This was originally a story, but I got some homework in which I had to write a poem beginning with the line 'I was once a pirate'. My story fitted perfectly! Anyway, the actual story won't be up for a few months yet. This poem is part of the blurb. Tell me what you think. ^..^

I was once a pirate. When people heard my name they would quiver in fear. When people saw my ship on the horizon, they would lock their doors, bar their windows and prepare themselves for the coming storm. They say I killed people for the hell of it, but that's not true, I had my reasons. They say that I'm not human, that I can't feel love or pain; that I am a Phantom. Well I may not be human but I am not a Phantom. I am me and that's all I can be; regret nothing; you have no right to label me. This is my story, my words, my life. Listen.