Gone is the heat of the Summer sun and the blue cold ice stretching over the pond
Gone is the innocence of childish friendship
Gone are the days where we would laugh and smile

Going is my sickness, whatever it is
Going is my solitude and my love of being alone
Going is the lack of movement and progress, beaten away by a life that's forcing itself on anyone who will listen

Coming is hardness and pain, happiness and light – I'll fight for it all
Coming is success and a meaning to my life beyond wasting my days
Coming is something to care for, people to talk to, and a life to lead outside of this rotten shell


I'm so scared.

AN: Life goes on and I'm leaving the teenager behind. I don't want to be an adult, but I have no choice. So I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself, and move past everything that I spent those years doing. Because it quite simply isn't worth it to kill myself over Alex (Pink), Lauren (Black), and Anthony (who I didn't want in my life from the very beginning actually) anymore.

I'm better than this. And now I truly recognise my weakness.

I'm so scared.

And fuck but that's just going to make me stronger.