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Luke POV

Okay, just a little further...Perfect. Now all she has to do is open the damn door and sit in her chair. I can't wait to see her reaction to this prank. It's going to be excellent.

I sat down at my desk and waited. The door opened and Jake and Dan came in. They smirked at me and walked over.

"So, what ya pulling this time?" Dan asked as they sat down, one on either side of me.

"Just wait and see boys, wait and see," I said smugly. I Lent back in my chair and crossed my arms behind my head.

Today was the last day of Sophomore year and I was going to pull The Ultimate Prank on Rai. We've been at each others throats for years, ever since she pulled the head off my army man action figure.


"But, Mum!" A 6-year-old Luke moaned, "I don't wanna play with a girl!"

Mrs. Ryans looked at her son and then bent down to his height, "I know honey, but Mummy and Daddy need to go and make a deal with her parents. So we need you to make nice with Rainbow."

Luke scrunched up his little face, "Her name's Rainbow?"

"Yes, sweetie. Please try and not make fun of it. Not everyone is blessed with sane parents," Mrs. Ryans mumbled the last bit to herself.

Luke grumbled but got in the car anyway. 10 minutes later Mr and Mrs Ryans and their son were knocking at the Gould residence.

Inside the house, Mrs. Gould was searching frantically for Rai. The little child had run off and hidden somewhere when she heard that she would have to play with Luke Ryan. She didn't want to play with a boy. Especially him. He always ignored her at Preschool.

The little girl was hiding in a linen closet, under a pile of washing. Praying that they wouldn't find her in time. She heard the doorbell ring and let out a little giggle when she heard Mummy shouting at Daddy to find me while she opened the door.

Rai snuggled down deeper and ended up falling asleep as she was so warm and comfy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gould was racing around upstairs searching as his wife answered the door. Mrs. Gould greeted the family with open arms and ushered them inside. Luke was stubbornly staring at the ground, ignoring everything and everyone.

Mrs Ryans ended up sending Luke out back to play with a few of the toys he bought with him.

Just as Luke went outside he heard someone shout, "Haha! Found you, you little rascal!"

He sighed and carried on outside. Adults were weird, no doubt about that.

Five minutes later Rai came outside, yawning away, carrying her favourite barbie in her hand. She ignored Luke and sat down opposite him.

"Hey, you Rainbow?" Luke asked, looking up from his Action Man to the girl sat in front of him.

Rai lifted up her chin and went, "Yeah, what's it to you?"

"Nothing, just wandering who the kid with a weird name was."

Luke looked back down and carried on playing with his Action Man. He was so busy playing that he didn't see the anger in Rai's eyes.

Rai got up and stomped over to where he was sitting. He carried on ignoring her, at least, until she yanked his favourite Action man out of his hands.

"Hey! That's mine! Give it back!" He cried as he stood up. He was about 2 inches taller than the little girl, so she had to look up slightly to see his face. His bright blue eyes met her hazel ones and they glared at each other.

"My name is not stupid," she said huffily.

"It is too," Luke stated, trying to grab his Action Man. She took a step back and moved the toy out of his reach.

"Is not!" She shouted back.

They then got into that whole "Is not! Is too!" fight. It lasted 10 minutes before Luke had had enough. He reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a pack of fire crackers. He chucked one at her but she quickly moved out the way. Instead, it hit her favourite barbie doll. She screamed as she watched it burn. She turned her gaze onto Luke and then remembered she had his Action Man in her hands. She looked down and then yanked off his head.

"No! Action man!" Luke cried as he watched his action man get beheaded.

The parents, hearing their cries, ran outside just in time to see the two kids lunge at each other. They quickly yanked them apart, apologized to the other parents and scolded their children.

The Ryans left straight away and grounded Luke for a month. Rai got grounded for a day, because she turned on the water works and her parents felt sorry for her.

That really WAS her favourite doll.


I came back from memory lane when I heard the door open again. I looked up to see Rai and her two best friends, Cee-Cee and Lacy, come in and head towards their seats. I smirked at Rai and she narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

Cee-Cee and Lacy looked between us and then rolled their eyes. They, along with Jake and Dan, were used to our antics.

I looked away from Rai and towards the front of the classroom. I was sat in the middle of the room and Rai sat near the back. The teacher hadn't arrived yet and I grinned.


"Watch this boys," I said quietly to Jake and Dan. All of us looked back and watched as Rai and her friends sat down.

At first nothing happened, but then there was a click and Rai looked up. I saw the horror on her face as she watched the bucket turn and fall. Right on her. The glue spread everywhere. How she didn't see it when she walked in was anyone's guess.

She let out a little scream and went to stand up, but, according to the look of anger on her face, she realized she was stuck to the chair. She kept yanking at her jeans until there was a huge ripping sound.

Everyone sat in shock and I watched as she went from pink, to red, to beetroot, all in a matter of seconds.

Then she looked pissed. She looked at me and glared. It looked like she was about to storm over here, when Cee-Cee whispered something in her ear. Then, she grinned at me instead. And I felt scared. Really scared.


I grinned at him and saw the fear etched onto his face. It made me grin harder. I stood up (making sure that no one saw my ass. Thank God I sat at the very back!) and took off my hoodie. I wrapped it around my waist and then blushed at the top I was wearing underneath. It was a black and red lace tank top. Not a good option for someone my size. It made my boobs look even bigger. Oh well.

I picked up my chair and then headed to the front of the room. As I passed Luke I 'accidently' hit him over the head with one of the legs. Hehehe...

I took the teachers chair and replaced it with my own. No one said anything, they just watched me swap them over and walk back to my desk. I was still covered in glue and it was starting to dry.

I got my water bottle out of my bag and was grateful that it was the 2 litre one. I popped off the top and then poured it over my head. I scrubbed the glue off with my hands and then I was sticky free. Instead I was soaking wet. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

I can't believe I didn't look for a prank that I knew was coming. We always pulled pranks at the end of the year. And they were worse than the ones through out the rest of the year. God I'm an idiot.

Lacy and Cee-Cee handed me a few napkins and tissues they had in their bags and I dried myself off a bit. Luckily nothing else was wet except for my head, neck, shoulders and the top of the tank.

Lacy quickly gave me the spare cardigan she had in her bag and I wrapped it around myself.

"Thanks," I said, smiling at her gratefully. Thank God she's always prepared for anything!

"No prob," she replied.

"So, is everything set?" I asked them both.

They both smiled and nodded. I grinned harder and looked over to Luke to see him glaring at me. I gave him a little wave and he just huffed and turned back round to face the front.

I cannot wait till lunch time...

I practically ran out the classroom when the bell finally rang. It was lunch time. Time to execute The Plan.

I'd set it up before English, just before I got covered in glue. That's why I was later than usual. I was busy setting it all up.

I met Cee-Cee and Lacy at my locker, which was opposite Luke's and we all waited. Pretending to gossip or something. Instead were checking we had everything.

"You got the camera?" I asked Cee-Cee.

She nodded and held up her little purple camcorder. I grinned again and looked at Lacy, "You got the laptop?" She nodded and handed the bag with it in to me, "Excellent. Now, all we have to do is wait."

It was 5 minutes later when Luke came ambling down the corridor with Dan and Jake. I suppressed a smile and pretended to glare at him. He smirked at me and headed towards his locker.

"Get ready girls," I said. We all looked at each other and barely suppressed our giggles. I counted down in my head as he spun the locker combination. 5...4...3...2...

"Aah!" He cried as he got covered in electric pink paint. The colour he hated. The idiot had opened his mouth to scream , so he now had paint in his mouth as well as all over the top half of his body.

I couldn't suppress it any longer and burst out laughing. Lacy joined me on the floor where we were laughing like maniacs. Cee-Cee managed to stay standing and not shake the camcorder that was filming all of it.

Luke turned round and glared at me. I laughed harder at the look on his face. There were two circles around his eyes from where he had closed them, but the rest of his face was all electric pink. He had it all over the front of his black top and part of his jeans. It was also in his hair. What was the funniest though was that his back was completely clean and you couldn't tell anything is wrong until he turns around.

Cee-Cee shut off the camcorder and handed it to me as I stood up of the ground. I took it and put it in my bag. Wiping the tears from my face I turned and walked off, heading towards the library where I could complete The Plan...

Luke POV

I watched in horror as Cee-Cee handed her a camcorder. They had videoed it. Oh God, I was doomed!

"Dude, did she record it?" Dan asked in shock.

Jake nodded and looked as if he was struggling not to laugh. I whacked him round the head and took off my top. Great. I was going to freeze to death. I haven't got a jacket or any other top I could wear. And my face was pink. Electric pink. Shudder.

"Oh my GAWD!" A high pitched voice cried from behind me. I heard Jake and Dan chuckle as I groaned.

I turned around and forced a smile, "Brittany, hi."

"Oh my gawd!" She cried again as she came closer. She was wearing a short pink skirt, a tight pink top and had electric pink nails. Oh shit. We matched! "Did she do this to you?!"

SHE was Rai. Brittany never said her name, I don't know why, but she doesn't. Must be a girl thing. I nodded and turned back round to my locker. Huh. Looked as if all Rai used was a spray can and a piece of string. Clever bitch.

"God! She's such a cow. She looks like one too. Did you see the top she was wearing?! I mean, my gawd. NOBODYthat fat-" I interrupted her by turning round and giving her the hardest, meanest glare I could muster up.

"Don't, EVER, talk about her like that," I said menacingly. I watched as she gulped and then chuckled nervously.

"Gawd, Lukie, if you keep defending her like that someone might think you have a crushon her..." she said, twirling a fake piece of her hair around a finger.

"I do not!" I denied, a bit too quickly though, if the looks from Dan and Jake are anything to go by. Thank god Brittany was too blond to realize this.

"Of course you don't," she said. I sighed in relief and grinned. At least until she came right up to my face and breathed, "'Cause I know you have a crush on ME." God, she's 14 and she's already acting like a slut. She had pushed herself right up against me and I had to stop myself from gagging. I looked away, and sent pleading looks towards Jake and Dan. They ignored my looks and were struggling not to laugh instead. I glared at them and then turned back to Brittany.

"Uh...right- I mean NO! I do NOT have a crush on you, what-so-ever," I said. Please believe me, please believe me...

"I don't believe you," she said, trailing a hand down my chest. I caught her wrist and pushed her away. I need a shower, more then ever right now. And not a freezing cold one. Urgh, as if she could do that to me! Only R- uh, never mind.

"I've gotta go," I said quickly, grabbing my bag and heading towards the gym. Some where I could finally get clean! I wander if Coach would lend me a jacket or something...


I have finally finished uploading the video. I've put it on my bebo, face-book, my-space and piczo site. I also freezed a frame. It was one where it got Luke's face. I'd zoomed in close, so it filled the screen. What did I do with that one? I hacked into the administrators account and set it as the background on all computers around the school. Genius, I know.

It sounds mean, but after what he did with the whole glue thing? He deserves it. These were my favourite jeans! And now they're ripped! And missing the bit that covers my butt!

I looked at my watch and groaned. 15 minutes till the end of lunch and I was starving! I quickly packed everything away and headed towards the lunch room. It was nearly empty when I arrived. There were only about 10 people there. Two of which just happened to be my best friends.

I quickly grabbed an apple, a sandwich and a bowl of chips, paid for it and sat down opposite Lacy and Cee-Cee.

"Did you do it?" Lacy asked me eagerly.

I took a bite out of my sandwich and chewed slowly. Once I'd swallowed I nodded, "Yep, I put it on all those sights and your accounts too, if that's ok. I also did a little bit more..." I trailed off and ate a few chips. They were delicious.

"What? What did you do?!" Cee-Cee asked, leaning closer.

"You'll see," I said mysteriously.

"Bitch!" They both cried, tossing a few of my chips at me. I chuckled and threw a few back. We had a mini food fight and had just cleaned ourselves up when the bell rang. I grabbed the rest of my sandwich and apple, I could finish it off later in maths or something. Hmm.. what did I have next? Oh, yeah. Maths. All afternoon. With Luke. Yay.

Yes! I am no longer a Sophomore! Wohoo! Do a little dance, do a little dance...

Okay, and stop dancing now. That was embarrassing. While Cee-Cee, Lacy and I were dancing, Luke and his mates had walked by. Joy.

Oh well, he still had paint in his hair and his skin was still pink. Hehe...did I forget to mention that I mixed air die and normal die in with the paint? Oops...

Anyway, Maths was fun. For once. As a 'special treat' we got to go on the computers and play games. Haha...yeah, they all saw the freeze frame. Luke's face was hilarious, at first laughed and said, "Poor looser. Who is that idiot?" And when Dan told him it was himself...damn. I wished I still had the camcorder reeling, but unfortunately it got confiscated. Yeah...Cee-Cee wasn't too happy about that.

I got given a warning and apparently their gonna call home and tell my parents about what I did. Yeah they knew who did it. How? I'd signed my name at the bottom of the picture. And yes, I did realize I'd signed it. I didn't want some other person to take all the glory. Not that there was any glory. Everyone was angry at me instead.

Did I mention that Luke is the most popular guy at school? No? Well, now I have. He is the IT guy. Oh, and he's a bad ass. No, really. He wears black and is rude to nearly everyone except for Dan, Jake, Brittany and a few others. Myself not included, obviously. Anyway, he's rude to the teachers and always pulls pranks on them. He mainly pulls them on me though. Despite all this, he still gets A's in everything. Clever bastard.

Oh well, I don't have to put up with him for a whole summer. Isn't life bliss?

Luke POV

Damn, I have to admit that was an amazing prank. How did she set the picture as the background anyway?

Eh, it doesn't matter. I get whole summer free of her. Um...yay? I think?

"Dude, stop staring at her," Jake said, nudging me in the side.

I looked away from Rai as she walked home with Cee-Cee and Lacy, and turned to look at Jake, "What'd you say?"

He rolled his eyes and sighed, "Never mind, man."

What? What'd I miss? Damn, I gotta stop staring at her. I completely forget about everything around me when I do. Damn it.

"Luke, why don't you just tell her about how you feel? Or how about being NICE for a change? You know, not pulling anymore pranks on her," Dan said as we walked towards his brothers car. James, Dan's brother, was picking us up and taking us to my house, where Jake and Dan were staying all summer.

"What?!" I shouted when Dan's words finally processed. "I can't tell her! She'll laugh at me or never talk to me again!"

"Yeah, cause she talks to you so much now," Jake mumbled. I whacked him round the head and carried on walking towards the car.

"Whatever man, let's just forget about that. How about we talk about how you two are crushing on Cee-Cee and Lacy?" I said as I opened up the back door of the car. I glanced at them and saw that Dan was blushing slightly and Jake was staring at his feet intently. I laughed as I got in, and turned to James up front.

"Hey James," I greeted after I'd calmed down a bit.

"Hey man, what's so funny?" He asked as the other two got in beside me. I was sat in the middle, with Jake on my left and Dan on my right. Both of them were avoiding my gaze.

"Well, James, it turns out that my friends here have a thing for-hgb lgeh bgh gh!" I never got to tell him, because Jake and Dan both had their hands over my mouth, silencing me before I tell James something he could use as black mail.

James laughed, but didn't say anything. Instead he put the car in gear and drove towards my house.

Finally, I can get Rai out of my head! At least , I will once I've figured out what prank I can pull on her next...

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