Forever and Ever, Again

It always starts with a still small voice, urging us on to greater things,
Until we think the thoughts too great for man, and run afoul of those in power.
I don't need your therapy, 'cause I've got friends in high places.
They'll take care of everything when the time is right,
As long as I know my place- and its here.

They come in dark of night, touch the recess of my brain.
Shivering thoughts and I can't comprehend it all myself.
No need to feed the dog, he's gonna hunt you anyway
And he buries the bones when he gets bored.
Its all so easy, I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

There's a place that's calling me, beyond the woods to grandma's house.
It was planted on the bending path, only seen by those who want it there.
Twisted tower, I come to you. Show me what was never meant to be.
This old life is moving on, and something different will come along.
A vague familiarity to it all, now rendered real from the nightmare fog.

I dreamed it into being though its been here before.
So many know but they will not speak of the dark outside.
Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
Pointless to imagine that there's anything left but eternal life,
Except for eternal death.

Within the endless bowels of eternity lurks the cosmic swarm
Gnawing their way backwards through time until the hunger reveals
Abominable intent, to snuff out creation's spark, and the Bang never was.
We were never born and so I never lied to you or lusted for your wife,
But you knew that already because my glassy eyes make good windows.

I wish there could be universal harmony and peace reigned supreme.
You might just believe me then, and that wife of yours would be mine.
The secret's in our cities and the back streets of our minds.
It all points to some conspiracy that hides behind our human masks.
Maybe we aren't really as civilized as we seem.

We couldn't have gotten here all by ourselves, could we?
Wasn't someone pushing us along, pulling us to the brink?
But when I looked, it was just a hole without a bottom.
Then comes the push, and we are once again swept off our feet.
From the unknowable future, they are coming for us all.

I heard the rush of an angel's wings, full-on flight from the awful truth,
That we are not alone in this crazy world, there's always something else
But what could it be, we may never know, for the veil between is black.
There can only be heard from the other side, a sound of sliding rubble
From the mountain's peak- but its only laughter.

So don't you panic, it won't do you any good.
I've got my place all set in the grand scheme of things.
Don't need a padded cell to keep me out of touch with you.
Its all in how you advertise, 'cause you're all as cracked as me.
You just bow to other gods, who came after mine.