16 Going on Forever

I am the weak one. The one others laugh at when I attempt to run. I am the little girl others must protect because I am so fragile. So breakable. I am the one people doubt the instant they see just seems so impossible that I could be strong, or fast when they see how tiny I truly am.

And for the longest time, I believed them. I accepted my frailness the way you learn to accept the color of your skin or hair. For the longest time I thought it was something I just couldn't change, but in reality never attempted to. I allowed my faults to thrive, hoping that by laughing at my imperfections, they would simply go away.

But I know myself now and I know what I want. I want, I need a life of adventure beyond the boundaries of normalcy and the weak. I will no longer be a liability who needs to be rescued.

I am not a damsel in distress! Nor will I ever pretend to be one again.

So come on, I dare you to tell me what I can't do! Go ahead, classify me as weak and useless. Because one day I'll be more powerful than you can ever imagine. And your words will only push me harder. I will do extraordinary things .

I am just sixteen, but I have forever. I have forever because I believe in the impossible the way the impossible believes in me.

Yet forever is an awfully long time, so let's race to the finish line. Come on, I'll even give you a head start. Because trust me, you'll be needing it.