The city of Dunkel was unusually quiet as it lightly drizzled through the night. Bats flew around screeching as they searched for bugs. Many were successful in their attempts. Many other night creatures dared to venture out despite the drizzle. There was nothing exceptional about this particular night. It was just like any other night. People were out partying at bars and night clubs. Some were having a romantic candle lit dinner with a lover. Many were trying to hook up for a one night stand in order to get laid. It really was just an ordinary night.

A woman walked around the city with no real destination in mind. She appeared to be completely at home as she strolled down the street. There was no fear in her eyes as she walked alone and was being followed by multiple men. She turned her head back and looked at them. She continued to walk on as if they were nothing to be concerned about. She was a pretty thing with bright red hair wavy hair. She had curves in all the right places and could lure almost any man in. It was apparent that she was use to attracting unwanted attention.

Ignoring her unwanted attention, the woman headed in the direction of the docks. The waves were not as unruly as they could have been on a stormy night. But this storm was rather docile, so the peaks were not that much higher than a normal sunny day. The woman smiled as she looked at the water and let out a noise that almost sounded like a purr. The noise only seemed to entice the men even more.

The footsteps of the men following could still be heard as they followed her. The woman let out a sigh and turned around. She put her hands on her hips and shook her head. She closed her eyes for a second and when she opened them again they glowed and looked like a cats eyes. Two of the men were immediately startled and ran off. The third was shocked and was fixed to his position. The woman spoke to the man in a warning voice. "You better run along before you regret it." Seconds later the last bolted.

The woman chuckled as she watched him run off. Her eyes slowly turned back to normal as continued her walk towards the dock. It gave her great pleasure to scare men off like that. As she looked out at the horizon, something caught her attention. There was an object falling from the sky. It looked like a human being. She shook her head and pouted for a second. "Poor dead person." She shrugged her shoulders and thought little of it. "Oh well."

The man fell from the sky with his arms stretched outward. He looked peaceful with the wind flowing through his hair. He had complete freedom in those few minutes as he fell closer to the ground. As he neared the surface of the water his eyes flashed open. At the last moment, His body shifted from being horizontal to being vertical. He dove into the water and swam under the water heading toward the shore. Eventually he surfaced and began to free style towards the dock. When the man arrived at the dock and pulled himself up and out of the water, a voice startled him and sent him falling into the water.

The woman giggled as she watched what look like a boy fall into the water. She stalked toward the edge of the dock. She looked at the boy who had a shocked looked on his face. He had short spiky black hair. His eyes however had stark contrast of color. They were a stunning Lilac colored eye. "You know it is rude not to say hello."

"Hello. What are you doing here? Scaring people?"

"Maybe." The woman shrugged her shoulders. "I think the question is what are you doing here?"

"Taking a swim. Is swimming a crime?"

"No." She giggled and laid down on the dock with a gracefulness that looked unreal.

The boy picked up on it immediately. "You're not human."

"Nor are you pointy teeth." The boy's hands darted up to cover his mouth. The woman shook her head again and laughed. "Oh please, the long drop gave it away first. Not many can survive something like that."

The boy's eyes went wide. "You saw that?"

"Oh yeah." She giggled again. "Why don't you get out kid." As the boy started to pull himself out of the water, she asked, "So do you have a name?"


"Don, well my name is Nova." She held out her hand for Don to shake. Don shook her hand and sighed. "Don't worry kid. It could be worse."

"Stop calling me kid."

"Why are you an ancient vampire?"

"No, but I am no kid."

"Oh really, so how old are you?"


"Oh and you are no kid." Nova let out a chuckle. "Or wait is that how long you have been a vampire."

"I was born a vampire."

"Kid, you are young. You have yet to live."

"You sound just like my parents."

"They sound rather wise. I would not mind meeting them. Plus, it would be interesting to meet someone like them."

"What do you mean someone like them?"

"Don't you know it is rare if vampires are able to have a child?"

"It is not that rare."

"Oh it is very rare. Kid, you are lucky to be here. Do you know if you have reached your maturity or not?"


"Do you know anything about your own race?"

"Yes!" The boy said over defensively.

"Oh really. You don't even know that you will reach maturity at some point and stop aging. You can reach it quickly or slowly. Since you look like you are in your twenties, I would guess you reached it quickly and have not aged that much since you were about five."

"What are you talking about? You are nuts." Don started to walk off and head away from the crazy lady.

"Kid, wait up!" Don stopped for a second and turned around. "Let's go see your parents."

"No! They would kill you along with me. I am not taking you anywhere with me."

"Oh please." Nova dismissed the idea. "They would never kill you. You are rare." She pointed at him, poking him in the chest. "People don't like to destroy things that are rare."

"I don't know about that. My father and I don't get along very well. I don't think he really loves me all that much. My mother shows me lots of affection, and my father hates it."

"It sounds like a load of bullshit. Let's go!" Nova took off in one direction assuming she was going the right way.

Don knew he should just let her walk off and be done with her, but she did happen to be going the right way somehow. "How do you even know you are going the right way?" Don shouted at her.

Nova stopped and looked at him. "Am I?"

"Well no, but that is not the point."Don caught up with her and sighed. "I am so going to be in trouble for this. We live in the North side of town. Come on. Follow me."

"That is what I am talking about." Nova began to purr.

"What the heck are you?"

"I am a werelion."

"A werelion? Are you serious? I have never heard of such a thing."

"You have not heard of much, so I am not really that surprised. There are only a few of us."

"So do you morph into a lion or something on the full moon?"

"No. Don't be silly. I am a werelion not a werewolf. I do morph into a lion, but I am not controlled by the moon like werewolves are. However, the Leo constellation has a large influence over us."

"A constellation? That sounds lame."

"Not really. There are times of the year where we have no choice but to morph every night, but only as long as the constellation can be seen in the night sky."

"Do you have to be a Leo to be a werelion?"

"No! Don't be ridiculous. However, I do just happen to be one. What sign are you?"


"I can see that."

"One last question. Why do you have so much more cat like movement and werewolves don't have dog like movements."

"Well, it is not as sexy to move like a dog. Men are dogs already, so for them it is not this huge change. The women don't want to degrade themselves unless they in their wolf form."

Don glared at her. "Why don't I believe you?"

Nova shrugged. "No idea."

"I think it is because you just told me a load of bull shit."

"I did not! The first two things are completely true."

"You don't know, do you?"

"Not really. But who would want to move like a dog any way? Not me! However they do emulate a lot of dog behaviors."

"Like licking you?"

"No! They like to cuddle and be touched. They love it when you stroke their hair and love it when you scratch their back. They also tend to take in your scent to remember you. They can separate out identical twins just by their scent. They can figure out who is in a room before even entering. Their sense of smell is rather amazing. Mine is super human, but is nowhere near as good as a werewolf's."

"That seems rather pointless. Who cares about smell?"

Nova shook her head. "You still have a lot to learn about yourself."

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do, or else, you would have known that you have a heightened sense of smell. It allows you to detect people by the scent of their blood. You can tell if they are your cup of tea or not."

"My cup of tea?"

"Wow. This is amazing." Nova chuckled. "Your blood preference. Every vampire has one."

"I don't have one."

"You do. You just don't know it yet." Nova could not believe how naïve this kid was. If he was this bad, she wondered what his parents actually knew. "How old are your parents in vampire years?"

Don shrugged. "I don't know. Over fifteen."

"They are very old." A voice said from behind them.

Don turned around quickly and in fright, but relaxed when he saw who it was. Nova didn't bother turning around. She giggled and spoke to the person, "I was wondering when you were going to do something. You have been following us for a while."

"You've been following me?" Don said with shock. "Bane, why do you all have to follow me around? I am not a child."

Bane sighed. He had been dealing with this for a long time now. "Because you still are a child. You have no sense. You are talking to a complete stranger. Your father is not going to be happy about this."

"He is never happy about anything I do. Why should this time be any different?" Don said with disgust.

"He has sent down rules for your safety. You should listen to him and follow his orders. He knows more than you do. So many others respect him, I don't get why you can't."

Don didn't bother to say anything and remain silent. So Nova took the opportunity to speak to this Bane person. "I see there is a lot of trouble between the kid and daddy."

"Yes. And who might you be?"

"Name's Nova." She held out her hand. Bane hesitantly shook her hand. "So how old are his parents?"

"His father is just over one hundred and his mother is only about thirty."

"They aren't that old for a vampire."

"That may be true, but they are not your everyday vampire. I might as well take you to them. That way you can see what I am talking about for yourself. I also think they are interested in meeting."

"You mean they would be."

"No they are. Don, he is not happy with you."

"Oh boy." Don grumbled.

Nova came to a conclusion, "He's telekinetic. That is indeed a special gift." She was rather impressed by it. "I don't think I have ever met one that is."

Bane smirked. "Oh they all are. Some are better at it than others. But few are that good at it. Just to warn you. Your thoughts are not secret from him if he wants to know."

"I guess I should have seen that coming." She giggled. "I just can't wait to meet him. It is going to be an adventure."

"Oh you have no idea." Don said faking enthusiasm.

As they got closer to their destination, another man with a similar build and look to Bane approached them. Bane acknowledged the man with simple nod as they approached a large complex building. The other man shook his head with a grin on his. "He is not going to like this."

Bane shrugged his shoulders. "He is always pissed off. What is new? Oh by the way, this is Nova."

Nova held out her hand towards the man. "I'm Victor," the man responded. "I am shocked that you are not running away at this point."

"Every minute is just getting more exciting. I can't wait to meet this guy."

"You are nuts." Victor said as he walked through the door and into what looked like a shady apartment complex. They walked down a dark and dirty hallway. The paint was peeling from the walls. Victor stopped in front of the dirtiest door on the entire floor. He slipped his key in and walked in. As Nova approached the door, she was shocked to find a stairway leading downward. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, they came out into a sitting area with all white walls. Everything was so new and clean compared to the hallway. It was a stark contrast.

"I was not expecting this."

"No one ever does." Victor turned to Don and gave him a look that seemed to say it all. Don walked away sulking with his head hanging. "Sit down and make yourself comfortable."

"Where is Don going?"

"He is going to have a chat with his parents. I don't know why they have to do it in a room. It is not like it will be confidential what he is going to say."

"I know. He yells so loud." Bane snickered. Right after that they could hear Don yelling followed by a very angry man's voice.

Ignoring the dispute going on, Nova questioned Bane and Victor. "So are both you like Don's guardians?"

Victor shrugged. "We do what we are told. For years we have been more of watch dogs. We were the eyes and the ears outside their world."

"Not part of a pack?"

"Nope. We were both banned from our packs for various reasons."

"Banned. I didn't know that could happen."

"Oh, it can, especially if you are strong, and no one wants you in power. They find ways to get rid of you before you get too strong."

The yelling died out and Don came back with a male lion walk beside him. The lion walked up to Nova and sniffed her. It turned and walked back to Don. As the lion turned around Nova reached down to pet it, but her hand only touched air. It went straight through it. Nova looked confused, then the lion started to glow a bright golden orange color. A woman appeared who was glowing the same color as the lion. The lion began to disappear in a glowing cloud that condensed and disappeared around the woman.

A man came and stood behind the woman. Nova immediately knew these were Don's parents. The man looked very similar to Don, and Don had the woman's same lilac-colored eyes. The man had a grumpy looked etched on his face. The man sighed and then spoke, "You must be Nova. This is my wife Bala. I'm Vince."