Okay, it's not that bad. I've had dares before that were wayworse than this one. Like the time I had to streak down the street naked. Or that one time when I had to pull a prank on The Demon, aka the principle of the school I attend. That was hilarious. I egged his car and wrapped it in toilet paper, all while my friends videoed it and put it on youTube. He never found out who it was, even when he watched the video. Thank God I was wearing my hoodie!

I just stared at my friends. Why would they dare me to do that? We play this game all the time. Truth and Dare. Although I never choose the Truth option. It's more fun that way.

We were sitting at the fountain in the middle of the mall, like we do ever Saturday. We were playing The Game and it was my turn. I, of course, said Dare.

I was expecting them to dare me to dance in the fountain or steal something from Hot Topic. Instead they dared me something else. Something else that shocked me into gaping at them for the past 10 minutes.

"W-what?" I stuttered after I finished gaping like a fish.

"You heard us," my best friend Cee-Cee said, smiling.

"All you have to do is kiss Luke Ryans," Lacy, my other best friend repeated.

"B-but- he's an ass!" I shouted.

Luke Ryans, the bane of my life. He was the popular kid, the bad ass and just plain infuriating. We were forced to hang out as little kids and that's when our war started. He blew up my barbie, I be-headed his Army Man. He pushed me in mud, I covered him in electric pink paint. And it goes on and on and on...

We were always pulling pranks on each other. Well, at least we used to. He kinda stopped pulling them on me at the beginning of 10th Grade. My friends think it's because I 'changed'. I probably should explain a bit.

I used to be chubby. All the way up to being a Sophomore. The summer before school started was when I changed. My weight fell off and my hair grew longer, my skin softened and my acne disappeared. Also I grew curvy. Really curvy. I had boobs and an ass with no extra fat. How this all happened is a mystery. I simply went swimming with Cee-Cee and Lacy practically every day. Then next thing I knew guys were hitting on me and chucking me their phone numbers.

When I started school everyone thought I was a transfer, a new student. It was only in roll call when people realized who I was. And that was after I said yes when my name was called.

Anyway, Luke kinda stopped pulling so many pranks on me after that. He still did them but they weren't as bad as before 'The Change', as me and my friends call it. He tripped me over, pulled my hair, put things in my locker; all child pranks.

So me and Luke have always hated each other. Have always been at each others throats. And now my so called 'best friends' are daring me to go up and kiss him.


"No, no! I refuse! I won't kiss him! He's my sworn enemy!" I shouted loudly. Oh crap! I think I said that too loudly! Uh-oh, Luke is looking over. Why is he smirking?! God! He infuriates me!

"Rai, you know what the forfeit is!" Lacy threatened.

Damn it. I was the idiot that made up that damn forfeit! Why, oh, why did I do that?! Why did I have to say that anyone who refuses to either speak a Truth or follow up with a Dare, has to tell their parents everything they have done. And we can't get out of it either, we write all our Pranks, dares, truths down in The Book.

Huh, I've never really noticed before how many things we name beginning with The.

Anyway, I can't tell my parents everything I've done. I'll be grounded till the end of time!

I glared at them, "Why dare that? You know how much we hate each other!"

Instead of answering they gave each other a look and then Cee-Cee explained the dare in even further detail. Fantastic.

"Look, here are the rules: You can not pull away, no matter what. He has to. Also if he makes it deeper, he makes it deeper and you CANNOT pull away! And you can't tell him it's dare, yet."

"WHAT?! THEY ARE THE MOST RIDICULOUS RULES EVER! GOD I HATE YOU GUYS!" I shouted. Once I finished I turned round and stormed over to where Luke and his friends were standing. I have to admit that he was hot, even if he is my sworn enemy. He was wearing a leather jacket and worn out jeans that hugged him in all the right places. His hair was messy and a rich brown colour. His eyes were a light blue that clashed with my green ones well.

I took a deep breath and released it slowly. "Oi Ryans!" I shouted as I stood behind him. He turned around and smirked at me. A small tingle went down my spine but I ignored it.

"What do you want, Stevens?" He asked in a bored tone. All his friends snickered and I glared at all of them. He glanced at them and smirked in a superior way. I glared at him and tried to refrain from hitting him.

"Look, I just came over here for one thing," I said, taking a step closer to him.

"And what, may I ask, is that?" He said, smirking harder. The jerk.

I rolled my eyes. I quickly wrapped a hand round his neck and reached up. Damn, I never noticed how tall he was. I was practically on my tiptoes!

And then it happened. I kissed Luke Ryans. My sworn enemy.

He stood there for about twenty seconds in shock before he responded by kissing me back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up slightly. I have to admit that even if he is a jerk and infuriating beyond belief, he is a damn good kisser.

I wrapped my other hand in his hair with out even realizing what I was doing. He lifted me up higher and swept his tongue across my bottom lip. I gasped in shock and he took that as a opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth.

Okay, so I have a confession. I actually moaned when his tongue touched tingling sensation turned into a shiver, that spread through my whole body.

He lifted me up higher and picked up my legs, wrapping them around his waist. I gasped again. I could feel his, er, EXCITEMENT, right where it counted. Damn it felt good.

We snogged for nearly 10 minutes before he pulled away.

"Whoa," I breathed.

He stared into my eyes and a small smile tugged at his lips. I quickly realized that I had my legs wrapped around his waist still and his hands were on my hips.

I quickly unwrapped them and removed his hands from my waist. We were both breathing hard and all his friends were staring at us in shock. Nearly all of them were gaping like fish. Hey! They look like me earlier! Haha!

Then the shock hit me and I turned away. I started walking off and headed back to Cee-Cee and Lacy. They were also staring at me in shock.

I grabbed my stuff from beside them and quickly ran out of the mall. I heard footsteps behind me, but I ignored them and ran to my motorbike. I had just stuffed everything into the little compartment and was about get on when a pair of warm hands went round my waist.

They spun me around and before I could say anything, a pair of lips found mine. He quickly deepened the kiss and I could do nothing about it. I was literally like jelly. Bastard. Why did he have to feel so damn good?!

Just as I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, he released me. I gasped in air and then glared at him.

"What was that?" I asked him, still catching my breath.

"I like you," he blurted out, "I always have. In fact, I love you. Ever since you be-headed my army man. Sounds stupid I know, but I got scared so I started pulling pranks on you. Then during that summer, you changed. And it made my feelings for you heighten. And now your staring at me funny and I'm just gonna go now before I make an even bigger ass of myself."

I grabbed his hand just before he walked away without even realizing it. My hand fit in his perfectly. Suddenly, realization hit. God I was such an idiot!

I'd been mistaking love for hate! It all makes sense now. All I could think about was him, even if it was just what pranks I could pull on him. Every time he was around, I stared at him and lost concentration. My stomach would flutter and my heart would skip a beat.

Damn. I was completely oblivious.


I can't believe I just blurted out my feelings to her. I loose all control when she's around.

I loved the feeling of her hand in mine. I glanced at her face and then got lost in her eyes. God I feel like an idiot.

Obviously she doesn't love me back. I've been nothing but a jerk to her. Hiding my true feelings behind my pranks and jibes.

Damn it, I should have listened to- Whoa.

She just kissed me. Again.

I responded automatically, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other in her long red hair. It felt like silk.

When she pulled away, I opened my eyes and stared straight into her eyes. And then she spoke.

"I feel the same way."

And my whole life changed. She loved me.


As soon as the words were out of my mouth, his face brightened and it looked as if his face would split in half from where he was smiling so hard.

"But, I have something to tell you first," I carried on. I needed to tell him it was a dare. That I only just realized that I was in love with him.

"When I kissed you, just now, in the mall, it was because of a dare," I said slowly. He looked confused so I quickly carried on, "I wasn't allowed to pull away or anything. You had to do it. But I completely lost myself in it. It was just now that I realized how I felt about you. When you kissed me that second time."

He said nothing for a while and was looking down at the ground. I figeted for a while, until he finally looked back up into my eyes.

"It doesn't matter. I don't care if it was dare. I still love you." This time it was my turn to smile. I kissed him again, and we kissed for awhile before he pulled away slightly.

"Be my girlfriend?" He asked against my lips. I nodded and I felt him smile against my lips.

Who knew that my enemy would turn out to be my boyfriend? And all because of a dare.

Huh. Fate has a weird sense of humour.

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