquired from a space pirate and used it to fire shots from out the window in the room she was in. She ducked as a drone hit the building.

Nina knew it was time for the next phase in her plan: get the last domintradox. She put someone random in charge and got out of the hotel room she was in. As she was in the 34th floor, Nina saw a large distance ahead of her and using the skill of an amazing acrobat jumped.

Outside, John and Nina finally made it to Times Square where a complete mess was seen to them. Debris and women on the ground almost made John cried and for that, he gained the courage to shout to the heavens, "Where you at huh? You bitch! I get what your deal is.." John said as he walked toward where the Duffy statue was. "You think everything is going to go just as you want it right? I'm here to prove you wrong. Why don't you get out here instead of hiding like a coward?"

Galbina then knew it was not a good idea to shout profanities at the Domintradox. "John, you shouldn't have done that."


Suddenly John felt himself thrown to the street where he hit his head on the ground.

"John!" Galbina cried.

"Here I am..." Zeeta-Org replied looking down at John. "Now you wanted to prove me wrong? Well then why is it that I'm still standing here?"

Zeeta then heard gunshots which she evaded quickly and looked at the assailant. It was Galbina whom had picked up a handgun. She tried to fire more but it was empty.

"I'm disappointed in you Galbina. You chose which side?"

"I chose the side!" Galbina shouted.

Zeeta-Org then stabbed her in the abdomen as she threw a sword causing John to scream in anguish. "No!"

She looked back at John on the ground whom tried to get up.

"John Thomson, I don't need to say anything that can be construed as painful monologue, seeing you as you are now, is evidence of what I think of you."

"How about you and I go at it for a bit?" a voice behind her was heard. Zeeta turned and saw the female challenging her now. John saw a glimpse and smiled for one thing was certain, Nina and John were reunited.