Broken dreams

Wasted self

Empty heart

Nothing else


Used to be
Every day
I'd wake up
With hope for more
So many dreams
I couldn't see
The truth about
The future me


I would wish
For so much more
The wait was long
But I was sure
That some day
That one day
It would come
And I
Would rise above
And I
Would discover
That my dreams
Had become


Time passed by
(It always does)
And I still hoped
For something more
I began to fear
But still I held
Tight to my hope
Would not let go
A dreamer
A wisher
Floating on the stars
Trying not
To look down
Afraid of what I'd see
If I looked
In front of me


Life continued
But every day
A little hope
Slipped away
I wasn't sure
Who was me
And if I'd ever
Come to be
More than this
I tried to dream
It wouldn't come
Hopes were all but
I held on tight
Yet still I slipped
And fell
From the skies
Down to the earth


Down I fell
And kept on falling
Deeper, faster, harder
Wanting to stop
To land
Tried to remember
How I used to fly
It was gone
All gone
I fell


Then at last
I found myself
On solid ground
Didn't know
How deep I'd gone
The world was black
I saw no stars
The heaven where I
Once had reigned
I was lost
And quite afraid
I looked around
The hole I'd made
I saw my past
My hopes, my dreams
The way it all
Used to be
I saw my fall
The steep decline
But couldn't see
What I needed to find
What would happen
Where I would go
I sat down there
And waited to
Started to
Begin to


Maybe someday
I will find
How deep I've gone
And start to rise
Out of the deep
And gloomy dark
And find myself
A feeling heart
I know I cannot
Reach the stars
But maybe one day
I will see them
And I
Will rise above
And I
Will discover
My future
And reality
One day
I'll know