Several women all around were looking down at their hurt and debris, trying to ascertain whether or not they were in good condition. But nobody seemed to be paying attention to the two figures in the middle of Times Square. Several friendly alien ships whom participated in the battle, had just left Earth's atmosphere but not before declaring to the women of the Earth. "You are a worthy and promising species."

John did not respond to what Nina had just asked him. She was just so gorgeous. He seemed mesmerized by her eyes. Nina seemed to have given him a mischievous smile in return. He simply embraced her. By John's point of view, his oozing belly seemed to almost swallow Nina as he hugged her.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Nina said looking up at him and raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, look, it's a long story but I'll try and explain right after we get the men back to normal and start rebuilding." John said.

"Already on it." Jen said coming forward to both John and Nina. "We got millions upon millions of men just coming back from God knows where. It's so unreal. Humans will once again go on. The human race will now continue." Jen stated happily before she continued. "As for the mess worldwide, that's going to take some time alright."

"I'll do whatever it takes to help too." John said.

"Starting by getting a new pair of pants…." Nina replied patting at John's belly and gave him a wink, making him blush.

"How about going to a gym? Work off those pounds?" Jen told him. "We could get you in a regimen that can get you back in shape."

"Well…" John said. He was now getting deep in thought about whether or not he should stay fat or get thin. Looking at Nina, he then spoke softly. "Maybe the old me is dead now."

"Let him think about it. For now, let's go home." Nina defended him.

"We are home." John pointed out with a smile.

Nina and the rest of the girls heard the remark as if it was something very surprising. It also caused them to go deep in thought themselves. They seemed to be contemplating something. Their facial expressions indicated happiness with sadness combined. John thought he might have said something wrong and frowned as to what they were truly thinking and as he did he saw for the first time, the sun showing above one of the buildings in the city making it more noticeable than usual. A red sky had turned blue again. Jen went off to see the sun closely.

"Yeah we are, aren't we?" Nina nodded while she laughed.

"Listen does this mean...with everything that just happened, that we're back together again?" John said with a gulp.

Nina narrowed her eyes and gave him a mischievous grin. "I don't know what it is about you. But you have me thinking about you nonstop. You have no idea what I want to do with you."

"Are you trying to make me get a heart attack?" John joked.

"You saved me and you saved the world, that means you get something." Nina said getting back closer to John until their bodies touched.

"T-That is?"

"Lunch." Nina grinned.


Nina then laughed and patted his shoulder in emphasis. John started to laugh for her sake before she spoke fast.

"Making love is tonight." she said now smiling. John then stopped laughing and his face turned serious.

"Are you sure? Because last time we..."

"Oh, I'm sure you got experience now..." Nina said walking along with him and taking his hand. "I just hope you're up for the challenge."

"Oh, come on Nina you don't have to rush..."

"Am I really that much for you to handle?" she teased.

"It's not that. It's just that we're tired aren't we?" John panicked.

"Now now, we both need relief. Besides we're already married." Nina said.


Back at the installation, several women who had come from different areas were packing up and leaving. A few remained behind to repair damages done to nearby places. Computers were being put back to system-working order. Jen, with her glasses gone, was working nonstop at engineering repairs, apparently even the installation was heavily damaged. John was seated uncomfortably in a chair in Nina's room. The table across from him was littered with two open boxes of Haagen-Daz. John had just finished the last scoop when Nina came in. He fidgeted slightly, trying to make himself comfortable. John felt wedged. All his fat spilled out from his hips that were trying desperately to push away the chair handles. Nina was seated at the opposite corner of the room with her thigh on top of her kneecap. She waited for John to speak, apparently he had a lot of questions.

"So..." John grunted in frustration as he was seated. "What is this whole deal about us being married? When did that happen?"

"Well, it's like this...since the government, law enforcement and economy are no longer existing, we had to come up with our own ways of becoming civilized." Nina pointed out.

"I feel like a lot of explanation is underway. You could have told me this half a year ago, when I came back here." John said crossing his arms. "But go on."

"Different ways of living were initiated right away, like who could get this amount of money or amount of food was discussed in an open forum. Long story short, a woman has the right to choose a mate and marry him if she wanted. I did that."

"It doesn't make any sense. There were no men here at the time so how could marriage even be possible?"

"Should men return was when that freedom was acted upon."

"Okay, I'll buy that." John said frowning in confusion. "So when did you make this decision?"

"When we were in bed the last time." Nina answered.

"When you almost 'manhandled' me?" John raised his eyebrows in emphasis.

"Is that what's bothering you? Because believe me, I love you no matter what you do. I don't care if you're ten thousand pounds overweight. But I do have to ask...you look fatter than when I last saw you. How did you gain this much weight?" Nina asked.

John explained to her what happened when he was training with Galbina and how he took it upon himself to get fatter because he felt it was necessary. John was quick to give enough details. He felt it was right that he should defend people of his size and how they can really contribute to the world. An outsider was what he really was.

"So you grew. Figuratively speaking of course." Nina smirked.

"You're serious? It really doesn't bother you?" John asked.

"Of course not, John. I enjoy being around you. You make me feel like a better person."

"Thanks." he smiled.

Standing up now, she spoke. "Alright, now get out of that chair because if you're not losing weight, you're losing that shyness."

"Meaning?" his voice creaked, already knowing what the answer was going to be.

Nina merely gave her mischievous smile and responded while nodded. "This is payback for making me feel like I lost you. It's survival of the fattest!" she pointed laughing.

John was now beginning to sweat and tremble.

On board a dark room in an immense room that consisted of a laboratory was a table with a young woman laying on top of it. The woman's eyes closed indicated her obvious state. She was no longer breathing nor moving.

Elise stood by the door. "I just hope you can see the peace now made." she said silently before she left down to the corridor in back of her.

As soon as she was gone, the body remained docile and unmoving until it rose unexpectedly. Her mouth opened in a gasp, Carmen had a look of shock and fear on her face.


Part II coming very, very soon!