Don't Blame Me When it's Over


I love you like a one-time use camera

that I will throw away

once I have enough memories from it.


it's one of those cameras you don't use in a day

that sits around in your kitchen for months

and hides in the back seat of your car

and always has one more picture left to take.


Don't be sad when I no longer need you.

It is inevitable

because of the way we started this relationship—

half-assed, unplanned, pragmatic.

One day I will take that final picture.


I assumed that you were using me

like I was using you, until you started dropping hints

like splashes of spit from a camel's mouth.

I thought only women left behind their sweaters

and forgot that random thing

and need to come back and get it.

But you are getting attached, I know.

It shows now in your wistful eyes

when you look at me, searchingly,

when you cling to me. Then

I gasp for breath like an earthworm

trapped in a tunnel of dirt.


Don't blame me when it's over,

because I warned you to begin with.

One day I won't need your tasteless kisses

or salty neck. One day I will replace you

with myself. Or someone else.