She prays for a better tomorrow, with no hope for it.

The guy she fell completely in love with destroyed her hope.

She has no intention of ever getting it back.

She says she has no one to blame but herself.

Everyone knows better, they know it's his fault she cries at night.

She wakes up strong, puts her mask on, and pretends.

She wants to let go, she really does.

Its so hard, letting go of something you know you've always wanted.

There's that chance you'll never get it back, ever.

She thinks that the pain & confusion will go away.

It won't, she has to make it go away but she doesn't know how.

She just needs a friend like him.

They know she is afraid of what is to come.

She refuses to let anyone in, she's so used to everyone walking out on her.

That boy blames himself for causing her pain he never intended.

Yet somehow things are beginning to make sense to her.

& Now she knows she doesn't need him as much as she thought,

Thank you for teaching her that.