You are my plum-cheeked princess,

the one who tugs at my heart.

I have loved you since I met you—

your two long chestnut braids,

the Virgo who meekly turned to smile.


I love you as I do blue smoke, heavy musk,

and hot lake water. Because of you

I know the taste of reverie, of passion,

fantasy and myth. You have taught me

secret things, dark magic, and wicked pleasure

through a veil of innocence.

In this way you are like a reoccurring dream—

faint, yet familiar, fragile and distant.


I never want the twinkling light in your eyes

to turn off, or the gem inside your chest

to shatter, or fade, or turn to ashes.

I never want you to kiss the jasmine

with poison on its petals.


Stay with me always, ageless,

under the quiet black quilt of night sky.

Let the fireflies be our lanterns

through the mists along the grove.


You must know by now

that I love you, and

I can't exist without you.