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Chapter 3

Can I finally breathe?

Although I tried with all of my might to prevent it, my eyes refused to ignore the creepy, "old man" sitting next to me.

When we drove away from where he picked me up, I was fine ignoring him, but before a minute even passed I felt completely awkward. He was comfortable though, the evil dust sack...so comfortable he turned on the radio to a talk show station, and began to ignore me. He even laughed every few minutes when the guy on the radio made some outrageous comment.

I'm not one for attention; in fact, I hate being the center of attention during any activity. But, I hate being purposely ignored more than being the center of attention. It hurts…

I continued to glance at him from the corner of my eyes, scrunching up as little of my denim jeans I could grasp in my hands.

Even though I shouldn't have, I had already found out two things about the old man.

One: He wasn't really "old." He could have been 49, or 50, but not 60 like I first thought. It was his fault. He had too much grey hair. Hadn't he heard of hair dye before?

Two: He could actually almost sort of in a weird way, pass off as my grandpa. He was a lot lighter than I was, with his caramel complexion. His nose and hair were actually very similar to my grandpa's….

Oh, no.


A pedophile looks like my grandpa. The next family reunion is going to be so awkward.

"Don't even think about throwing up in my car."

What?! A pedophile and a telepath? Not cool!

I looked at him, freaked out and waiting for an explanation.

He barely glanced at me before putting his eyes back on the road. "You look sick."

Oh. Well, that made more sense. It would have been unfair if he were allowed to be a telepath. Pedophile's should not be allowed to be telepaths. That was for good people. I wanted that power….

"Now you just look weird."

I scoffed. Me, weird? Says the pedophile.

Eccentricity is not weird. It's an art.

"I'm not weird. I'm eccentric. You're the wacko, Jon Schillaci."

The brakes squealed as we came to a sudden stop. Cars honked at as, and cursed us as they passed by. He just flicked them all off.

Hehe. Ooops. My mouth did it again.

Today was really not a good day for me…

I, Teya Ayannah Perry, was going to get hacked today.

Murdered with a cheese grater, with the pieces burned in the engine.

No one would find me.

I refused to meet his eyes, because I knew I would scream from the anger pouring out of them. He wouldn't like it if I screamed. They never do. I could feel his intense stare. He had to be glaring at me right now.

I regretted calling him Jon Schillaci. He couldn't be that horrible of a pedophile. If I hadn't called him that, then maybe he would have done some pedophilic things to me. Not that I would want that or anything….

It's just that…if he perved it up first, then I would have had a greater chance of survival. While he was having "fun" with me I could have pulled a Miss Congeniality move, and messed up his…stuff. Then, I could have escaped.

Now, though…he's going to come at me with a cheese grater. I don't have a chance.

He's unbuckling…

Someone, help me?!

I don't know how long I stayed frozen, turned away from him, with my jaw open in fear, but he eventually broke my daze.

"Now you look like a deer caught in the headlights."

I silently closed my mouth, and added moisture to my dry lips. Keeping your mouth open in a dramatic moment of fear is extremely difficult. And it hurts your lips. If I live through this, I'm demanding chap-stick from him.

"You know," I could hear the smirk in his voice, "you would be really good at that charades thing. If you're up to it, maybe we could play sometime."

My mouth suddenly dried up, again. I would be good at it? If I'm "up to it"? What was this guy playing at?

He sighed and leaned closer to me. I cringed away from him, terrified. There's nothing wrong with me being terrified of an old man, who's not really old but he gives off that pedophile vibe so I'm calling him that, who could kill you at any moment. I know that I chose to get in a car with him, but I have the right to be afraid. Right?

I stayed silent, his words only making the situation worse. Why was I still alive? Did he plan to physically torture me by putting me in a bath full of leaches? No? Was he going to do worse?

I guess I had that "look" on my face again, because he lightly glared at me. No. I didn't turn around. I knew he was glaring at me. I could feel it. Evil eyes…

"Turn around to face me."

I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to be killed with a cheese grater. I guess I had to eventually compromise somewhere.

I turned. I turned. There he was.

"See. Now, was that so bad?"

No, Mr. pedophile, it was not.

I smiled slowly at him, "No."

He grinned at me, and I tried to hold it back, but it just slipped out of my mouth. Maybe it was the milk I had this morning with my cereal…

"You know, I'm older than 8, so you can't possibly want me, right?!"

Yep. I said it. My darn mouth betrayed me yet again.

He looked shocked. I don't know why. He was a 50-ish man picking up young girls on the side of the road. It doesn't take Stabler and Benson to figure that one out.

"What are you saying?"

What, did he think I was stupid? As if.

"I'm not dumb. I know why you picked me up. You probably have a partner waiting for you, don't you?"

He seemed to forget I was there, and smiled somewhat forlornly out the car.

"Yes, yes I do. He's wonderful."

Ugh. What, did his partner kill the children and he eats them?

"Are you two cannibals too?"

That seemed to shake him out of it. My bad. "What?"

Hmm…yep. I truly hated my mouth during moments like these. It's times like these when you just want a snickers.

"Need a moment? Grab a snickers."

"Get your mouth off my hand."

Yeah. So my brain sort of shuts down during panic filled moments. I would have died on the Titanic. Unless Jack was there with me. He'd never let go, never.

"Why did I have to pick up such a weird-o?"

"You're the pedophile!"

He glared at me, and sucked in his lips. "Look, kid. I don't know what shows you watch, but not every "old geyser" you see likes little kids."

Of course not. There are young pedophiles too…

"If you're not a pedophile, then what do you need a partner for?"

"I'm a circus performer."

Pssh. As if.

"You're joking."

"Ok, I am. But truthfully, I'm not a pedophile."

"Prove it. What is your partner for?"

"I don't think you could handle it…"

"Oh my gosh, you two are spies!"

I know, I'm brilliant. That's why he just glared at me and started the car.

"Where's your school?"

Oh, yeah I won. He couldn't deny it anymore. Now that I think about it, he did look more like a spy than a pedophile.

"It's 15 minutes from that gas station."

I helped him along the way, and eventually, it happened. I was at school.

"See you later Bob."

He gave me that look again. "My name's not Bob."

Here we go again. I smirked, "Sure it isn't," and hopped out of his truck with my bag on my back.

Today was actually going well after this morning.

He just slammed the door behind me, and drove off. Ah, he sure was a good trip.

Now, I get to start the real fun though.

So, she finally got to school, eh? What's next? xD