I know

I know you're sad,

And hurting deep inside.

I can tell.

But somehow you manage

To put on

That pretty smile,

Every single day.

I know it's dark

And cold

In that world

You call yours.

The rain flows down

Like a violent river.

Leaving behind

Solid black streaks.

You don't know

Where to go

Or what to do,

Because your head

Is clouded

With the barricades

Of gray and

hold the power of death

That we call

Storm clouds.

I know you're afraid

Of what comes next.

There's nothing much

That you can do.

Except stay strong

And wait it out.

I know you're only

Just a girl.

But to some people

You're a very special girl.

I am only one

Of many,

Who think you are.

The thrashing of the wind stops

There's no movement.

You begin to notice

The sudden change

In the temperature.

The Darkness turns to light,

But the clouds are still there.

The rain slows down

And suddenly stops.

And again,

The clouds are there.

Why haven't they parted?

I know what you're going through

Is tough to deal.

But there will always be

Someone to help you heal.

I know how hard it is

To hold on

Through something like this

And come out

In one solid piece.

The Clouds are parting

And light shines through

Those ugly gray clouds.

Then you see it.

It's what you've been waiting for

All this time.

It's your rainbow.

The worst is over now.

There will always be

More storms to come,

Some much worse

Than the last.

But you will never fail

To get your rainbow.

I know.

A/N: This is something I wrote a couple of years ago. My friend had been going through a rough time and I just wanted to make her smile; it worked. Sometimes I use it to help me, too. I decided to go ahead and post it like it was. It shouldn't be changed. I don't know if she remembers this or if she'll even read it, but this will always be for Breanna. It's dedicated to her as it should be. I'll always love her, even if we don't talk all that much or if we go our seperate ways. :)