You see, today…

Today, I found my happiness

Peace and love that could quell the turbulent soul

The honor of having you by my side

It forever extends throughout my being, both fleshly and cosmic

Happily ever after has meaning once again

With you by my side, I am so strong

For my love, for you, nothing is truly impossible

You see today, I found my future in you

Many nights we've talked

And so many days that we've been away, I've longed to take you into my arms

For this choice that I've made, I know that it is the righteous one to

Make for us both

Never did I think I would be this madly in love

And every word exchanged, I hope that it draws us closer

I want to immerse myself in you, be able to drown in your affection

I've held you close to my heart, and never once did I dare to let go

To fight so many battles, a veteran already in life's unyielding war

I look forward to coming home to you

I dared to look ahead into my future

And boldly shut the door to my past

You see… today, I found my love of a lifetime.

With each hour, I see myself being your protection, your friend and confidante

Nothing you cannot say will sway what I feel

We're more than just Bonnie and Clyde;

It's us against the world, and I am so determined to keep us strong

I know we will succeed in all that we touch

Long as we remain true to each other, our union shall be so rewarding and fruitful

I envision us at night,

You, a doting mother

And I... I am the dutiful father, so happy to have been giving such wonderful gifts

You see today… I admit to you, that I am yours for all time

Today, you are my wife who I didn't marry yet

Today, you are mother of my children, which are yet to be born

In this hour, you're the one who I want to be with for all my days

With this minute, I acknowledge that we are different, but the same

I've stop having to look for what I longed for,

Because my dear, you see today… I've found you.