This was written after I caught sight of a young girl with white-grey skin walking in an opposite direction from me in the mall at the train station. I was on holiday and I almost didn't realised she was an albino... Just a moment I felt I had to get down... Also, she either wore a wig or dyed her hair, but I thought she dyed it.


I saw an albino once.

In Taipei Main station.

She was dressed in the Japanese fashion,

Of tights and layers of skirts,


And a jacket.

She wore a cap,

A grey coloured beret.

She dyed her hair blond,

And wore it in curls,

Ringlets cascading down her back.

She wore contacts,

So her eyes were brown.

Her skin was pale,

And tinged grey,

Like stone.

She had a blank face,

Her step was confident,

And she did not lower her head

When someone gaped,

But walked on,

Like she was walking in a dream.