Chapter One

I always hate going to Boston. Sure, it's only two and a half hours from East Falmouth, but I don't like going there at all. Most people love going to a big city like Boston because, wee it's big, and home to the Boston Red Sox. The economy is good and it's one of the oldest cities in the United States. I have to go to Boston every month to Sunrise Detox to visit my father. My dad has been a drug addict for three and a half years, and the closest treatment center my mother could find to East Falmouth was in Boston.

I finally made it to Sunrise Detox. I found an empty parking space; I turned off my car and looked at myself in the mirror. 'Can I really be Josh Snow's daughter?' I asked myself this question once a month, every month for the past almost four years. He messed up our family so much. I finally got out of my car and walked into the treatment center and went to the front desk.

"Hello ma'am. Are you here to visit somebody?" the blond haired, brown eyed woman behind the desk asked me.

"Yes, I'm here to visit Josh Snow." I said as happy as I could, putting on a fake smile. While she typed on her computer, I looked around at the white walls and light blue carpets.

"Mr. Snow is in the visiting room waiting for you, right through those double doors." She told me, pointing to big white double doors.

I walked through the door and saw my dad at a small white table, fir for two people. I walked to the table and sat down, "Hello Mel," My dad said, "How are you honey?"

"I'm good, dad. What about you?" I said.

"I feel a lot better since last month. How are Amanda and Connor?"

"Mom and Conner are fine. Mom still cries about you being here. Conner doesn't like talking about it,"

He looked said, "I think I might be back pretty soon. Maybe in a couple of months, I think the nurse said five,"

"That's great dad, I'm glad you're getting better," and I was telling the truth. Sometimes I missed him; I just didn't want to admit it.

We talked for another hour when a nurse came to the table and told me visiting hours was over. My dad and I said our goodbyes and I finally got to my car. I let out a sigh of relief when I closed the car door. I was happy to be out of that place. After another two and a half more hours, I finally made it home. There wasn't another car in the driveway so I'm guessing my mom wasn't home.

"Hello?" I called when I set my keys on the counter.

"Hey Melissa. I'm in here." Conner called from the living room. Conner is my older brother by a year, and he's also my best friend, besides Zoey and Kelly. We've been friends since grade two.

"Hey, where's mom?"

He stopped watching the television and turned to me, "She had to go to work for the rest of the night, and I guess she had a big case to work on or something. She said she would be home around seven tomorrow morning." My mom is a detective…she doesn't like talking about her cases so I never ask about them anymore.

"Mhmmm, okay. Well what about a movie night, just me and you? We have that new scary movie that mom rented."

His face lit up, "Okay! I'll make popcorn!" He jumped up and ran to the kitchen. It only took about five minutes for the movie to start. I love having these kinds of nights with Conner. When the movie was over it was 11:38, I didn't have any homework to do over the weekend so I decided it was time for bed. I said goodnight to Conner- God knows how long he was going to stay up, he didn't have to go to school, he was a drop-out- and went upstairs to my pink and green bedroom, got undressed into pajamas and climbed into my bed.

I turned off my car the next morning in the school parking lot and I herd a knock at my window. I turned to find Kyle, my boyfriend of one year and the love of my life. "Hello love, how are you baby?" Kyle asked while opening the door for me. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I love his kisses, they're soft at first and then they grow more passionate.

"I'm great! I went to Boston to visit my dad yesterday." I said, taking his hand.

"Oh really? How is he?"

"Uh, he's doing a lot better. He told me the nurse said he might be out in about five months."

"That's great Mellie!" he and my dad always gotten along, but Kyle never came near him when he was high.

"Yeah, well let's get to Chem.," We walked for another minute in silence. I was looking at all the people who were staring at us while we walked by. Kyle and I were one of the most hottest couples in the school. I mean, of course we are! We're both in the popular scene at school- so everybody knows us. Some were actually jealous, and I'm glad because Kyle was all mine.

"Hey kiddo," I herd Zoey call when we walked into the classroom. She was already seated with Kelly.

"Hey honeys!" I ran over to my best friends and gave them each a kiss on the cheek, and then I planted a kiss on the lips for Kyle. I herd of series of 'awes' when I kissed him.

Mr. Griffin came in the classroom the second after we were done kissing. "Melissa and Kyle, please take your seats. Do I really have to ask you two to sit down every single day?" We said sorry at the same time. I giggle and took my seat behind Kyle. Mr. Griffin started his lecture about isotopes, and I dozed off. When the bell finally rang I was relive, I hated his lectures.