For All Time

For all things so beautiful, so wonderful and so true,

The weight of the world so finally lifted from my shoulders

My heart finally finds it peace

And my weary soul finally has someone alongside it to travel the lifelong journey

I can't imagine a day I don't think of you

I don't believe that there is a moment I don't dream of your eyes

And I relish the scent of your perfume about my clothes

All my days, I hope to endure with you

With sweetest of kisses,

And arms of strength… protection

With embraces of full of serenity, trust and devotion

It's a rain of romance in the annals passing from winter to spring

Since the winter was the end of all things

The spring is the beginning of all things anew

So it is, with this new spring year, I promise that I can love no other the way I would love you

I only want to stand alone with you in the glen

Amidst the winds of understand

With the placid tempest of patience

Hand in hand, I know that I love you and that for all the world, nothing save death could

Ever, ever separate us.

I promise to hold you close, be yours alone and to trust in you as my mate, my friend

And my better half

For my life, I will live to make us stronger

And for you, nothing is impossible

You've become my world in such a short time, but I know in my heart

That I love you more than words can ever explain

Beloved… my beloved angel, I will love you… here

Now and for all time

Though we stand on the edge of the sea cliff, I can stare into your eyes

And know that we have something eternal

But… my lovely one… my one and only Kinah…

I will love you for all time

And as so long as you will have me in your life, there is no doubt in my mind

That we will be for all time.