Drifting in and out of unconsciousness

The night is darkening before me

Darker, and more silent

Then ever before

Too quiet

To hushed

Drifting into oblivion

All thoughts

Are slipping from my mind

I seem to have forgotten my name

My purpose

Why I am here

A bright blue flame and a quiet laugh

Break the spell the darkness

Held over me

A new sorcery has claimed me

I am hearing words unspoken

Songs unvoiced

Not even a whisper

My name seems insignificant

My purpose empty

Next to the splendour of their silent words

The lights are dancing with me

Red, blue, violet and a striking white

I am blinded


Slowly slipping

Opening my eyes

I gasp for breath, slipping in and out of unconsciousness

I take in my surroundings

Ordinary, dreary, tedious


With a throbbing imagination

I bid goodbye

Until next time