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I watched as her right leg crossed over her left, lightly bouncing off of it. I followed her long soft legs to the hem of her grey business skirt. Thinking of what followed beyond that made me blush.

"Alicia? Alicia Armstrong!"

I snapped my head up to meet brown eyes of my guidance counselor. She had been lecturing me about my latest disruptions in my English class. But I can't help but tune her out… while checking her out.

"Were you even listening to me?" she accused.

"Huh? Yeah," I smirked

"Sure you were." Her pink lips smirked back at me and she raised her eyebrows. "This is the second time you've cussed out your teacher; I'm going to have to call your mom." Her face turning serious. I frowned at this.

"Aww come on Ms. West, you know how my mom is. Plus, its not my fault Ms. Andrews hates me!" I whined. Not the most dignified way to plead my case, but it did work, sometimes.

"You don't think calling your teacher a, and I quote, 'whore-cunt homophobe' and then telling her to 'suck your sweet pussy' is a little out of line?" She questioned. I bit my lower lip trying not to laugh at the event that just took place. The look on my teachers, face was priceless.

"Hey I was trying to be nice. She was the one talking about Missy and me. She sounded jealous so I made her an offer and let me tell you she didn't refuse either. She avoided the question by sending me here." I stated innocently.

"Alicia, I don't know what I'm going to do with you. You're smart and witty, beautiful and stubborn enough to get your way. But if you can't keep your mouth shut you are not going to get anywhere in life." She lectured.

I thought about what she just said, you're beautiful.

"You think I'm beautiful?" She froze up, it was just a second but her leg stopped bouncing and she averted her eyes to a paper on her desk.

"Well of course you are very pretty for your age." She plastered on a smile. She seemed honest but I could sense the nervousness in her voice. Ms. West and I weren't strangers to each other. I was used to being in her office. I was in there even when I wasn't being sent there. And yes I totally have a crush on her. How could I not? She was beautiful, she looked mature with her straight short brown hair that came right above her shoulders and was a little longer in the front. She covered her slender figure in suites and turtlenecks that always hugged her curves. Leaving a lot to my imagination. Although I haven't officially told her this, I know she knows and was used to my flirting by now. Sometimes, I'd even catch her flirting back.

"You know the same offer stands for you; I'd prefer you just btw." I offered confidently. Ms. West regaining control looked me straight in the eye.

"So how are you and Missy?


My best friend...add the benefits. To everyone who didn't know us well we were a couple. But to those who did know us we were just really close. We had an open relationship and it worked for the both of us. Ms. West always brought her up when she started to get uncomfortable.

"Don't change the subject"

"I'm not, I was just wondering, if you are making all these propositions to women twice your age then something must be wrong in the relationship." She stated.

"Missy and I are peachy and you are not twice my age." I quipped.

"Well you don't know that."

"Well how old are you then?"

"That's not appropriate conversation Alicia."

"My whole life is inappropriate Catherine."

"Ms. West," she corrected me.

"You use my first name?"

"I am your counselor."

"My 24 year old counselor? You're younger then my mother, and she is twice my age. I smirked.

"I'm not 24."

"Then how old are you?"

She sighed and searched my face knowing I wasn't going to quit. "... I have a meeting Alicia, I don't have time for this, it's Friday, go home I'm going to call your mom right now."

I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted.

"I can never win with you."

"No you can't," she said triumphantly. "Now scoot." She flicked both her hands at me playfully leading me out of her office.

"Fine!" I lagged walking out of her office. She followed me out, locking the door. I was halfway out the building when I heard someone talking to Ms. West.

"Catherine, have you seen the new staff member?" Mrs. Simmons, another counselor asked.

"No, I'm about to though, I have a meeting with him and the rest of the administration, aren't you coming?" Ms. West asked.

"No, I have my daughters recital to go to, but anyways he is, lets just say, if I wasn't happily married and 10 years younger I'd be after him myself." She winked. Ms. West shook her head.

"You are too bad, Leanne." Mrs. Simmons first name. I rolled my eyes and continued out the door. Looks like I have some competition.

I began to slow my roll when I realized I had plans to go out with Missy and her brother tonight, and now I'm going to be grounded. Shit! My mom sucks! I spotted Missy's car and got in.

"Hey babe," she said leaning over and pecked my lips. "What happened?" She frowned seeing my face."

"I'm so grounded!" I complained sinking into my seat.

"What? That's so unfair! Ms. Andrews was being a bitch; it's not your fault."

"I know but Ms. West is calling my mom anyways." Missy started the car and headed for my house.

"But I thought you had her, like, under your thumb?" I looked at Missy; even though we weren't going out I could see that she got jealous when I liked people. Just like I got jealous over the people she liked. I never told her how I felt about Ms. West but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

"I guess it was more like my pinkie, because my persuasion did not work this time." I sighed.

"So that means we aren't going out tonight?"

"Afraid not."

"Aww, but the clubs supposed to be bangin' tonight!"

"I know, I know, can we not talk about it." She frowned at me.

"I'm sorry, maybe next week?" she said with a small smile.

"Yeah, if I'm off by then." We arrived at my apartment that I lived in with my mom, just my mom. It was a couple blocks from Missy's house.

"Alright babe I love you," I kissed her forehead and got out.

"Call me when you can," she yelled out the window. I gave her a wave and she took off. As I was walking up to my apartment I got a text from my mom.

Mom: You are in SO much trouble

Great tell me something I don't know.

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