This story is about a girl who got her heart broken by the man she still loves.


Here I am, on this cold hard ground.

With you above me,

With my heart in your hands.

I can't see myself with you anymore.

You broke me,

I am broken.

Do you see this chest, my chest?

It is empty,

Because you ripped my heart out.

With your blacked eyes, and my slit wrists;

I can't help but think of you

And you cold, firm hand grasping mine.

Your kiss, so soft on my lips.

I just can't help but think,

What can I do to get you back in my life?

Because you are tearing me apart,

I can't see you anymore.

I cry and cry,

Pray and pray,

And you don't answer me.

It has been so long,

And now I know that you can't come back to me.

You hate me,

But I love you.

Yet, I'm still broken.