Monday 27th July 2009. 3:30 PM

Well well well Fictionpress. This is going to be my last chapter.


I don't have anything to write about, for two reasons.

1. Life is boring now. Seriously. Work, work, work, work, day off, day off, work, work.. etc..

2. I'm too happy. I know this sounds silly but I've experienced it before (a few years ago). When I get really happy my brain goes into a big fuzzy buzz and I just can't write.

Ahh I haven't been this happy in ages!

I actually feel like I've changed a bit while writing this.

I've changed loads in the past year, and I'm glad of this.

I am making a new pillowbook straight away.

I don't know when I'll write in it, and I don't know how often but it will be there, just for when I want to write about anything.

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed this, it's really appreciated! :D