I'm graduating this year. They say it's supposed to be the best year out of your high school life. It was suppose to be easy. Well whoever said that it was easy should have been sent back to Salem times as a witch because it was nothing like that for me. It wasn't because of senior project, graduation preparations, passing classes, or even boyfriend troubles. No, the reason why it's rough for me is because I fell in love with my best friend without even realizing it…and it scares me to death.

It was the start of the spring semester. Halfway done with school for the year and almost done with high school for the rest of my life. I looked myself over in my bathroom mirror as I finished brushing my teeth as I got ready for school. I gave myself a false toothy grin and walked out of my bathroom back into my room. I grabbed up my school bag and headed to the other side of the house to the kitchen to grab a pop tart. Then I made my way out of the door calling my goodbyes and have a good days. I got into my car and made my way to Kris's.

"Morning." I greeted when she got into my car.

"Morn'n." she said back drowsily as she let her head fall back into the headrest as I pulled away from her house.

"Still not awake yet huh?" she just shook her head. We drove the ten minute drive to school in silence except for my radio that played my country. As soon as we got into the parking lot of the school Kris picked up her head.

"I swear, how can you listen to country all the time?" Kris griped as she pressed the button to switch my radio to 104.1 which was her rock station. I pulled into my parking spot and put it in park.

"Somebody's grumpy."

"Caffeine deprived is more like it."

"Good thing your first period teacher brings y'all coffee." She just grumbled an incoherent response. The bell rang signaling us that it was time to start heading into the building. Kris just sat in my car silently, not even budging. If I didn't know any better I would have guessed she went back to sleep.

"Come on Kris we gotta go."

She didn't move.

"Kris…" I called, dragging out the "i" in her name while giving her shoulder a shake. She still didn't budge.

I sighed. "Fine I'll just leave you in here then."

I was just about to open the door and get out when I felt her pull me back. I somehow ended up in her lap. How, don't know but I did. She held me firmly in her lap with her arms wrapped around me, holding me against her slender form. She rested her head in the crook of my neck and sighed contently.

"Earth to Kris I'm not a blanket."

"No but you make a good substitute." she mumbled.

"You know we're going to be late if you don't let me go." I said as I tried to scoot out of her grasp.

"Fine." she huffed as she let me slide off of her lap. "Buzz killer."

"Woman molester." I shot back as I opened my door.

"You know you like it Em." she said while giving me a wink.

"I'm straight." I said while we grabbed up out school bags.

"I was too. I got better."

"You make it sound like us straight people are diseased." I laughed. We made our way into the school along with the last of the swarm of kids trying all to get though the only double doors that they open for us. We passed by the hall monitors, being lucky enough not to get picked to be randomly searched. Finally we made it down the hall to the lockers. At this point me and Kris said our laters and made our way to our own lockers. When I reached mine I saw David leaning on my locker.

"Hey my baby." he greeted me and bent down to kiss my lips.

"Hey." I spun the combination of my lock and opened my locker. I took off a strap and spun my bad to my front.

"I'm coming over today right?" He asked as I through the books that I didn't need into my locker and pulled the ones that I needed out and stuffed them in my bag.

"Don't you always?" I said while zipping up my bag and situated it back normally on my shoulders. I closed my locker door and locked it.

"I'm just making sure." Before I could walk off he wrapped his long arms around me and kissed me. I kissed him back for a second and pulled away.

"David, we're going to be late." He sighed and let me go. We started walking and I took his hand in mine to make him feel better. We didn't talk today as he walked me to my first period. It was Monday so it was understandable. We were both tired from the weekend. As we made it to my classroom we faced each other and kissed briefly.

"Love you."

"Love you too." I said and he walked away to go to his next class as I went into mine. I made it though my first class sleepily. I was happy when the bell rang signaling that it was the next period and that I could now stand and move around.

I made it to my next class and saw that Kris was already in her usual seat. Her head was down like always, her green bangs hanging down in her face while the rest of her short black hair was tucked behind her ears as she read the book in her lap. I walked over to her and set my bag down as I settled down in the desk next to her. She looked up at me and gave me a little smile.


"Awake yet?"

"Almost. The coffee in first period helped."

"Good maybe I wont have to wake you up this period." She just gave me the finger.

"You know you want to." I teased.

"Maybe I do." She teased back, her voice turning a little low and seductive.

"You'll have to wait though. We can't do it in school."

"Why not. I've done it before with other girls at school." This fact made me blush a little bit.

"Okay to much info. I didn't need to know that." I said a little embarrassed. I knew she's done things but I just didn't want to know the details. Kris just smirked.

"Yup. This one time this girl went crazy on my face. I had to stuff her panties in her mouth and she was still screaming." I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks a little.

"No! I don't wanna know! I don't wanna know!" I said loudly, covering my ears.

"Jeez you'd think with as much sex you and your boyfriend have and as much as he talks about it you'd think you'd be used to it."

"But we don't really have sex. I'm still a virgin."

"Sure sure" she said, flapping her hand.

"It's true!" I exclaimed.

"Chill Em I know. I'm only messing."

"I know." I said pouting. About this time everyone was in their desks waiting for the bell to ring which was at any second. A few stragglers could be seen and heard running down the hall trying to make it to class and sit down before the bell rang. A few seconds later the bell finally rang and class started.

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