Through the curtains enveloping her she hacked away with the knife. The black cloth material hung in shreds around her.
Hundreds and hundreds of black drapes enclosing her.
Rip! Slash!
More curtains fall.
"You promised me help!"
Slash! Hack! Slice!
Still blackness fell around her.
"But where are you now?!"
Rip! Tear!
More black fell. More black beyond.
Useless. Completely useless.
An aggravated swipe full of frustration and she fell to her knees on a bed of shredded black cloth.
Isolated. Alone.
"You said I meant the world ..."
She brought the sharp blade to her wrist.
"But where are you now ..."
Pain. Sorrow.
Trickles of her feelings streamed down her pale, frightened face. Tears.
She closed her eyes to even more blackness. An image of him showed out of the black mist which swirled in her mind.
Anger. Rage.
The image began to fade and again she was drowned in sorrow and self pity.
"I love you ..."
She snapped open her eyes to a rustling of drapes and caught a glimpse of two eyes peaking at her through a tear.
It was her!
Springing to her feet she dashed at the curtain where the eyes had been and hacked angrily away at the dark cloth. Pushing forward she stopped and twirled around looking for a way out but saw nothing but more black. The deep, hidden black of night.
Alone. Enclosed by nothing. Surrounded by emptiness.
The empty black of night. The empty black of death.
A flash of feet to her right and she was after her once again.
She would lead her to him!
Jealousy. Anger. Self pity.
Slash! Hack! Rip! Tear!
Black cloth flapped, fluttered, and flew about her like a swirling tornado. An enclosing cloud of black.
Surrounded. Enclosed. Rage!
She thrust herself forward and ripped the cloth with the knife, clawed at it with her hands.
Her! Him!
Jealousy. Self pity. Anger. Hate. Love.
She fell heavily forward and poured her feelings out of her eyes in the form of tears.
She would lead her to him.
Forcing herself to continue on, she moved forward, crawling on her hands and knees. Under the next curtain, and the next, and the next, tears flowing constantly.
Moonlight suddenly flooded the area with light. A shiny black floor beneath her. The moon and stars twinkling playfully above her. A circular room with black drapes lining the outside.
"He promised me!"
It echoed around her.
"He wants me!"
A voice.
"He needs me!"
Her voice.
"He loves me!"
Jealousy. Anger. Overwhelming rage. Self pity. Hate. Love. Depression.
Utter sadness showed itself on her quivering face again. She bowed her head as she slowly and shakily got to her feet. She noticed 2 steps of footsteps glistening white on the pitch black floor. They started at either side of the circle and headed inwards towards each other. They met in the middle and were joined together as they started off in the opposite direction of where she stood.
Jealousy. Depression.
She was utterly alone and could do nothing but stand and stare at the pure white prints that stood out bright off the black floor. She lifted the knife to her throat and let her eyes wander along the trails once again.
"I love you ..."