Please someone,

Tell me why my heart has gone numb

Tell me,

Why did the one loved so dearly,

So dear, so beloved, so precious and close

Pull the trigger?

Why this heartache that wasn't there a moment ago,

Aching now upon an ashen face?

Why the hot tears,

So warm and real,

Leaking through the soul,

The only warmth in deaths chilled presence?

Why the bright day,

Has gone to the black night of death,

Too soon,

No one knows when life concludes itself to death,

Everyone's number eventually comes,

It's why a number is taken,

Death is busy enough,

Eventually making its rounds,

One way or another

Why does my heart feel so empty and void right now?

Why did the dearest of them all,

Jump to the top of the line?

The world is out of its order,

Its night now, no sun to shine,

It's a book with the end gone,

All blank,


And gone

Only sorrow remains here now.