Air tense by blood,

Tender flesh drenched with salty beads,

Setting fire to every fault.

The rough palm extends above,

Weak lids lower to shield sight,

It's like knife to the butter.

Weight of a dead man descends,

Like a leaf caught in a gust of wind,

Twisting and turning without will.\

A fallen angel weeps

He strikes with his venom,

Penetrating the walls of her heart.

Good men cower at his Stare.

Vicious women screech by his touch.

He is feared by all except Her.

The fallen angel sees beneath,

To where the demon trembles.

She sees his fear so much like hers.

Lifting high above, she is no fallen angel.

Through the mist and the blue and black of skin,

She stands tall, now He will fear.

Hushed by his hand a time too many,

She will silence him with her heart.

He fears her heart beyond all evils.

Her strength causes his bones to shake.

Jealousy and hatred stirs within him.

She lays her heart in his hands now.

Clenching fists, her heart crumbles in his hands.

She is once again a fallen angel.

And she lies still with the last hush.

A/N: This poem was about a woman in an abusive relationship and no matter how much it hurts her she'll never leave him because that would be the worst pain she ever knew. Of course, it doesn't have a happy ending because he beats her to death. Her love for him killed her. It's so sad. :(