The Princess who could Never Have no Flowers

It was another beautiful morning. But the morning lacked enough color to call it pretty. The princess was saddened that her father would not let her see such things. The sun was pouring through her window, but felt that opening the window was a bad choice.

There wasn't any grass, it was just barren and dried as a desert. It was hard and had cracks that opened wide enough that you could slip through them. Her father was not a happy person, with such fleeting unhappiness locked the princess up as well. No one could see her, not even the poor peasants that worked in the fields.

She was practically untouchable.

The princess felt angry that no one would help her. No flowers in her courtyard, no beautiful green grass to catch her falls. The King had no reason to keep her away from such things. The princess cried for several more days trying to figure out just how leave such a terrible place.

It wasn't her fault that she was kept under lock and key. The King was treacherous and deceitful to his people. If he was miserable then so be it. He would make everyone who served under his court as well as the serfs that he ruled over.

There was no stopping it.

So the princess promised to one day to stop crying. Wiping away the tears from her eyes she'd vow to find a solution. The very vow she made to herself when she was alone in her room again.

The princess wrote a charming letter on her table. Written with the finest inks that was brought to her kingdom from faraway lands. She had no idea what faraway land it was. She felt it was fascinating to know that someone traveled from there to here. (Though she's ignorant of what 'there' was)

The letter was addressed to a noble knight. To any knight in her kingdom be it strong, brave, or courageous. To help set her free from this dark nightmare. That they might slip away into the night and never come back.

Dressed in a black cloak the princess disguised herself so as not to be seen. If her father found out that she was out past curfew, she would be punished. The messenger of the king's was standing outside past the drawbridge.

Giving him the letter the messenger scurried quickly throughout the small town. Ready to deliver the message in secret to the noble knight that would care enough to guide the Princess.

Tis maiden fair who could no longer bear. The miserable environment that her father gave to her. She speaks in rapid tongue, to free her from her prison. For if you don't I'm afraid she won't have a future you see.

The Princess awoke in the morning startled when she heard the clabbering and neighing of a horse. It was a mighty white horse and the knight that rode on it. He came from another kingdom who held his banner high hoping the Princess would admire such courtesy.

"Dear, princess that King that kept you in hiding shall not see much of you for very long." he shouted enough the Princess could hear him from her tower.

The Princess threw out her handkerchief to the knight. "Oh, knight this day you came to save me. Please be quick, I will indebted to you for all time."

"My maiden please don't worry." he replied with the most sincerity.

"Quickly, quickly," the Princess chanted believing in him.

The knight jumped off of his horse as the drawbridge came crashing down. The king ordered that the drawbridge open so as to see the challenger.

The knight stepped inside and disappeared in the castle. The Princess could only have faith that this man was the one.

The only one who could save her.

The King met the knight face to face with the noble knight. He drew his sword ready for the obstacles he might purge from sights. If he had to slay the princess's own father to free her so be it. The King looked at the knight straight into his eyes. Though the knight's eyes could not be seen through his helmet. The knight was very cautious when he began to sqaure off with his opponent.

"You come to me on this day with the consent of my daughter's?" he asked furrowing his bushy brows.

"Yes, I've come to take her away from you're tyrannical abuse." he said with a laugh.

The King waved a hand to the knight uncertain of what might become of him. "what are you saying that I am cruel?"

"Yes," the knight hissed pointing the sword towards the King's nose.

The King thought of his next question quite quickly. "it has to come my attention that she does not enjoy my company." he rubbed his beard carefully staring at the knight still.

"That is why she entitled me to help her." the knight replied softly.

The King waved his arm dismissing the knight from his presence. "then so be it,"

The knight felt confused, shaking his head he decided to probe deeper into his answer. "no tests, no dashing rescue, your letting her go..." he stopped his sentence then added suddenly. "your daughter leave,"

The King's back was turned to the knight's. "then so be it if she is unhappy with my rule. Then take her with you back to you're kingdom." the king turned on his heel facing the stunned, but happy knight. "when you've made a good solid home and risen you're children come back here at once.

And the knight obeyed.

Ten years later the knight and his wife and their children traveled back to her homeland. Marching up to the castle drawbridge they entered inside the Princesses home once again. The Princess found her father an old man and without heirs to his kingdom.

"My father," the princess cried.

"My daughter," the king choked out. He was slumping on his throne close to death when she ran up to him. He was clutching his chest weary of what must come next as he eyes slowly slid closed.

"Please father, do not die, I've come back to tell you." the princess held her father's hands in her's tightly.

The king only smiled when he saw her. "I was told you were not happy with me."

The princess nodded confirming how she felt when she was younger. "that is true I did hate you. But after what my husband told up to this day. I must tell you that even though you did those things to me. I need to say-"

Both the king and the princess cried in unison. "forgive me,"

The king expressed himself in a languid scratchy voice. "forgive me for being such a bad father. For not letting you live your life outdoors when you most needed it." he coughed violently then continued. "those flowers your mother planted before you were born. Then after she died and left you, I left a retched mark of her memory by burning the beautiful flowers."

The princess bowed down laying her head upon her father's lap. He felt so cold yet she had no clue as to why he was dying. Droplets of tears began falling down her cheeks praying that some miracle might save him.

"Forgive me-" the princess coughed softly. "forgive me for not speaking to you after all these years. That I might've spoken sooner-this reunion-might have spared you're life. That I as your daughter would have told you myself-that you were making me unhappy."

And they forgave each other for what they have done.

Before the king passed away he left them his estate. That his daughter was never out of his will nor his heart. The Princess saw that after her father passed away. In the courtyards, throughout the kingdom, they're were flowers of every species. They're was baskets and gardens and bushes of roses to keep his daughter content. He did to make sure that after he left was to prove. That he was still thinking of her and that this was one way of making a mence.

The knight was now made a king and his daughter a queen and they lived happily ever after.