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***Ryan's POV***

"Missy is it? Is that your real name?" I asked bringing my eyes back up to meet hers. This girl was definitely beautiful, well I guess I should say woman. After she is in the 21 and up section, she just looks so young. This is just the kind of distraction I needed.

"Actually no, it's just I gave my mom so much lip that she chastised me by calling me Missy. But I owned it and eventually everyone started calling me that." She shrugged trying to read my face.

"I like it, it seems very… you." I stated.

"You don't even know me." She scoffed. This girl intrigued me, she had confidence riding up her ass and didn't take anyone's bullshit.

"True but I can tell your trouble." I challenged, knowing that I was fueling fire.

"Honey, if I'm fire then that must make you a Pyro" she smirked.

"Maybe." I smiled. Wow this is the most interesting introduction I've ever had.

"Okay you Ry bring it back a notch" James interrupted stepping in between us. "This is our friends' younger sister strictly off limits." I frowned at this.

"Well that's no fun" I complained.

"James, shut up, do you see Jay anywhere? No. Besides it's not like I'm raping him, well, yet" she teased. Oh yeah, she the perfect. I smirked at her.

"Alright, alright guys, let's just cool off. Anyone want drinks?" Chad offered.

"I'll take a Brass Monkey." Missy ordered. Chad gave her a questioning look and she raised her eyebrows at him almost like she was daring him to say something.

"I'll take a Dos Eques" I disrupted their staring contest.

"Make that two" James said.

"I'm going to need a second pair of hands, Missy you'll come with me?" Chad said patronizingly.

"No." Missy stated.

"So Ryan you know that Missy is-"

"Fine, I'll fucking go with you!" she huffed.

"That's what I thought." Chad said. And with that they left.

"What was that about?" I asked James.

"Here let go sit." I followed him over to an open area. "Listen, you should know that around here we respect our friend's family." I nodded.

"I get that James, I have a sister."

"Okay well I just letting you know that Missy's young and her brother is a really close friend of mine and you're my friend too I mean I've know you since freshman year of college and all but if you mess around with Missy I won't be able to stop Jay from beating your ass. Plus she is sorta seeing somebody… a girl." Whoa, that last part caught me off guard. I could have sworn she was straight.

"Dude, don't trip, I'm not going to fuck around with her, we were just flirting." Although I knew in the back of my mind things could have gone way past that. And 21 isn't that young, I mean I'm 24.

"Okay, I trust you… so how do you like being back?" I rolled my eyes.

"I don't." I stated flatly. Today was whirlwind of emotions for me; I really needed this night out.

"Why, what happened?"

"Nothing man it was just long that's all, I haven't been here since high school and not much has changed."

"Well then, it seems like tonight a good night to let loose!" James laughed patting my back.

"Where's Tara tonight?" I asked.

"Out of town for some convention for work..."


"Here we go…" I looked up to find Chad and Missy back with the drinks and a couple extra shots.

We threw back some shots, while sipping on our drinks. After awhile Missy got up.

"Well I didn't come here to sit on my ass, who wants to dance?" she giggled. We all looked at each other and got up. Missy grabbed my hand and as we danced more girls joined occupying James and Chad. I could tell Missy was buzzed and to tell the truth so was I. it was hard to stay focused on being respectful when Missy was grinding her soft body onto me. It's like I stopped thinking as my hands took over and slid their way onto Missy's exposed thighs rising inward letting her know exactly what I wanted.

Missy didn't hesitate to lean her head back to my ear and moan softly in my ear turning me on completely. I went a little higher and she grabbed my hand. I felt embarrassed thinking I had pushed her too far. Missy turned to face me still holding my hand.

"Not here…" she whispered into my ear. Then I felt her tug me away from the crowd. She kept looking around, I guess making sure that no one saw us. When we got to a corner it took me a second to register that she has asked me if I had brought a car.

"Yeah," was all I could mumble out before she dragged me out of the club.

"Where is it?" she demanded. Then traced her finger down my stomach sending a shiver through me. I gulped.

"What?" she leaned into me.

"You're car?" she giggled. I shook my head trying to gain back control of myself.

"Oh, over there." I said pointing to a black 4 Runner. She smiled and started to pull me towards it but I quickly yanked her back. "Missy wait" but before I could protest where this was going I felt her lips on mine. Warm and sweet with a taste of orange juice from her drink. We stayed there for awhile until a horn disrupted us bringing me back to my thoughts.

"Missy we can't do this."

"Why?" she pouted.

"Because…" I was trying to remember why I had this guilty feeling and then it all came at once. "Because I'm friends with your brothers' friends and their his friends and your you, and I'm me and I just met you and… and you're a lesbian." I babbled. She stood there for a second trying to make sense of what I just said.

"I'm not a lesbian." She looked at me confused. "Who told you that?"

"James, he said that you were in a relationship, with a girl." I now felt like an ass.

"I'm going to kill him." She growled and then let out a breath. "I'm bisexual yes, but I'm not in a monogamous relationship with my best friend. We are very open, that's not a problem is it?"

I was a little shocked at this new and I couldn't help my mind from thinking of a couple scenarios. "No that's not a problem at all."

"Good, now come here." She said pulling me to the car, then pushing me against it and pulling my lips in for another make-out session. I felt her hand creep down my torso and play with the top of my jeans. I pulled away.

"What do you think you're doing?" I panted.

"Looking for your keys" she said innocently and dug into my pocket pulling out my key chain. We got into my car and from there we went at it not caring about anything, although I kept feeling this guilt in the pit of my stomach. But as soon as it came it quickly went with every kiss Missy attacked me with. This was exactly what I needed.

***Alicia POV***

"Mom I think I really fucking hate you right now!" I said rubbing my temples

"Do NOT talk to me like that!" my mom barked

"I can't believe you! What were you thinking why is he here?"

"He got a job down here and needs a place to stay, not to mention the fact that 'he' is my son and your brother so I don't see what the problem is?"

"The problem is I hate him!" with that I ran to my room for the second time that day and cried.

When I got home I knew I'd be fighting with my mom about what happened at school, but walking through the door and seeing my "ex-brother" as I like to call him, who abandoned me when I was younger I had a whole knew agenda planned for my mother and me. I just walked through the door and told him to get the fuck out. He tried to say something but I walked to my room slamming my door for emphasis on how serious I was. When I came back out he was nowhere to be found (thank God) but my mom was instead fuming about why I was in trouble and I quickly turned the conversation as to why my long-lost ass-hole of a brother was here. Now, I just need to relax, I took my stuffed bear and pulled it's head back retrieving two white pills, dry swallowing the Vykadin I awaited the feeling to overcome me. The peace came as it always did and then I drifted off to sleep.

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