A Twilight Addict's Movie Commentary

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The Cullens

Next thing we know, Edward's making good on his promise to bring Bella to meet the Cullens and they're speeding down a road in the forest in Volvo. I like the overhead camera angle they use up until they arrive in front of the Cullen's house. It gives everything a mysterious look that just works for the movie in general. Of course, if I wanted to get picky, I could complain that they forgot that the Cullen's driveway is more or less a private road off the main road and they didn't show that, but that's more or less a useless bit of information that the movie viewers can live without.

However, I feel that I have every right to bitch about the Cullen's house. Don't get me wrong—I think it's an amazing bit of architecture and I'd love to live in it… it's just not the Cullen's house. According to Stephenie Meyer, "The house was timeless, graceful, and probably a hundred years old. It was painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration." Okay, um, one—There's nothing timeless or graceful about this house. It's modern and, as modern architecture dictates, full of sharp angles. Plus, most timeless houses aren't made up mostly of windows, but I'll let that one slide because it does say that the back of the house was made entirely out of glass. I'm pretty sure they pull up to the front of the house, but as I said, I'm going to let it slide. Secondly, I see no off white anywhere on this house. It's either glass or a nice, redwood finish. And thirdly, it's definitely not a restored house. Actually, I know for a fact that the house was brand new when they filmed the movie. There's an interesting two pages about the house in the Twilight Director's Notebook. I can't remember if I've mentioned anything about it yet, but I highly recommend getting it or at least getting a chance to look through it. It's amazing and I'll be referencing it at least one more time in this chapter.

I was about to say that at least they managed to get the three story detail right, but then I noticed that the house is actually four stories... oh well.

We get another display of vampire speed when Edward casually steps out of the car, closes the door, and speeds around to help Bella get out. While I think this was a fun bit of special effects, I think it would have been even better if they had simply made Edward disappear and then reappear a split second later on the other side of the car. Whenever I envisioned vampire speed, I always imagined them disappearing because they were just going so fast. The blur thing just looks kind of corny… but in a good way I guess. I don't think they could do it any better, even if they were to redo it with special effects technology from a decade in the future.

Now, I might be wrong about this, but if you look at the house while they're getting out of the car, I'm about 95% sure that the room on the second floor in the corner is Edward's. You can't really see anything that's in the room, but there's a set of doors leading to empty space (although they're not open like they are when they come into his room). How many rooms in a house would have a feature like that?

While I've always been a fan of guys helping girls out of their coats, I have to say that Edward comes off as a little creepy when he does it for Bella. She's not even attempting to take of her coat yet and he just grabs it off her shoulders and starts pulling. It's little things like this that make Pattinson's performance seem less tender and more controlling, which is really too bad seeing as they could have been fixed so easily. I mean, how hard could it have been to have Stewart start shrugging off her coat before Pattinson reaches for it? They don't even have the whole time restriction excuse for this one—Stewart beginning to shrug off her coat might even help with the time.

The Cullen's house is obviously impressive, but Rosenberg had to make sure everyone knew it was, but throwing in a more or less pointless line. "It's so light and open, you know?" This makes me laugh every time I hear it. Obviously the house is light and open, seeing as it's made primarily out of glass and secondly out of light wood. If this wasn't enough for the audience, they're about to show the solid white walls and open space around the stairs in a few seconds. The second thing that makes me laugh about the line is that Bella asks Edward, the guy who actually lives in the house, if he knows it's light and open… Yeah… I think she lost some IQ points there.

Luckily though (although it's presented in Pattinson's usual awkward sounding way), Edward's next line more or less covers over the awkwardness of Bella asking if he's noticed something about his house. I also really like the, "Not the moats," line that Stewart replies with. It's cute. Edward seems to agree with me too because he repeats it.

I'm sure everyone's noticed this, but when Edward and Bella go up the stairs, you can see Carlisle's cross leaning against the wall. I think this is a great little way of putting in his story without actually spending all the time to explain it.

Edward's line of, "I told them not to do this," seems random and unexplained, but then a second later we see the whole Cullen family cooking in the kitchen! Along with the whole parking lot scene, this is one of my favorite parts of the movie. I know it doesn't occur in the book, but it works well as a bit of humor to lighten the mood of the movie, which somehow got incredibly darkened compared to the book.

"Is she even Italian?"

"Her name is Bella."

Three words—I. Love. Emmett. While he's not my favorite Cullen (Jasper all the way!), I absolutely adore his easy-going, joking personality. The fact that he's coupled with fickle, bitchy Rosalie makes it even better. I really like Kellan Lutz as Emmett. Ironically, about three years ago when I first began writing Lifeblood and I was looking up possible face inspirations for characters, I chose Lutz for Trenton. I didn't even realize this until about a month ago when I pulled out my character list to look something up for Lifetime and saw his picture next to Trenton's name. I got a huge kick out of it. But back to the actual commentary—Lutz does a great job as Emmett. I wasn't so sure about him at first, he looked really menacing in the original publicity shots and that just wasn't a way I could picture Emmett, but when I saw the second set of publicity shots, I knew we had a great Emmett on our hands. In my humble opinion, he has the best role in this scene and not just because of his "Her name is Bella," line… I love that line. Haha. It's just such an Emmett thing to say.

Wow, I'm sorry about this guys, especially if you think my mini reviews on the characters and their actors are boring, but this seems to be the best place to talk about Esme.

Although I think Esme is great, I'm not a big fan of her, "Here comes the human!" line. It just doesn't strike me as something she'd say it's just kind of… insensitive? That's not really the right word, but it's close enough. To me, Esme's the kind of person who chooses her words very carefully because it would break her heart to offend anyone in anyway, even if it's just an accident. I happen to be a fan of Elizabeth Reaser's from Gray's Anatomy, so I was overjoyed when I found out that she was going to play Esme. She was a perfect choice. And, apart from that one line (but we have to remember that lines are more or less out of an actor's control—blame it on Rosenberg), she lives up to my expectations perfectly. She's always smiling when she should be and you can almost sense the waves of motherly kindness that are coming off of her.

If you can pull your eyes away from Esme during Edward's introduction, you'll see Emmett grinning like a maniac and waving a knife at Bella… Hahahaha… It gets me every time. I have nothing else to say about it.

There's something hilarious about a bunch of vampires getting excited over using their kitchen for the first time. While it doesn't make me laugh as hard as Emmett and his knife, the enthusiasm in Carlisle's voice when he's informing Bella about how they're cooking for her is just great. It's a much different, more fatherly, side of him than we see in the hospital.

And while I find this to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie, you have to admit that it's also the most awkward. If Edward can read minds, why did he let Bella eat dinner before coming over to the house? Even if he told them not to do it, he should have known that they were still going to. Also, what time is it exactly if they're making dinner? Five o'clock perhaps at the earliest? If the sun went down so quickly when they were in Port Angeles, why is it still light there? I'm getting picky, I know, but I thought I'd point that out.

This is the moment where Rosalie crushes the salad bowl in her hands and steps on the glass shards as she moves away. I'll come back to this in a paragraph—all you need to know now is that this is where the awkwardness really starts to get out of hand. There's not many times in the movie where I feel bad for Bella (I think it has to do with my dislike of Stewart playing the part), but this is one of them. I can really understand what she's going through at the moment. Of course, this isn't because my vampire sweetheart has brought me home to meet his family (heh, in my dreams)—but just because who wants to put people you're trying so hard to impress through so much effort only to say that they didn't have to? It's happened to me before and it's horrible.

The awkwardness gets even worse when Bella stutteringly attempts to explain why she already ate. Carlisle and Esme are good enough hosts to cover up any disappointment they might feel upon hearing this, but you can still see it in their expressions and even in Esme's voice when she says the gesture was considerate.

Alright, now we can get back to Rosalie.

A lot of people think that Rosalie's little temper tantrum in the kitchen is over the top, but personally, I like it. Reed doesn't have enough screen time to get her character's true personality out little by little like Pattinson and Stewart do, so she has to more or less slap us with it when she gets the chance. She doesn't do such a great job in her chances prior to this scene, but I feel confident in saying she makes it up entirely when she crushes the salad bowl in her hands and then yells at Bella and Edward for putting her family in danger.

We get another momentary bit of comic relief when Edward tells Bella, "Just ignore Rosalie. I do." Seeing as Rosalie and Edward's relationship is never really explained in any of the books apart from during Rosalie's actual story when she admits that there was a mutual dislike between the two at first, this line was a risky move on Rosenberg's part. But, somehow it gets pulled off pretty well. I feel like Rosalie should have had more of a response to it, whether that be vocal or just an expression or a movement, but it still works pretty well with her starting on her real rant about why she doesn't approve of Bella. Lutz continues to impress me with his attempts to calm down Rosalie, only to continue to back her up a moment later. He completely gets the character.

Reed, Lutz, and the rest of the Cullen actors do such a great job in this part of the scene that it's a disappointment when the cameras turn back to Stewart and she starts to stutter out her lines again. Although she actually has a reason to sound unsure of herself this time around, this way of speaking has become so overused by now, that it's just annoying to listen to, whether it works in the scene or not.

Once Bella figures out why her relationship with Edward could end badly for the Cullens, Carlisle starts to laugh and Edward snorts. Personally, I have no idea why this is funny… none at all. Maybe it's just the awkwardness that's finally getting to them, but I seriously just don't know…

And then Alice and Jasper arrive from a tree outside the window! Here's a fun fact about how they did this scene that I got out of the Twilight Director's Notebook—apparently this was something Hardwicke really wanted to do, but they didn't have the money for the safety wires and stuff to do it for real. So instead, they bought a picnic table, nailed a tree branch to it, and stuck it on the deck outside the kitchen. While you can't see the picnic table (thankfully) you can see the deck's railing and then the entire deck once the two get a little further into the room.

Just like in the book, Alice's reaction to meeting Bella is to run up to her, hug her, and comment that she does smell good. While I loved this in the book, I think I love it even more in the movie, just because it's such a great visual. The visual only gets better when Edward starts to react to it. He squishes up his face, closing his eyes and crinkling his nose… This is the first time I'm actually noticing it, but it's seriously hilarious. If you can't picture the expression you totally need to grab a copy of the movie and find this part of the scene. It'll be worth the three or so minutes it takes you to do it, I swear.

Edward gives us another great face when Alice confidently declares that she and Bella are going to be great friends. Instead of crinkling up his face, he kind of looks like he's asking God to make sure it never happens. Then the camera flicks over to Esme and Carlisle. Esme's looking a little unsure, which is unusual for her, but Carlisle seems to be enjoying the encounter. He's always been all about peace, so I can only guess he loves what Alice is saying.

And then we switch back over to Alice and Jasper where Jasper is looking super pained. With the expression he has on his face, I'm half expecting him to cock his head to the side to look at Bella or something.

Pattinson keeps on making the best expressions in this scene! After Alice assures Jasper that he won't hurt Bella, the camera flips back over to Edward and he looks like he's now begging a higher power to get him out of the room as quickly as possible. I would have expected Bella to have some sort of unsure expression on her face—after all, she's meeting the most dangerous Cullen for the first time, but she looks kind of bored. Ah, Stewart, what happened to your acting abilities? You've been so much better than this in the other movies I've seen you in!

Edward seems to get his wish because this is the moment when he basically spits out the line, "Well, I want to take you on a tour of the rest of the house," This is by far the least amount of space I have ever heard Pattinson put between words before. I'm not sure if it's an improvement exactly, but it's definitely funny. Bella continues to look bored as she agrees to the tour. Come on Stewart, do you really have to bring down the scene?

Author's Note- Thanks for the reviews!

vballgurl- I can't remember if I replied to your review, so I'm just going to do it here. :) It's not exactly sunny. That was my first reaction, I think I mentioned that in my commentary, but there's a difference between straight sunlight and cloudy sunlight. What they're walking around in during the parking lot scene is cloudy sunlight. It's just bright. There's no real sunlight to reflect on Edward's skin, just brightness and I don't think that's enough. Yeah, I was pretty mad when they didn't mention Jasper's ability too. Haha. How dare they get rid of my favorite charrie's powers? XD And yes, I do love Bella's reaction line to Edward's appearance on the car as well.